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The Ultimate Overview of the Best Explainer Video Software

As a brand, you can communicate messages, updates or concepts to your audience in a wide variety of ways. However, there is a significantly higher likelihood of engagement if you communicate through video (rather than via a long, unillustrated chunk of text on a webpage). 

An explainer video is a fantastic resource that improves customers’ experience on your website. What’s more, there are plenty of great pieces of dedicated software that you can use to quickly and easily create explainer videos that are smart, professional and engaging.

What Is Explainer Video Software? 

Explainer video software is a tool that marketing teams and content creators use to create highly professional explainer videos. These tools guide users (even complete novices) through the creation process and allow them to create engaging pieces of content. 

Visual aids are a key way to articulate your topic, successfully attract (and keep) your consumers’ attention, and continue the conversation, as the video continues to be shared online and word spreads across your target market. 

An explainer video is a great resource to enhance the user experience of your brand’s website. Although many online marketing managers might be a little hesitant to create a video from scratch, explainer video creation software makes the whole process pretty effortless. 

Explainer videos come in a variety of types, each of which brings a different look, feel and level of complexity to the end result. These options include:

Whiteboard Explainer Videos

videoscribe Whiteboard explainer videos
Source: VideoScribe

Whiteboard explainer videos consist of hand-drawn animations on a whiteboard, which change as the video progresses. Whiteboard explainer videos make a great affordable option and are a super-effective way to create a stylish explainer video on a budget. 

Animated Explainer Videos

renderforest Animated Explainer Videos
Source: Renderforest

Animated explainer videos are the most popular option. This style is commonly used as it allows plenty of creative scope to clearly explain a concept. Rather than shooting a live action video with physical objects (which can be challenging and quite restrictive), using animations ensures that the explainer video is clear and informative while also being fun to watch.  

2D Explainer Videos 

2D Explainer Videos Vyond
Source: Vyond

2D explainer videos are (as the name suggests) animated videos that consist entirely of  two-dimensional elements. The illustrations, design features and graphics are all just 2D, which makes the creation process simpler.

3D Explainer Videos 

renderforest 3D Explainer Videos
Source: Renderforest

Using three-dimensional animations to create your explainer video can make it very visually striking. Creating 3D explainer videos may be a slightly more complex process, but you can still find dedicated explainer video software that will help you to incorporate 3D elements into your animated video. 

Best Online Explainer Video Software: Check out these 30 Tools 

You may be wondering whether investing in explainer video software is worth the investment of your time (and in some cases money). For anyone who is still left skeptical, a recent study found that after uploading a new explainer video to their website, some companies saw a staggering rise of 144% in their conversion rate.

Investing in a user-friendly piece of video-making software will allow you to quickly and easily provide customers with a fun and memorable experience. To help you find the best online explainer video software for your business, we’ve put together a list of explainer video tools that come highly recommended, alongside a description detailing what each piece of software offers to its users. 

Filestage – Review and Approve Explainer Videos 

Review and Approve Explainer Videos Filestage

As your new explainer video goes through the review and approval process, Filestage provides a user-friendly online proofing platform to boost the efficiency of the workflow. Filestage provides an easy way for content creators to share videos and collect feedback from colleagues and clients.  

After uploading the explainer video to the Filestage platform, all invited reviewers can easily view the file and leave feedback in the form of comments or drawings directly in the video. By receiving precise and clear feedback, the video creator can make sure that the video meets all quality standards, brand and compliance guidelines and that the video is the best version it can be. 

Adobe Animate – Animate Your Doodles with Ease

Animate Your Doodles with Ease Adobe Animate

Adobe Animate is a hugely intelligent explainer video tool that provides everything you could possibly need to bring your doodles to life. It allows users to design clean and interactive animations and conduct all of the required coding through a single app. 

Plus, you can publish your new content immediately – to multiple platforms and in just about any format. However, it is important to note that although this animated explainer video software is sophisticated, it could be a little complex for beginner or first-time video makers. 

