9 point of sale (POS) materials for in-store marketing

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I’m a sucker for a great piece of point of sale (POS) marketing. And I’m not the only one, with research showing that up to 76% of purchase decisions are made at the point of sale

If you want to make the most of your in-store marketing but you’re not sure where to start, this article is for you. Because I’ve pulled together nine of the most effective POS materials for you to choose from. 

But before that, let’s quickly define what POS materials are and their biggest benefits for business. 

What are point of sale (POS) materials? 

Point of sale (often referred to as POS) materials are promotional tools that brands can use to attract customers’ attention and market products from within a retail store. In other words, POS materials help brands turn in-store footfall into cold, hard sales. 

As the name suggests, these sale materials are usually placed near, or enroute to, the checkout to influence shoppers’ purchasing decisions at the last moment. 

Some popular POS materials include: 

  • Posters – large, eye-catching visuals found on walls or hanging from the ceiling
  • Shelf talkers – small signs attached to shelves that highlight and showcase particular products
  • End cap displays – promotional product displays located at the end of store aisles 
  • Dump bins – large bins filled with promotional or discounted items
  • Floor graphics – ads placed on the floor to direct customers to certain products or sections 

The most obvious benefit of POS materials is that they can help your business encourage impulse purchases and promote sales. But beyond that, POS materials also have the power to:  

  • Advertise new products
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Create memorable experiences
  • Build customer loyalty over time

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Nine standout examples of point of sale (POS) materials 

Before you start creating your own POS marketing collateral, it’s a good idea to get familiar with different materials that are out there. 

Let’s browse through some of the best marketing materials! 

1. Shelf talkers 

Shelf talkers

Image source: Dor

Shelf talkers are small ads or displays that you can attach to the shelf where your products are being sold. More times than not, retail shelf talkers are made of cardboard or plastic. But digital versions are growing in popularity now too. 

Whether you want to highlight a new product or boost brand visibility, shelf talkers offer a low-cost way to hit your POS marketing goals. 

This example from Pedigree Chum is brilliantly on-brand and uses a smart, simple headline to tell shoppers exactly what the product does. What a great way to help customers make an informed buying decision! 

2. Shelf wobblers 

Shelf wobblers 

Image source: VKF Renzel

Shelf wobblers are a lot like shelf talkers in the sense that both serve the same purpose of drawing customers’ attention to a particular product or offer. The key difference between these two POS materials is that shelf talkers are static while shelf wobblers use movement to catch attention. 

Shelf wobblers are either designed to slot into the shelf-edge strip, or made with a strip that extends out from the shelf. They’re also usually made with even lighter materials than shelf talkers, like paper and super thin plastic. This allows them to bounce and wobble in the breeze as shoppers pass by. 

3. Ceiling danglers

Ceiling danglers

Image source: Reddit

Ceiling danglers are promotional signs or posters that dangle, or hang, from the ceiling of a store. This kind of POS material works by grabbing customers’ attention and highlighting where certain products can be found in-store. For obvious reasons, ceiling danglers are usually made using light materials like paper or plastic. 

Because they’re up high above the crowded aisles, these kinds of POS materials often have more space to work with. Which means you can create larger designs or include more information about your products. 

This eye-catching example from Oatly uses a striking headline in its signature tone of voice and bold font, to get noticed and appeal to the right customers. 

4. Floor graphics 

Floor graphics 

Image source: Platinum Signs 

Floor graphics, or floor decals, are another great POS material that can stop shoppers in their tracks to promote products in retail stores. Floor graphics are less common than in-store posters and signs, so this added element of surprise could help your brand stand out and pique more interest. 

Another thing that makes floor graphics so effective, is the fact that the majority of people walk around with their gaze on the ground. So, by tapping into this consumer behavior, floor graphics can offer a unique visual touchpoint for brands. 

This airport floor graphic by M&Ms is bright, on-brand, and creatively taps into its location. You can also use directional messaging and other eye-catching tactics to bring this POS material to life. 

5. Conveyor belt ads

Conveyor belt ads

Image source: Pinterest

You can’t get much closer to the actual point of sale than these conveyor belt ads! This clever point of sale tactic is designed to engage customers while they go to make a purchase at the checkout counter. 

Of course, this type of POS material is most effective on an empty conveyor belt, as you can see the full picture. But even as people put their groceries over the ad, you’ve got a pretty good chance of catching their eye. 

Like this playful cleaning product example, you can use the natural movement of the conveyor belt to dramatize the selling points of your product.

6. Dump bins 

Dump bins 

Image source: AMC

Dump bins come in many shapes and sizes (this one’s pretty cute though, right?). And they’re another popular choice of POS material for lots of different products. 

You might associate dump bins with sale marketing and reduced or promotional products, but that’s not their only use case. For example, if you have products that are difficult to stack, or if you just want to display your products in a more engaging way, dump bins could be the POS material for you!

One of the best things about dump bin displays is that they’re portable, allowing businesses to move them around the retail store as and when needed.

7. End cap displays 

End cap displays 

Image source: Medallion Retail

End cap displays are a popular POS marketing material, located at (you guessed it) the end of retail store aisles. And they’re a brilliant tool to help create visual appeal and increase brand awareness 

Rather than stocking your products on shelves alongside its competitors, end cap sale displays give you your own space to showcase product features, offers, or anything else you can use to engage new customers. 

When done right, these eye-catching point of sale display stands help you show off your brand’s personality and instantly pique customers’ interest in what you’re selling. This larger-than-life example from Proactiv skincare is clean and simple, putting all the focus on the products themselves. 

8. Self-standing displays 

Self-standing displays 

Image source: X

Self-standing displays are much like end caps, with the main difference being that retailers can move them around the store to reach a specific target audience and increase sales. These POP and POS displays can be super simple or creatively customized to showcase your brand’s personality.

Portable, impactful, and versatile, these self-standing displays are a winning advertising tool. Time to fill out a new marketing request form

9. Digital displays

Digital displays

Image source: ixtenso

New technologies are transforming the way we advertise products and services across the board, including point of sale. 

If you really want to create memorable experiences and bring more value to your marketing, digital displays are an excellent choice. While digital POS materials require a more detailed marketing workflow and a substantially larger budget than traditional POS materials, the long-term return for business can make it all worthwhile. 

The best thing about digital displays is that they allow for way more interactivity, seamlessly bridging the gap between brand and customer. This sizzling example from Maggi serves up some serious inspiration by helping customers find new recipes. 

Final thoughts 

Picking the right POS materials to promote your products can feel a bit overwhelming at first. But a little research can go a long way when it comes to understanding your options and making the right choice. 

I hope this article about the best POS materials helps you take your in-store marketing by storm. And if you’d like to see how Filestage can help you review and approve all your POS materials and more, start your free trial today.