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How is the review process simplified for marketing teams?

Eliminate misunderstandings

Inconsistent workflows and unclear feedback creates confusion, frustration, and inefficiency for marketing teams.

With Filestage your reviewers add their comments and annotations directly onto the document, image, or video they are viewing, making their feedback clear for everyone.

And since all reviewers have access to the same file in their browser, you no longer have to deal with email ping-pong.

Comment on files with marketing colleagues
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Create transparency

Feedback that's locked within email threads or chat tools is difficult to track and makes it impossible to keep an overview or maintain accountability.

Filestage makes it easy for your team to manage all reviews in one place, view the status of each review, see who has completed their review, and whose feedback is still missing.

Comments are synchronized for all the team and can be discussed with other reviewers in-context, meaning consensus is easy to reach.

Meet all requirements

Brand guidelines, industry regulations, and compliance rules add up to an increasingly challenging set of requirements that marketing teams need to fulfill.

Filestage gives you everything you need to effortlessly incorporate standardized review processes into your online proofing workflow.

Define the steps your files need to go through to be approved, who needs to give approval, and when each stakeholder is involved.

Check marketing materials meet requirements
Invite reviewers to view marketing materials

Automate time-consuming tasks

Sharing content via email, sending reminders to reviewers and compiling feedback from different sources takes a lot of time.

Save hours each week by automating manual tasks with Filestage such as file sharing and feedback follow-ups.

With Filestage's automatic versioning, project templates, native integrations and API, there are limitless possibilities to increase your team's productivity.

Manage all reviews in one place

Spreading your reviews for different types of work across multiple tools, emails and chat slows down your team's processes.

Videos, documents, and images can all be uploaded to Filestage meaning that you can handle all of your team's reviews in one place.

Keep all your proofs in one centralized, customizable platform, and view everything about a file’s progress and version history - no more digging through inboxes to find information.

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Built-in security and compliance

Keep your company, employee, and client data safe and secure. Control user permissions and comply with even the most demanding data privacy rules.

Filestage meets all GDPR requirements, utilizes AES 256-bit encryption, and stores your data on EU servers that are ISO 27017 certified.

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4.8 out of 5

4.8 out of 5

4.8 out of 5

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