Adobe Spark – Create Smart Graphics, Hassle-Free

Create Smart Graphics, Hassle-Free adobe spark

With Adobe Spark’s extensive body of clean and modern templates, users can create a professional video in just a few minutes. Adobe Spark specializes in helping users create on-brand visual stories that can be great feature pieces for a website. 

It’s a no-fuss, foolproof tool for creating new content for your website. You can access the software on the go, through your phone and other mobile devices. Although it does not offer the greatest scope for illustrated content, Adobe Spark’s stylish templates provide businesses with plenty of simple, yet highly effective, design options. 

Alongside the two Adobe Premiere alternatives that we cover in this list, you can find more software options that match the offerings of Adobe Premiere in our dedicated blog post. 

Animaker – Master the Art of Explainer Video Making 

Master the Art of Explainer Video Making animaker

Animaker is an easy-to-use and quick-to-master explainer video software. This dedicated video software provides any marketing team (regardless of size or experience) with the tools needed to create new video content. 

This animated explainer video software offers a user-friendly drag and drop interface (to keep things really simple), alongside the world’s largest animated library. Users can then bring these graphics to life in any way that they choose through Animakers collection of visual tools. 

Animatron – Perfect for Nervous Beginners 

Perfect for Nervous Beginners animatron

Feeling a bit new to the animation game? Animatron has been built with beginner animators in mind. It works by allowing users to simply drag-and-drop their chosen graphics and visual elements into a template. This provides a huge amount of creative flexibility without the need to deal with complex coding or confusing editing tools. 

Animatron’s visual stories can then be customized and personalized in almost limitless ways. What’s more, for those users who are absolute novices, Animatron also offers a lite version of its animated explainer video software, which acts as a more-pared back, super user-friendly tool. 

Animiz – Create Simple Animations for Free

Create Simple Animations for Free Animiz

This nifty animation maker allows users to create playful two-dimensional animated illustrations with ease. Animiz offers four different price points – depending on the user’s ability and the complexity of the animation that they are hoping to create – to suit all business sizes and needs. 

Animiz offers three paid packages, and one free membership option for users. Although the free explainer video software option is slightly more limited than the professional or enterprise options, it can still deliver a great website explainer video. This software is a great start for any marketing team looking to experiment with this type of content. 

Animoto – Create Seamless Virtual Tours

Create Seamless Virtual Tours Animoto

Alongside businesses looking to develop their websites, this online video builder is also a fit for professional photographers, schools and real estate video makers. Animoto is an explainer video tool which specializes in helping users to create seamless, professional virtual video tours to be featured on companies’ social media accounts or websites. 

This online explainer video software is also an ideal aid for the creation of marketing and slideshow videos. It is set at a mid-range price point for this type of software, but be aware that some reviewers have reported issues with hidden additional fees or difficulty cancelling memberships. 

Biteable – Personalize Fun and Colorful Explainer Video Templates

Personalize Fun and Colorful Explainer Video Templates Biteable

This intelligent explainer video maker aspires to help users create attractive videos with really stand-out visual effects. Biteable allows marketing teams to create bold and captivating explainer videos that make a website stand out from the crowd. 

Users can pick from this 2D explainer video software’s wide variety of trendy pre-made templates, then build up their brand’s own unique explainer video from there. Biteable offers three different plans, including a completely free option that includes almost 2 million images and clips (although published content will have the Biteable watermark). 

Camtasia by TechSmith – Track and Record Your Computer Screen

Track and Record Your Computer Screen Camtasia by Techsmith

Camtasia allows users of any skill level to record videos of professional quality. This nifty piece of software from TechSmith allows users to record what’s on their computer screen. This makes for an easy and highly effective way to produce slick and well-finished videos. 

What’s more, since the visuals are clean and simple, these explainer videos are informative and easy for viewers to understand. Camtasia can be used to make anything from product demos to lessons to tutorials that guide consumers through your product. 

