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Get Better Feedback on Designs from Clients and Co-Workers

Leave Comments Directly Inside Designs

Make your communication visual. Get actionable feedback on designs by clients and co-workers. Let reviewers mark up their annotations and sketches directly on your images, illustrations, videos and other visuals.

Organize Design Communication

Never lose sight of any comments. Make your design revisions more efficient. Present your designs and collect feedback from clients and co-workers. All feedback is clearly structured and easy to manage. Conversations are directly linked to your designs.

Upload Attachments to Show Drafts and Suggest Changes

Shorten long discussions and present clear solutions. Use the attachment function to show quick samples and accelerate your design revision cycle. Feel free to attach designs, layouts, images, sketches and templates.

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Effective Project Management for Designers

All your Design Projects in one Place

Protect your inbox from email overflow. Manage all your design revisions on a single platform. Create as many projects as you need. Use drag and drop and upload all your design files.

Manage Design Projects

Design reviews don’t have to be painful. Take advantage of a lean review process. All feedback on your designs is turned into actionable To-Do lists. No more copying and pasting from endless email threads.

Export To-Do Lists

You want to hand over tasks to another designer? Your client wants PDF documentation of the changes you made? Just print out personal To-Do lists or save them as PDFs.

The Most Beautiful Environment to Present Your Work

Corporate Design

Demonstrate your professionalism and add your personal branding. Filestage is your platform to communicate with clients and co-workers about your designs.

Beautiful Minimalist User Interface

We carefully created a minimalist and highly functional design. The beautiful layout of our web application makes it fun to use. Our interface is optimized for mobile devices. Reviewers can send you feedback on the go from their smartphone and tablet.

Easy to Use

Filestage is a simple-to-use and highly professional web application. Your clients don’t need a tutorial. They can easily review designs and make annotations on your files. Our interface is optimized for mobile.

Giving feedback to freelance designers goes by much faster with Filestage. The tool improves workflows and cuts costs at the end of the day.

Works with all your Files

Filestage enables you to visually manage feedback and approvals on designs, layouts, images, sketches and templates.


Filestage is SSL protected and secured with password lock and key. All data is hosted in Germany.

Clear Documentation

Be on the safe side. Filestage offers a full record of all client feedback and approvals.

Your Branding

Use your own corporate design and show professionalism through customized branding.

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