How AI will supercharge your review and approval rounds in 2024

Everywhere you turn these days, people are talking about different forms of AI entering all sorts of fields of businesses. Research from McKinsey suggests that the average number of AI capabilities organizations used in 2022 has doubled since 2018.

And while some remain skeptical, others recognize the positive impact it will have on the quality of their work and the overall business. 

That’s why we decided to write an article covering all relevant trends in AI and demystify this somewhat futuristic reality we found ourselves in. Plus, we’ll provide you with a list of AI bots designed to set your review and approval process up for success.

What is AI?

AI, short for artificial intelligence, is an advanced technology that imitates human intelligence and is capable of performing human-like tasks. This is done by using large amounts of data to train computers to start replicating the patterns of human behavior – also known as machine learning.

Over time, AI became an umbrella term for everything related to advanced technologies and their abilities to make people’s lives easier. And while in reality, this is true, it’s good to know the definition of the term to truly understand all its capabilities and limitations. 

AI goes way beyond spellchecking your work

Microsoft Word introduced its spell check feature way back in 1985 – the year of Back to the Future and Madonna’s Like A Virgin, if you want to get all nostalgic about it.

Since then, AI’s role in the content review process has been pretty stagnant. Tools like Grammarly and Hemingway App have gone a few steps further by offering tips on tone and style. But there’s still a lot of room for improvement.

Thankfully, that’s about to change.

Three ways you’ll be able to get AI feedback on your work

AI has a range of applications that can help you build a faster, more accurate, and higher-quality approval process. From content automation tools to compliance moderation, marketers in regulated industries have a goldmine of time-saving features at their fingertips.

Here are three major ways AI helps you improve your approval process:

1. Audiovisual moderation – AI tools designed to maintain your brand consistency while avoiding explicit content or plagiarism 

2. Copy optimization – AI tools designed to perfect your copy and make it resonate with the right audience

3. Providing valuable insights – AI tools designed to help you make more informed decisions about the future

So, let’s take a closer look!

Audiovisual moderation with AI tools

Whether you’re working in marketing or design, AI can play a powerful role in helping you stay on brand and make sure you comply with all regulations. 

With audiovisual moderation tools, you can always comply with your brand guidelines even if there is no one from the brand team near you to warn you about any inconsistencies. Plus, you can make sure never to post any plagiarized or explicit content.

Here are three types of AI tools helping you with these tasks:

1. Brand consistency AI bot

This AI tool can automatically scan and evaluate images, videos, texts, and other types of content to make sure that they adhere to the company’s brand guidelines. This means checking  all font styles and sizes, and making sure you’re consistently using brand colors. 

Many companies have multiple teams and departments creating content, and it’s important to ensure that all the content aligns with the company’s brand guidelines and visual identity. 

Here are the two main benefits of using brand consistency AI tools:

  • Speeding up the review process 
  • Guaranteed consistency across multiple channels and markets

Speeding up the review process  

Comparing all versions of your files to brand guidelines takes time and increases your chances of error. With an AI brand consistency bot, you’ll automate this process and save time by quickly identifying any inconsistencies.

Guaranteed consistency across multiple channels and markets

As a part of one single campaign, you’ll have several different social media posts, some ads, blog posts, and certain visual and video materials. AI bot will make sure your fonts, colors, or layout is always consistent across all platforms. 

Plus, it will help international teams scattered across the globe, maintain consistency across all markets! 

Thanks to these bots, you’ll be able to speed up your review rounds by minimizing feedback from stakeholders.

2. Explicit content AI bot

In short, this AI tool helps you detect explicit, adult, or disturbing visual content. When producing a large amount of visual content like images and videos, they all need approval before they are used in marketing campaigns or other purposes. 

With this AI tool, you could have your content automatically scanned to flag all compromising images and videos. 

Here are two main benefits of using this type of AI tool:

  • Streamline the review and approval process 
  • Faster review process

Streamline the review and approval process 

You’ll reduce the human workload for reviewing all the content and minimize the risk of accidentally publishing inappropriate content.