CrazyTalk Animator by Reallusion – Create Stand-Out Video Animations

Create Video Animations CrazyTalk Animator by Reallusion

Specifically created with animated marketing videos and presentations in mind, CrazyTalk Animator makes it a joy to set about creating sophisticated and completely unique animations. 

With nifty collaboration tools, offline editing options and 3D object creation capabilities , CrazyTalk offers a comprehensive option for explainer video creators that covers all bases. 

Since it offers so much in the way of features, this 3D explainer video software is designed for a whole range of users – from businesses to online educators, and from small scale hobbyists to professional animators alike. 

Create Studio – Advanced Tools Made User-Friendly

Create Studio User Friendly Advanced Video Tools

Vidello’s Create Studio is a highly advanced piece of video animation software that prides itself on being a super user-friendly option, whether the user is a complete beginner or a professional animator. 

This 3D explainer video software provides complete creative flexibility, allowing its users to customize pre-made templates in whichever way they choose. Create Studio assists with the creation of a wide variety of content, including YouTube content, social videos, sales and promo videos and local business videos. 

Animators can also opt to have their new content feature 2D and 3D characters, lower third animations or logo stings.  

Doodly – Feature Fun Doodles

Doodly Fun Doodle video creation software

This simple yet super effective piece of explainer video software is designed to make 2D animated videos easier than ever to make. With Doodly, users can just drag and drop existing doodle animations onto a template to quickly create whiteboard explainer videos. 

Animations can be colored or feature chalk or ink-effect illustrations, and they can be as intricate as desired. Through Doodly, marketing content creators can put together sleek and realistic animated videos. Doodly prides itself on allowing its users – regardless of experience or skill set – to create a fun new piece of content in just a few minutes. 

iMovie – Share Videos Across Social Platforms

iMovie video Sharing Across Social Platforms

Apple’s video making software is designed for sharing new explainer video across companies’ social platforms. With iMovie, users can create and edit explainer videos and then share them across multiple platforms. iMovie is primarily designed to create corporate videos. The software includes a body of modern templates with which users can easily create stylish and highly professional videos. 

Plus, this intelligent explainer video tool allows content creators to easily incorporate songs and music into videos. iMovie’s audio capabilities come highly recommended, and this makes a great way to bring another element to explainer videos.  

InVideo – Improve Audience Engagement

InVideo software to Improve Audience Engagement

InVideo allows content creators to make a video out of pre-existing images. Through InVideo, users can effectively reimagine existing images and assets, transforming stationary images into a solid new explainer video. 

The intention behind InVideo is to enable media companies and small-scale businesses to boost audience engagement through the more entertaining medium of video-based content. What’s more, InVideo has received great reviews regarding the quality of their customer service, meaning even complete animation beginners can trust their brand development strategy to this software provider. 

Magisto – Create Dynamic Explainer Videos 

Create Dynamic Explainer Videos Magisto software

Magisto is an online end-to-end video maker. It acts as an all-in-one explainer video software solution through which you can create, distribute and even analyze your new marketing and product videos

Magisto uses artificial intelligence as a key part of its software, allowing users to create polished videos that convey a strong sense of emotion. Magisto specializes in creating content that engages the viewer, through an upbeat, dynamic and exciting style of explainer video. Accordingly, the Magisto team believes that the company offers clients a high conversion rate with enthused viewers translating into an increased number of buyers.

Maya – Create Mesmerising 3D Animation

Create Mesmerising 3D Animation Maya animation software

This highly intelligent piece of 3D explainer video software provides creators with a vast supply of 3D animation tools at their fingertips. Autodesk’s Maya helps experienced animators bring their ideas to life, and create stunning, intricate pieces of animation. 

Maya is used across the world for a variety of applications, including the creation of everything from video games to explainer videos. With the power of this tool behind them, businesses can create explainer videos of the highest quality that are sure to achieve far higher levels of engagement with users. 

