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Explore the Power of Agile Workflows

Stay on top of your projects

See at a glance where your internal and client reviews stand. No more digging through email threads and phone notes.

Increase your team’s productivity and work quality

Establish a consistent, and quality assuring workflow in your team. Improve productivity and happiness by removing friction and frustration.

Bring transparency and clarity to your team

Effortlessly distribute work when someone is out of the office by sharing communication in one central place.

Design Review Tool

Speed up your reviews

Get feedback faster

Get your teammates and clients to review and approve your proofs in less time. This strategy will help you to meet deadlines without night shifts.

Receive precise, actionable change requests

It’s easy for reviewers to express themselves comprehensively, and easy for you to understand what they want. This well-oiled collaboration leads to faster revisions and better results.

Get feedback from multiple people at the same time

Tired of consolidating email feedback by different stakeholders? Invite reviewers to the same file and let them find a consensus together. Both sides will be happy about the collaboration.

Review Dashboard

We save countless hours in every single project. Versioning keeps our projects well-structured, and the integrated to-do list makes it easy to process feedback.

Master client relationships

Be a great partner to work with

Add value for your clients by offering an easy and fun way to review files and collaborate in a productive way.

Present your projects on a state-of-the-art platform

Share your proofs on a beautiful, professional and easy to use platform. Add your logo to Filestage and let your brand shine.

Always know who said what

Reduce misunderstanding and miscommunication by using Filestage’s transparent, time-stamped comment history of each version, so you and your clients to know who said what.

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4.8 out of 5

4.8 out of 5

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