Faster review process

Complying with all community guidelines and standards can take time and effort. But with an AI tool that flags explicit content, you can automate this process and make sure to focus on reviewing other parts of the files.

3. Visual plagiarism AI bot

Due to the sheer volume of content being produced and published daily across companies, some of it can end up plagiarized. 

Having a specialized AI tool will help you automatically scan and evaluate images, videos, and other types of visual content and detect and flag any unlicensed materials.

Here are two major benefits of using an AI tool:

  • Quickly detecting plagiarism in visual content
  • Reducing manual work

Quickly detecting plagiarism in visual content

Detecting plagiarism in visual content like images, videos, and designs is difficult. Often you need to manually compare the contents and determine which one is the original. 

An AI tool simplifies the process by using image recognition and deep learning algorithms to quickly identify plagiarized content and flag it in a review.

Reducing manual work

Comparing content and making sure that yours is the original takes a lot of manual effort. Especially if the content is created in collaboration with other creators. This type of tool saves everyone’s time and helps you make sure that your content is never plagiarized.   

Copy optimization with AI tools

By now, every copywriter has probably come across a tool like Grammarly. And this amount of intervention from AI checking our copy for grammar mistakes or tone of voice has become the standard in copywriting. 

But with copy optimization AI tools, you can go a step further and make sure all your copy resonates with the target audience and sounds just right.

Here are four tools helping you create and design outstanding written content:

1. AI message tester 

Effective messaging is crucial for successful marketing campaigns, but it can be challenging to know how well the target audience will receive a message before it’s released. 

A message tester helps you improve marketing message effectiveness by testing your copy among experts in focus groups before the release.

Here are two main benefits of having a message tester for your copy:

  • Introducing unbiased feedback
  • Saves time spent on your review and approval process

Introducing unbiased feedback

Many people need help with getting accurate and unbiased feedback on their messaging, especially when it comes to sensitive topics or industries. A message tester gives a more objective and consistent assessment of your copy, helping you identify areas for improvement.

Saves time spent on your review and approval process

The process of getting copy reviewed is time-consuming. A message tester streamlines this process by providing automated and efficient feedback. It also allows users to iterate on their messaging and have it approved faster.

2. AI bot for tone of voice consistency 

Getting everyone in the company to follow your brand’s tone of voice is challenging. Yet, so many people from the organization are communicating externally, and it’s necessary to maintain a level of consistency in this area.

A tone of voice consistency tool will help you consistently communicate across all platforms by giving suggestions for language, phrases, and words that align with your brand’s tone of voice.

Here are two main benefits of using a tone of voice consistency AI tool:

  • Assistance in building a strong brand identity
  • Create a unique and consistent tone of voice

Assistance in building a strong brand identity

To build a strong brand identity, you need recognizable company values and a unique brand personality. With a dedicated AI tool scanning all your communications, you can keep things on brand without all the hard work.

Create a unique and consistent tone of voice

An AI tone of voice consistency tool helps you maintain a consistent and cohesive voice across all of your communications. Ultimately, this removes any potential frustration or confusion for your customers.

3. AI bot specialized in copy plagiarism

For anyone working in academic research, finding out that any part of their work is plagiarized is a biggest nightmare. But, no matter how much you try to avoid it, it’s sometimes difficult to manually check large amounts of text without making any errors.

An AI copy plagiarism tool will help you quickly identify if there’s any plagiarism in the content and make sure you’re consistently delivering only your original work.

Here are the two most important benefits of copy plagiarism AI tools:

  • Publish your academic content with confidence
  • Reduced manual work

Publish your academic content with confidence

With a copy plagiarism AI tool, you’ll have peace of mind when publishing your academic content. An AI copy plagiarism tool will quickly check your work for plagiarism, making sure your content is original and helping you avoid any potential legal or reputational issues.

Reduced manual work

Having an AI tool to scan your work saves you many review rounds that you’d otherwise do on your own. And by reducing your manual work, you’ll also enjoy knowing that there weren’t any human errors impacting the quality of your work. 

