9 box design ideas for food, tech, and beauty brands

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If you want your products to fly off the shelves, you’ll need to put some time, thought, and creativity into your packaging design.

One effective way to bring a premium look and feel to your products is with some stellar box packaging. So in this article, I’ll be sharing nine box design ideas to help you develop the perfect box packaging for your brand. 

Of course, your box design should align with what you’re selling and who your target audience is. Which is why we’re going to look at creative packaging ideas for three key industries: 

  • Food box design ideas
  • Beauty box design ideas 
  • Tech box design ideas 

Ready? Let’s jump in! 

Three box design ideas for food brands

Food packaging has a lot of boxes to tick. If you want to create the best customer experience from first purchase to final use, your food boxes should be designed to: 

  • Protect food products from damage during transport and display
  • Preserve food products to keep them fresher for longer 
  • Present your food products and your brand in a visually appealing way

Here are three food box design ideas to inspire your creative process! 

Idea 1: Incorporate cut-outs 

1-box design idea with cut outs

Image source: Donal Skehan

People like to see what they’re buying, especially when it comes to food products. Which is why box cut-outs are a great way to go! 

By designing cut-outs into your food boxes, like this example from Donal Skehan, you can enhance brand transparency and earn your target audience’s trust before they even take their first bite. 

The best part about this design approach is that cut-outs not only give customers a peek at the product inside, they can also add a unique stylistic element to the packaging. For example, you can choose a playful cut-out shape or create illustrations to go around the cut-out. When done right, this can be a brilliant way to showcase both your product and your brand. 

If you decide to use this unique packaging design idea, your cut-outs can either be lined with biodegradable plastic or left open if the product itself is wrapped. 

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Idea 2: Tell a story 

2-box design that tells a story

Image source: Oatly

Food box packaging is the perfect place to tell your brand’s story and let your personality shine through. This is an ace box design idea for any food brand that wants to engage, inform, or simply entertain audiences across every touchpoint. 

Oatly, known for its creative and consumer-friendly branding, acts as an excellent example of how to effectively tell a story with food packaging design. It also cleverly uses playful fonts, illustrations, and anecdotes to bring the brand to life for more memorability. 

As a brand, Oatly consistently comes up with fresh, new ways to tell its story for maximum marketing success. But you can make this design idea your own by sharing some insight into how your products are made, or even providing tips and advice for added value. 

Idea 3: Perfect your box perforations

3-box design

Image source: Graphic Mania 

Perforations are those little holes designed to weaken a specific section of the paper or cardboard box packaging. This makes it easier to neatly tear open the packaging without the need for a knife or scissors. And like the example above, you can use perforations to elevate the user experience of your products. 

This food box design idea is particularly useful for on-the-go food items like wraps and sandwiches, as it allows customers to open, carry, and consume the products with less mess – and no soggy cardboard! 

Many brands already use perforations in their food packaging, but there are always new and innovative ways to make it easier for people to tuck into their purchase. Usability is at the core of this design idea, so have a play around and see how you can use perforations to build better user experiences.

Three box design ideas for tech brands

Since technology products are generally more expensive than the likes of food or beauty, technology boxes must be able to keep contents safe while reinforcing brand image. 

Here are three unique packaging ideas for tech businesses!

Idea 1: Strip back your box design

4-box design iPhone

Image source: Pinterest

Minimalism is a tried-and-tested design idea that allows the products to speak for themselves while creating a sense of premium around the brand identity.

Apple is a prime example of how less is more. Known for its minimalist and elegant packaging, Apple’s box design makes the products feel extra special and provides a seamless unboxing experience.

To make this design idea work for your tech brand, think about how you simplify your designs down to the essentials. And each element (text, graphics, materials) needs to be considered and crafted to perfection. This is how to create a minimalist design that oozes style and confidence. 

Idea 2: Use different finishes 

box design idea

Image source: PC Mag

Contrasting the finish on your box design is another approach that can instantly elevate the look and feel of your product packaging.

This example for the Microsoft Surface Pro creates a sleek, professional vibe with a combination of matte and glossy finishes. But there’s a wide range of different finishes to play with, including: 

  • Lamination 
  • Glossy film 
  • Soft-touch matt film 
  • Metalized film 
  • UV coating
  • Fluorescent paint
  • Scented varnish

Experimenting with texture in this way can help you stand out in an effortlessly sleek way. 

Idea 3: Design your own fold 

box design

Image source: Behance

Standard, square boxes that open from the top aren’t the only way to package and present your tech items. Instead, using custom boxes with unique folds can be a creative way to reflect how innovative your products are and create a more memorable brand experience for customers. 

This example above is created using a single piece of cardboard with intricate folding details to shake up the way people unbox their products. The box design smoothly slides open from the side to reveal the self-dimming bulb as well as some user instructions within. The perfect balance between creativity and usability! 

