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Your questions, answered

How does Filestage help me?

Filestage is a review and approval platform that helps you share, discuss, and approve all your files, all in one place. We do that by helping you set up a consistent approval process and getting your files approved 3x faster!

Do my clients need an account to review files?

No, you can invite your clients to review a file by sending them a link. All they need to do is submit their email address, and afterward, they’ll keep getting email updates whenever a new comment or version of the file is added.

How will Filestage fit into my workflow?

Each team has a unique feedback and approval process. That’s why we’ll assess all your needs and specifics before you start using your Filestage account and make sure it perfectly fits your team’s workflow!

Where is my data stored?

All files and data that you upload to your trial account in Filestage will be stored in the European Union. This means that we follow all GDPR and other data privacy-related regulations in line with European law.