Videoboost cuts 1-2 review rounds on video approvals with in-context annotations

About VideoBoost

Since 2012, VideoBoost has created over 3,000 videos for global brands like E.ON, 3M, and Merck.



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  • Make files and feedback more connected
  • Improve version control
  • Reduce misunderstandings and email back-and-forth

Favorite features

  • In-context comments for visual assets
  • Automated notifications for collaborators and reviewers
  • Due dates to keep projects on track
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Can you describe the key problems you were facing before you started using Filestage?

Before using Filestage, our customers collected feedback in separate documents and shared them via email with us. That was a challenge for our clients as well as for our video producers and project managers because lots of misunderstandings came up since it was not quite clear where exactly the feedback referred to.

We also had to share various pre-versions of unfinished videos with our clients so they could give their feedback. That made it quite difficult to keep an overview of the different versions.

How has your approval process changed with Filestage?

With Filestage our clients can leave a comment exactly on the spot in the image, where something needs to be changed. No matter if it is a text file, a graphic, or a video.

The annotation tool allows correction requests to be clearly communicated, which means that we have significantly fewer misunderstandings, queries, and coordination efforts.

What positive effects on your productivity have you noticed thanks to Filestage?

During the approval process about 20% fewer emails are sent and received. Also, we need on average about 1-2 file versions/ review rounds less per approval.

“During the approval process we need on average 1-2 review rounds less per approval, and we send and receive about 20% fewer emails.”

Stephanie Isabelle Flaig, Head of Operations

Can you explain why your team has experienced these benefits?

Since we introduce Filestage to our clients directly in the kickoff meeting, we can share any file with Filestage from this point on. When a process step is ready for approval, we don’t need to send additional emails, since Filestage automatically sends notifications to all project collaborators and reviewers.

The possibility to set due dates for submitting feedback also reduces the number of emails. A big advantage is that all reviewers can see the comments which were already left by other reviewers and this avoids that contradictory feedback is given. In addition, the comment section can be used as a chat tool to discuss changes.

Which features do you like at Filestage?

We benefit from all features in Filestage, but most of all I like the annotation tool. Often you have for example a specific form or position for a graphic in mind but it is difficult to put it into precise words. With this annotation tool, I can more easily show what exactly I mean. This is especially helpful for illustrations and animations.

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