Three box design ideas for beauty brands

Box packaging is especially popular when it comes to beauty products. With the right design idea, boxes can elevate the entire customer experience. 

And as with all product packaging, beauty brands can use boxes to reinforce their brand values and build customer loyalty. 

Idea 1: Play with shape 

box design in a specific shape

Image source: Mindful Design Consulting

The beauty industry is a super crowded space, with new products launching every minute. This makes standing out from the competition both incredibly important and incredibly challenging. Luckily, there are lots of clever ways to get your beauty products noticed, like opting for a unique box shape. 

Square and rectangular boxes have historically been the go-to choice for most brands. But you don’t want to be like most other brands, right? So, why not consider creating a triangular, diamond, or any other shape box to hold your beauty products?

Thinking outside the box in this way can help give your products an edge over the rest, positioning your brand as more creative and authentic. You can take inspiration from your own brand elements to help you choose a shape that reflects your brand. 

Idea 2: Design branded stickers instead

design branded stickers

Image source: Sticker Mule

Designing some stunning branded stickers or labels can give your product packaging a professional look and feel without needing to splash out on custom box packaging. 

A plain box that’s sealed with a single sticker, like this example above, is easy to execute and adds a personal touch to each package. What’s more, you can design a whole bunch of different stickers that reflect your brand and keep things interesting. 

A few weeks ago, I received a box in the mail that was sealed with a caricature of the person who packed up my order. Super charming! 

This cute, cost-effective box design idea is perfect for small businesses and big brands alike. 

Idea 3: Use sustainable materials 

sustainable materials

Image source: Packola

More and more people are trying to make eco-conscious purchasing decisions, especially when it comes to more luxury or “non-essential” items like beauty products. So as a business, choosing sustainable packaging for your box design will help you appeal to a larger audience while helping to minimize packaging waste. 

There are lots of ways to make your box designs more environmentally friendly, including: 

  • Recycled cardboard – You can use high-quality recycled cardboard for the box structure, to make sure your packaging is both sturdy and sustainable 
  • Natural, biodegradable materials – There are lots of eco-friendly packaging materials available these days, made from the likes of seaweed and mushroom roots 
  • Soy-based inks – Choose vegetable or soy-based to print your box and packaging designs

Four best practices for creating brilliant box designs 

By now, your brain is hopefully buzzing with inspiration after seeing these bold and beautiful box design ideas. 

But just before you get stuck into your packaging design process, here are five of my top recommendations and things to consider that will help you get the absolute best out of your box designs. 

1. Stay true to your brand 

Your box design is part of your brand strategy, so make it count. Every element of your packaging, from colors and fonts to materials and messaging, should consistently reflect your brand’s identity and values. 

As an example, if your brand is all about luxury and sophisticated, your box packaging should use high-quality materials and elegant design elements to effectively get this message across. By staying true to your brand through your box designs, you’ll be able to create a more cohesive brand experience that customers will come to know and love.

2. Focus on user experience 

For new customers, your box packaging will likely be the first experience that people have of your brand. Making sure your box packaging is easy to carry, open, and use will help your brand win some brownie points. 

Depending on the products you’re selling, you can put customer experience at the forefront by designing features like tear strips, easy-open tabs, or magnetic closures into your box packaging. 

3. Balance style and substance 

Eye-catching designs and aesthetically pleasing packaging can help you stand out and attract new customers. But it’s just as important to make sure your box is also practical and informative. 

Balancing style and substance with your box design means making sure it looks stunning while also protecting the product and providing necessary information about what’s inside. High-quality materials and a carefully considered design are key to success!

4. Set up a solid design review process 

Creating stand-out custom packaging usually calls for collaboration between multiple teammates, to make sure everything’s on-point before it gets produced. Having a single space where you can share mockups, ideas, and feedback will help you reach the best results a heck of a lot faster. 

Filestage is an approval software that’s been designed to make it easy for businesses across food, beauty, and beyond to review files and get clearer, speedier feedback. With this packaging approval software, you can seamlessly work together as a team and with external stakeholders or freelancers to create on-brand box designs. 

Here are a few ways Filestage can help you set up a solid box design review process:

  • Create workflows to help you manage each stage of your project and keep all collaborators in the loop 
  • Track progress across projects with access to all past versions, comments, and changes to your box design
  • Get into the details and give more accurate feedback by zooming in on designs and clicking to comment
  • Compare versions side by side to make sure everyone’s feedback has been addressed
  • Approve designs with a single click as soon as all your collaborators are happy 

With less time spent managing feedback, your team will have more time and energy to put towards creating the best concepts and designs. 

Final thoughts

There are a bunch of different ways to approach your box design across industries like food, beauty, and technology products. 

I hope this list of creative packaging design ideas has inspired you to create your own bold and beautiful box packaging. And if you’d like to find out how Filestage can help you seamlessly review and approve all your box designs, get started with your free trial today.