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Save up to 70% of your time with online PDF Annotation and Review

The PDF Annotator helps you to quickly receive feedback on your PDF documents. Avoid time-consuming feedback rounds by simply sharing a PDF document with anyone you want to get feedback from. This PDF collaboration tool makes it easy for everyone to annotate and review PDF documents.

Who needs this PDF Annotator?

You’ll need the Filestage PDF annotation tool if you want to:

  • Make notes and comments in PDF files.
  • Add sketches and annotations for intuitive feedback.
  • Work with an easy, reliable PDF feedback tool.
  • Share PDF documents with others.
  • Review and correct documents right in your browser.
  • Stop dealing with chaotic rounds of feedback.
  • Actually enjoy reviewing PDF documents.
  • Quit playing email ping-pong.

What is the PDF Annotation feature?

  • Share and review any PDF file online. Directly make comments in your browser. No installation is needed.
  • Add comments, annotations and attachments. You can even draw sketches and highlight text.
  • In real time, collaborate from anywhere. All feedback is well-structured and saved in one place.
  • Create multiple versions of your document and update the document in real time. Your reviewers receive an notification. No one will review outdated PDF files anymore.
  • All annotations are tagged with a timestamp. Everyone is on the same page. They can easily follow up on the comments that have already added.
Review Dashboard

What are the benefits of PDF Annotation with Filestage?

By using Filestage to comment on your PDF documents, there are three big advantages over offline PDF annotation tools.

Clear version management

The integrated documentation system helps you keep record of all comments. Easily switch between different versions of your PDF document, see the exact amount of revisions, and keep an overview of all your versions.

Real-Time Collaboration

Click to add comments and speed up your review process. All notes and annotations are well-structured and easy to follow. You can also add attachments to every comment. Your statements will be underlined, so you can keep your feedback organized.

Improved Review Workflow

Complete your reviews a lot faster. No more confusion or digging around in old emails. Now you can see the actual status of all your reviews at a glance. The comments and annotations are visually linked to the PDF file, and can be used as an actionable task list.

Why do 1,200+ companies trust Filestage?

Filestage is being used by more than 1,200 teams. Here’s what they’re saying about us:

"With Filestage we communicate with our clients more easily. The tool helps us to receive feedback on PDF documents a lot faster."

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"It's great to just leave your pdf annotations and comments without having to sign up!"

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"With Filestage, we started to achieve even better project results. Our partners love it!"

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Who else uses Filestage?

Thousands of ad agencies, video production studios, designers, consulting firms, and brands are using Filestage to get reviews done.
We’re proud to see renowned companies all over the world use Filestage. Here’re a few of them:

NBC Universal

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Follow these 3 easy steps to collaborate on PDF documents:

1. Upload your Document

Start your free trial and create a project. Then upload your PDF file to your dashboard. There, you can see the status of all your projects and keep track of your progress and feedback rounds. Now you’re all set, and you can start adding comments and annotations to your document.

2. Invite Reviewers

Invite your clients and co-workers to review and comment on your PDF document. Use the email invitation feature, or just copy the review link and share it. Your reviewers don’t have to create an account to be able to provide feedback. Use the quick-invite function, so reviewers can leave feedback about several documents at the same time.

3. Get Feedback

You, your clients, and your co-workers can directly add comments and annotations in the browser. No installation is needed! With just one click, you directly mark up your feedback on your PDF document. Every annotation is visually connected to your file. Keep track of the progress of your reviews, reduce project management overheads via one single platform and save time and money.

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