Why page proofing is essential for your business success

Miscommunication, inaccuracies, and delays are common challenges when the review and approval process of files is conducted via email. Also, it’s difficult to keep an overview and manage all incoming feedback when you receive it in different formats and on multiple channels. 

That’s where online page proofing comes in―it ensures smooth communication, clear feedback, and faster review rounds to help meet project deadlines. Let’s see how page proofing works in detail. 

What is page proofing? 

Page proofing describes the process of reviewing files by leaving and discussing feedback on a centralized platform. It replaces the traditional hallway discussions or the popular email ping pong. Further, it enables agencies and in-house teams to work together smoothly with colleagues, clients, and external partners. 

Page proofing can be implemented best with online proofing software. These tools support many different file types that allow users to share, review, and leave comments and annotations on PDFs, graphic designs, blog articles, videos, or website projects. 

Additional features allow users to discuss feedback with each other in real-time or approve the file with one click. 

To illustrate, suppose a designer creates a graphic for a specific product campaign. When the graphic is done, stakeholders, such as the product and marketing managers will review the work to make sure it meets all requirements. 

What are the benefits?

Page proofing makes it easy to leave clear and precise feedback and therefore reduces misunderstandings that lead to more review rounds. As a result, the turnaround time is faster and projects can be completed on time. 

Another important aspect is that the proofing process improves the quality and ensures brand consistency of the content. Plus, it makes sure that all other requirements including compliance regulations are met. 

How online page proofing works 

To create a solid page proofing process, we recommend making use of an online approval tool like Filestage. You can complete your page proof process in just five easy steps! 

1. Find a tool of your choice 

The internet offers many options in terms of online proofing software. So, first, you should look for a page proofing tool that is best suited for your specific needs. You can check out the website of the tool itself or compare reviews from past and current users on platforms like Capterra. Many tools offer a free trial which allows you to test the software before you commit and pay for it. 

2. Upload and share your files with reviewers 

Next, upload the file that needs to be reviewed to the centralized platform of your tool. Now you can share the uploaded file with your team members or clients by adding their email addresses or sending them a review link through messenger apps like Slack.

Upload and share your files with reviewers - Page proofing

3. Receive feedback and discuss it

Once a file is shared, the reviewers can access the document in their browser and leave comments and annotations to make clear what changes need to be made. Feedback can relate to anything from text, images, format, layout, design, and more.  

Since feedback is visible to everyone, reviewers can also react to comments from others and discuss changes and ideas. This makes the entire review process far more transparent and makes it easier to handle contradictory feedback.  

Receive feedback and discuss it - Page proofing

4. Make the required changes

After all reviewers have left their feedback, the content creator can view everything and begin making any revisions. This step is performed where the file was originally created. 

In case any comment isn’t clear to the creator, they can just reply to it, and the reviewer who left the comment will be notified. When all changes such as typesetting, image correction, and design adjustments are fixed, the file is saved as a new version. 

5. Share new version and get approval 

In the last step, the new version of the file is re-uploaded to the online proofing tool. Then, all reviewers are automatically notified and can have a look at the revised version. In the best case, all stakeholders are happy with that new version and will approve it.    

Share new version and get approval - Page proofing

Great tools for easier and faster online page proofing 

Because there are so many online page proofing tools on the market, it can be quite challenging to find the right tool for your team. Below, we are going to take a closer look at three great solutions that we have found.


Filestage - tools for easier and faster online page proofing

Filestage is an online proofing platform that helps teams streamline the review and approval process of any file type including Office documents, PDFs, images, and videos. It offers commenting tools and multiple collaboration features that allow reviewers to leave precise feedback in minutes. For document reviews, it offers additional layout options and features to copy, highlight, or strikethrough text. 

On the centralized dashboard, users can manage all projects and track the progress of each proof. Filestage is easy and intuitive to use and enables users to build customized workflows. It also automates many repetitive tasks, allowing for increased productivity and efficiency.  


  • Easy and fast page proofing of any file
  • Many collaboration features
  • Set deadlines for files  


  • No mobile app
  • No side-by-side view for pages (coming soon)


WebProof - tools for easier and faster online page proofing

WebProof is an online-based solution for project review and approval. It’s a proofing tool built to facilitate collaboration between teams and a reviewer. WebProof comes with features including commenting, notes, and allows direct corrections in InDesign. This cloud-based page proofing tool is available as an app on many operating system stores, allowing small and large businesses to enjoy its functions. 


  • Translate comments into 60 languages
  • Allows third-party plug-in(e.g., Adobe Illustrator)
  • Provides revision history  


  • Quite expensive
  • The user interface is a bit dated


GoProof - tools for easier and faster online page proofing

GoProof is a page proofing platform modeled to facilitate and track project processes. With options for multiple users, creative projects are limitless and seamless as well. Also, simultaneous changes are possible on a file. Agencies or teams with strict content access policies can share files in different stages based on team members’ level of access. Confidential files are secured using 2FA login and only users with access may view such files. 


  • Reviews and changes are easy to track 
  • Multiple connected users
  • Numerous graphics resources  


  • Quite eLarge files may stall while uploading 
  • Bugs may cause a need for a restart 


Page proofing simplifies the process of exchanging feedback on files with colleagues or clients. It enables all team members to work collaboratively and simultaneously on a file, which streamlines the entire project and increases productivity.  

So, it’s time to find the right page proofing tool for your team so you can improve content quality and accelerate your workflow.

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