Content proofing for remote teams

Make it easy for your remote teams to get feedback & approval on videos, images, and documents all in one place

Improve the review process
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How does Filestage help remote teams to improve content proofing?

Share files online

Review all files in one place

Video, audio, image and PDF files all go through a consistent review process

Improve communication

Easy communication

Replace long email chains and lost chat messages with simple discussion threads

Identify & resolve bottlenecks

Increase transparency

See the status of every review, who is involved, and track why decisions are made

Increase speed

Improve speed and meet deadlines

Identify & solve bottlenecks, and automate tasks to increase productivity

Why do remote teams love using Filestage?

Compliance and audit trails

Distribute and review content quickly & easily

Make it easy for remote teams to view and discuss your content.

  • Upload an unlimited number of videos, images, PDFs and audio files to share with your team. View files in the browser without having to download or install anything first.
  • Invite an unlimited number of reviewers to give their feedback and change requests, or one-click approvals to sign-off on content.
  • Store all of your file versions, feedback and approvals in your archive for easy access in the future.

Easy communication that speeds up reviews

Say goodbye to misunderstandings caused by long, confusing email threads and lost chat messages.

  • Centralize all communication into easy-to-follow discussions that are accessible and documented for everyone in the team.
  • Clarify your feedback by adding annotations to every file type, or by attaching example or resource files to comments.
  • Reduce the number of review rounds needed to finalize content drafts, and hit deadlines more regularly.
Review content with Filestage
Standardize the review process

Ensure all files go through a consistent process

Create a transparent review process that is easy for your remote team to follow.

  • Create custom workflows to ensure all content gets reviewed by the right people - no matter where they are.
  • All files move from step-to-step through the process - providing better internal control and improved efficiency.
  • Stakeholders can see why content has been changed in a certain way, reducing unnecessary discussion and follow-up.

See the status of every review

Keep an overview of all reviews your remote team is working on.

  • Identify if any files (and projects) get stuck - especially important if people travel or are on vacation.
  • View the status of reviews at a glance. Quickly decide when a follow-up is needed to get things moving.
  • Get the information you need at any time, without worrying about timezone differences or overlapping working hours.
Design Review Tool

Everything that remote teams need for faster reviews

One-click approvals

Get one-click, documented approvals from stakeholders


Add annotations to any comment with markup tools

Project dashboard

Stay on top of all review workflows in one dashboard

Consistent review steps

Use workflows to route files between teams or departments for review

Threaded comments

Threaded comments replace messy back-and-forth emails

View file status

Keep track of any file's status in the review process

View all versions

View all of the previous versions and comments

Due dates

Add due dates to keep projects running smoothly

Task lists

To-do list of tasks to ensure all feedback is considered

Built-in security and compliance

Keep your company, employee, and client data safe and secure. Control user permissions and comply with even the most demanding data privacy rules.

Filestage meets all GDPR requirements, utilizes AES 256-bit encryption, and stores your data on EU servers that are ISO 27017 certified.

GDPR badge
ISO 27017 badge
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See why people love using Filestage for online proofing

4.8 out of 5

4.8 out of 5

4.8 out of 5

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✓ GDPR compliant ✓ Secure servers ✓ ISO 27017 certified data centers

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