Moovly – Free All-In-One Explainer Video Software

Moovly Free All-In-One Explainer Video Software

This online application makes explainer video creation seamless, even for first-time animators. Regardless of skill level or experience, Moovly enables users to create sleek and high-quality explainer videos. Alongside choosing from its extensive library of millions of assets (including images, videos and sounds), users can also upload their own pre-existing images, video, text and audio. 

Then, still through the platform, users can publish finished content to YouTube, Vimeo or even Moovly’s own dedicated gallery. All of this is available via Moovly’s free explainer video software option. Additionally, users can opt to pay to access more features via the professional version.

My Simpleshow – Step-by-Step Process

My simpleshow business 2D explainer video software

My Simpleshow is a piece of 2D explainer video software that was created with corporate businesses in mind. My Simpleshow is designed to facilitate the quick and easy creation of illustrated 2D explainer videos. This software takes users through a simplified, step-by-step creation process to ensure a fluid and well-thought out plot for the video. 

Users can then access thousands of original illustrations, Smart Storylines for scripts and an intuitive Explainer Engine, as well as detailed guided help, while retaining the flexibility required to ensure content fulfills the brand’s exact specifications. 

OFFEO – Create Bold and Impactful Explainer Videos

OFFEO Impactful Explainer Video creation software

OFFEO is a design-driven explainer video maker that helps small business marketers and designers create bold content which stands out from the crowd. This piece of software aims to help marketing teams grab the attention of consumers with short yet impactful explainer videos. 

OFFEO acts as a hybrid tool that combines elements of graphic design with a body of thousands of pre-made video templates. With these fully customizable templates, content creators can create attractive, one-of-a-kind animated videos with ease. 

OpenShot Video Editor – Dedicated 3D Video Editing

OpenShot 3D Video Editor

This open-source video editing software provides comprehensive tools to help content creators professionally edit 3D videos. OpenShot is a 3D explainer video software which can be used to trim and animate video objects. This editing tool and free explainer video software can be used through Windows, Mac or Linux. 

Alongside animation of these objects, OpenShot’s software can also be used with audio mixing, audio editing, clip resizing, and frame accuracy. In short, it ensures that content creators achieve a sleek, highly professional finish for their 3D explainer videos.

Pitchy – Covers All Video Marketing Bases

Pitchy video marketing software

For marketing teams looking to take the plunge and create explainer videos, Pitchy provides an intuitive and user-friendly explainer video software that covers all bases. 

Its features include the capability to evolve videos in a fully autonomous fashion. This means that users can adapt the scenario governing the video’s plot, integrate different assets or images into the piece, and then fully customize the video to achieve a unique piece of content which meets the exact needs of their brand. Pitchy is designed to help users to create fully-customized explainer videos of a professional quality.

Powtoon – Drag and Drop to Create Striking Videos

Powtoon video software to create striking videos

Powtoon aspires to enable entrepreneurs and businesses (of all sizes) to boost audience engagement and achieve clear, measurable results through explainer videos. With a user-friendly drag and drop interface, content creators can easily create explainer videos without having to earn complex coding. 

Other video creation tools that Powtoon provides include fully customizable templates and characters as well as royalty-free images, footage and soundtracks. This online video software also includes a variety of collaboration tools, including the ability for users to screen share across their team. 

Promo – Customize Stylish Video Templates 

Customize Stylish Video Templates Promo Video Software

Promo provides marketing teams with a huge library of over 12 million video clips. Clips can be easily tweaked and customized by the user – this customization can take the form of choosing accompanying music, adding in text, or incorporating a company logo. 

Promo has assisted with the marketing campaigns of a wide variety of industries, including businesses in real estate, health and fitness, food, beauty, education and travel. These trendy explainer videos are designed to be featured both on a website and across a business’s social media channels. Users can make the most of Promo’s free version or pay a monthly fee for the full range of tools that the software provides. 

Raw Shorts – Driven by Artificial Intelligence

Raw Shorts Artificial Intelligence explainer video creation software

This explainer video creation platform is driven by Artificial Intelligence. As a result, Raw Shorts allows marketers to transform text into video content with more efficiency than ever. Users can instantly convert text (from an existing blog post, for example) into engaging, animated videos. 

