Easy branding and marketing thanks to new partnership between Filestage and BrandMaster

Partnership Filestage BrandMaster

STUTTGART / OSLO, 15 February 2021 – Filestage, the Online Proofing SaaS platform, started a partnership with BrandMaster. The companies now offer a state-of-the-art customer-centric platform for brand management and marketing with online proofing capabilities. 

Online Proofing is a core process in today’s business. Companies collaborate remotely more than ever, and they produce more content than ever, thereby often dealing with regulations. This is why brands like Sharp, Head, Lufthansa, Rabobank and Cambridge University Press use Filestage as the efficient and compliant way of sharing, reviewing and approving tons of content every day. 

Streamlining brand management and marketing efforts is an essential part of the BrandMaster platform, serving global brands like BMW, Mercedes Benz and Helly Hansen. Adding online proofing capabilities enables customers to be even more efficient. Now designers, content creators, photographers and marketers can all share, discuss and approve content with ease before publishing final assets to their BrandMaster solution. Countless hours of email communication are eliminated, inefficiency caused by errors and misunderstandings is gone, and tracking the progress of content production is easy. 

Karl Fredrik Lund, CEO at BrandMaster:

“We are continuously looking to deliver on customer-centric needs by expanding our offerings and growing our product portfolio. Teaming up with Filestage is another step in this direction. With their state-of-the-art solution trusted by worldwide brands we are thrilled to add content review and proof functionality as part of our solution offerings.”

Niklas Dorn, CEO at Filestage:

“At Filestage we want to offer the best in breed solution for online proofing. Thanks to the partnership with BrandMaster, our customers can now profit from their great branding and marketing solutions, integrated with the most efficient automated platform for content review and approval. The power of BrandMaster, combined with the simplicity of Filestage, generates a perfect user experience. We are delighted with the new partnership and looking forward to welcoming many more global customers in design, content creation, photography and marketing.”

About Filestage

Filestage was founded in 2015 by Niklas Dorn (CEO), Maël Frize (CPO) and Simon Kontschak (CTO). From their experience in the creative industry, they knew how important the review and approval of digital content is, so they started to organize this in an efficient and transparent way. Currently Filestage enables online proofing in less than half the time. Their highly skilled team works remotely from wherever works best for the customer, in countries like Canada, Colombia, France, Germany, India and Spain. Until today 530.000 users in 195 countries have reviewed 5.2 million files via Filestage.

Please visit www.filestage.io for more information.

About BrandMaster

When we set up our company in Oslo back in 1998, we did so with a clear focus: to help marketing teams manage their workflows and build strong, sustainable brands. Our team of digital designers, marketers, developers and brand consultants created a system which would redefine how things are done and give clients the tools and know-how to up their game. They were quick to recognize the operational and commercial benefits this would bring and our vision soon became a viable business. That was then and we’ve never looked back. Today, BrandMaster has evolved to become a market-leading, modular management platform, trusted by global enterprises, successful brands and ambitious start-ups. As for us, we still work from our HQ in Oslo and you’ll also find us across Europe and the US. 

Elevate your business by mastering your brand.

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