4. AI bot specialized in copy compliance 

This AI tool is especially beneficial in finance, healthcare, and legal services. Since these industries have strict regulations and laws that govern the language used in communications, it’s important for companies to make sure they comply with these regulations. 

An AI copy compliance tool helps you quickly and efficiently identify prohibited language in your content, making it easier to stay compliant with all regulations.

Here are two main benefits of copy compliance AI tools:

  • Save time spent on compliance 
  • Avoid penalties or legal issues

Save time spent on compliance 

Understanding and complying with various regulations and guidelines is difficult and time-consuming. 

An AI copy compliance tool helps you understand and comply with industry-specific regulations and guidelines by providing automated and tailored suggestions for your copy.

Avoid penalties or legal issues

For some organizations, the risk of non-compliance penalties or legal issues can be especially high due to the nature of their business or industry. A dedicated AI tool helps reduce the risk of fines and saves everyone from sleepless nights worrying about regulations. 

AI tools that provide valuable insights

In this day and age, data is everything. And knowing how to interpret this data is what makes certain businesses the greatest. With AI tools specialized in organizing and analyzing data, you’ll be able to make more informed decisions and improve different areas of your business.

Here are two types of AI tools providing you with valuable insights:

1. AI bot for mimicking review history

How many times did you repeat the same comment when reviewing someone’s document? To save time (and sometimes your nerves), you could use the AI tool for mimicking review history. 

This tool gives review suggestions based on historical feedback data from you and your reviewers. So say goodbye to endless repeating comments on errors like forgetting to write an oxford comma, and focus only on the important stuff.

Here are two main benefits of using AI for mimicking review history:

  • Never miss an error
  • Save time spent reviewing files

Never miss an error

Whether we like to admit it or not, sometimes we simply miss an error. Especially if the errors keep repeating. To make sure that all commas, full stops, and contractions are in place, you can lean on AI bot for mimicking review history and enjoy having a helping hand in the review process.

Save time spent reviewing files

Whatever we’re doing, we’re always looking to save some valuable time. And what’s better for saving time than having an AI bot reviewing files for you? By using this bot you’ll spend time giving unique comments and save a bunch of time correcting repeated mistakes. 

2. AI bot for predictive analysis 

Tracking different data about your review and approval process and getting insights on what to do to make it faster and more efficient sounded like science fiction just a few years ago. But with the predictive analysis AI tools, this quickly turns into reality.

These tools can analyze current and historical proofs to make predictions about your future actions and suggest improvements where needed. 

Two main benefits associated with using predictive analysis AI tools:

  • Get a look into the unknown
  • Plan future actions with more confidence

Get a look into the unknown

Summing up large amounts of data and turning it into meaningful conclusions and guidelines for the future can be difficult and almost impossible in some cases. 

That’s why having a dedicated tool that tracks everything from how long it takes to review content to how you collaborate with your colleagues makes it easier to make valid conclusions about what works and what needs changes.

Plan future actions with more confidence

When developing a new strategy and planning specific actions, it’s good to have data backing you up. In this case, you can entirely rely on the suggestions and insights from the tool and make sure to plan future actions with a positive impact.

What the future holds for AI in review and approval

It’s safe to say that AI technology made its grand entrance into more mainstream business practices over the past year. And we’ll see its application more and more in every aspect of our jobs. From AI-powered hybrid work tools to AI copywriting tools.

With that in mind, the review and approval industry has a bright future in mixing human expertise with the more advanced capabilities of various AI bots. 

By combining your team’s skill set with some of the most advanced technology out there, you’ll make everyone more successful – on both individual and team levels.

Final thoughts

Implementing more AI technology into our review and approval processes will help us reach approval faster, with less manual work. Whether you’re more involved with reviewing written or visual content, all these bots can be incredibly useful for your team.

At the end of the day, it will be exciting to witness the creation of some great projects from the successful collaboration between AI and humans.