In doing so, users can generate higher levels of engagement from visitors to their company website. This 2D explainer video software uses AI to scan an uploaded video script to identify key concepts. Then, Raw Shorts creates a storyboard for the video and assembles an outline, which users can then modify and share through the platform. 

Renderforest – Devise Fun Cartoon Snippets 

Renderforest video software Fun Cartoon Snippets

With Renderforest, marketing teams looking to bring a bit of personality to their website can quickly create short cartoon videos full of fun. 

Utilizing the platform’s existing body of video production and animation templates, users can pick from the catalog, customize the animation, upload their own text and images, modify little details (such as the video’s color palette), and then incorporate the finished video into their website. Renderforest makes the process quick and easy while keeping it fully customizable. 

Toonly – Make Long Blocks of Information Easily Digestible

Toonly drag and drop explainer video software

Build your idea of a perfect explainer video without the need to first spend hours learning to code. With Toonly, even the most inexperienced animators can create entirely unique explainer videos, thanks to the software’s use of drag and drop. 

Toonly provides a comprehensive solution for product and service-based businesses that aim to upgrade their levels of audience engagement. Toonly’s bold, colorful video designs break down content, cut to the chase, and make information digestible. In doing so, this software is all about keeping even the most distracted viewer’s attention firmly fixed on what these businesses have to say.

VideoScribe by Sparkol – Create Sleek Whiteboard Videos

VideoScribe whiteboard video software

Harness your creativity, and communicate with your customers in an engaging, thought-provoking way with VideoScribe’s whiteboard explainer video software. This creative tool allows content creators to devise fresh ways to boost their website’s levels of audience engagement. 

VideoScribe facilitates the creation of modern and clean whiteboard explainer videos in a monochrome style. Although some users have reported inflexibilities when it comes to editing existing templates or tweaking fixed elements within the videos, this piece of software is ideal for beginner animators, whose priority is keeping their content as seamless and professional as possible. 

Vimeo – Create New Videos Collaboratively 

Vimeo Collaborative video software

With over 90 million users across the globe, Vimeo provides powerful tools that allow users to bring their bold marketing ideas to life. Vimeo gives content creators full creative control over the look and feel of their videos. 

The platform’s extensive range of explainer video software tools includes customizable branding and text overlay alongside a vast media library and collection of pre-made templates. Vimeo has received high acclaim for the quality of its designs, the power of its creative tools, and the way in which it allows users to embed new videos directly onto their websites.  

Vyond – Complete Beginners can Create Solid Explainer Videos

Vyond explainer video creation software for beginners

From the creators of GoAnimate, Vyond is dedicated to making explainer video creation accessible for all companies, regardless of budget or existing familiarity with video making. 

Vyond is designed for marketing teams working in all industries and of any size and experience level. It’s a simple, user-friendly and efficient way for businesses to make their content more digestible. 

Some users have reported bugs if they attempt to enact more complex commands with Vyond. However, sticking to the media library and templates on offer, users can generate a clean and effective explainer video with minimal hassle. 

Wideo – Create Fun and Colorful New Website Content 

Wideo website video template software

With Wideo, users can choose their favorite template from a vast catalog. From there, marketers can add in their company’s own branding, assets and images to fully customize the premade professional template, creating an entirely bespoke animated explainer video. 

Browse through Wideo’s fun and colorful collection of illustrated content to get a sense of how this particular piece of software can transform company websites. Wideo offers options at a variety of price points, including a free option for marketers who want to try before they buy.  

How to Make an Explainer Video 

Once you have selected the best explainer video software for your company, you’ll be ready to get started. All of these options provide tools and guidance to make the explainer video creation process easy to understand and fun to do.

How to Make an Explainer Video inforgraphic by filestage

But what makes a powerful piece of video marketing? With your first explainer video in mind, we’ve outlined the six major steps that your team needs to take. By following this video collaboration process, you can ensure that your new video is engaging and bold, while still in line with your existing branding and of the highest possible quality.

1. Think about the concept and message of your video.  

Before you even start looking at illustrations, consider what you want your video to say. Outline the video’s purpose and what your audience should learn from it. Then, think about the best ways for you to communicate this message. 

Your concept could be focused on humor, using a whiteboard style of explainer video, or it could be an easy watch that breaks down a long text into much smaller points. 

2. Write a storyboard to outline the structure of your video. 

Carefully plan out your video’s structure. You can use our video script template to help you through this step. Your script and storyboard should include a detailed timeline of what will be included and when. 

Write a list that breaks the video down into two, five or ten second chunks, and then add in the visuals and text (either written on the screen or spoken by a voice-over) that need to be covered in this portion of time. At this pre-production stage, the clearer the plan you make, the cleaner your video will be.  

3. Create the video. 

When you’re ready, bring your storyboard to life and create your explainer video. In addition to bringing everything together through your chosen software, this may involve creating new images, voice-overs or brand assets that can be featured in the video. 

4. Review the video.

Once you have completed your first draft, the video should be carefully reviewed by other invested team members. At this post-production stage, you need to ensure that the video has remained true to its original purpose and that it is of a suitably high quality. 

filestage online video review software

With an online-proofing software like Filestage, you can easily share your video with colleagues or clients. Now each team member can view the video and leave clear and precise feedback in the comments section or even create annotations directly in the video.

5. Edit the video. 

Filestage stores all received feedback in one centralized place and automatically creates a to-do list based on these comments. This makes it easy for the content editor to revise the video based on the received feedback. Also, by ticking off all solved issues, you can make sure not to miss any feedback. This streamlines your video editing workflow. After you have adapted the video, you can upload the new version to Filestage and share it again with your colleagues or clients.  

6. Approve the video. 

Now the reviewers can either leave feedback and request new changes or approve the video with a single click. Once the video has been approved by all, the final explainer video can be published on your channels.

Then, once the video has been published, you can market it so that it quickly reaches the screens of your target audience. To help you with this step, check out our recommended top 10 pieces of video marketing software

How to Find the Best Explainer Video Tool for Your Needs 

We’ve presented you with a long list of fantastic pieces of explainer video software for you to consider. However, you may be wondering “How on earth do I narrow these down?”. 

Don’t worry, we’ve got that covered too. 

Here are the three key questions that you should ask yourself before deciding which piece of explainer video software is the best option to support your business. 

What are the main pain points that the tool should solve? 

Take a look at your existing video production workflow and see what issues lie within it. Can this piece of software fix those dilemmas? Clearly outline what you want to achieve by incorporating this new piece of software into your workflow – this will go a long way towards helping you narrow down your search.  

Which features are mandatory for your work and which are not? 

Be a bit ruthless with this one. This list of explainer video software is filled with tools and tricks that may sound marvelous. However, the last thing a content manager wants to do is sacrifice a piece of software that would have been a great fit for operations in favor of one that has fun bonus features. We recommend listing your top 10 must-have criteria for a software, as this will help you to be firm in your selection.

While we’re on the subject, for all those project managers who are aiming to streamline their video projects, be sure to read our top 20 recommended video production management software solutions

Create a comparison list. 

Once you’ve narrowed it down to your favorite five options, create a pros and cons list for each piece of software. This will help you directly compare your options and accurately choose the best online explainer video software for your operations. 

Are You Ready to Create Your First Explainer Video?

Although it may initially sound complicated, with the right tools on hand, creating explainer videos is actually a pretty fool-proof process. Not only does it enable marketing managers to upgrade the user experience of websites, it also provides a fantastic opportunity for teams to get creative and think outside the box. 

We highly recommend reading our round-up of the best online explainer video software choices on the market today in order to find the perfect fit for your business. Then you will be able to add a touch of whimsy to your website. 

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