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The 10 Best Video Review Software For Creative Teams

With most of the world staying at home and remote work becoming commonplace, businesses have had to alter their content strategies. According to a survey from Wyzowl, 91% of marketers feel the pandemic has made video more important for brands. 

Considering that its importance for your brand and products is still increasing, it’s time to think about how you can level up your video production process. One opportunity you can seize is to choose the right video review software. In this article, we will discuss what this kind of software can do for your business and which tools you should consider. 

What Is Video Review Software?

Video review software are online proofing tools that you can use to share, review and approve video projects. These solutions completely change the dimension of the review process by making it simpler and easier. They are particularly great for remote work. After a video has been uploaded, you can share it with your team or clients, and they can leave valuable and precise feedback which speeds up your approval process.

These tools have a vast range of applications, from marketing content review to project management to even the gaming and film industry.

With video review software, project managers can easily bring their teams together for smoother collaboration. Thus, these software options consolidate the review process and ensure faster approval for video projects.

For marketing and creative teams, video review software helps streamline the post-production process for videos. This enables you to share videos with your team and receive instant feedback, eliminating the need for long email threads, tedious downloads and countless updated drafts which can all slow down the process. With these tools, you can review videos with your team in real time and maintain simpler workflows that allow your team to deliver projects more efficiently and beat deadlines.

What Are the Most Important Features and Benefits of Video Review Software?

Video review and collaboration software streamline the corporate video production process. Most of these tools are very easy to use but may require setting up a new process for your video reviews. Here are a few key ways that video review software can benefit your review process.

Most Important Features and Benefits of Video Review Software

Track and compare versions

A great feature of video review software is that your revisions are stackable. This feature allows you to track your edits so that you can always compare newer versions of your work with older versions. This makes your entire review process easier.

Timestamped feedback

You can leave timestamped feedback and even make annotations directly in the video. The tool can keep you, your team and your clients updated with active notifications and reminders. This lets you maintain a clear picture of all of your projects’ statuses.

Better communication

Video review software offers a straightforward chat-based thread for each comment. Your team can discuss feedback within the file in real time, and you can have a direct overview of the review process for each file. This leaves less room for misunderstandings.

Improved collaboration

Video review tools improve collaboration because everyone can leave feedback on the same video file as well as see and reply to comments from others. To give direct feedback to a specific person, you can even mention this person in your comment. This increased transparency fosters an “all-hands-on-deck” approach and allows for a seamless flow and exchange of ideas. 

10 Video Review Software Tools to Simplify Your Video Reviews

Usually, people ask for feedback via email; however, email chains can be a very time-consuming process that often results in misunderstandings. Email chains can make it challenging to acquire approval for videos. This has made video review software a huge necessity for creative teams. So, if you’re looking for the right tool, then please consider the options in the following list. 


Filestage Video Review Software

Filestage is a video review software that allows users to share, discuss and approve videos, images, documents, and audio files with colleagues, clients, and external partners with ease.

Its robust video review system includes features like timestamped comments and annotations, version control, automatic to-do lists, and real-time notifications. You can also add a due date to every single file to remind reviewers of the deadline. 

Additionally, Filestage simplifies collaboration within a project since users can reply to comments in real-time and mention specific people to get their attention. This ensures a seamless video review process, with the end product being a high-quality video. Video Review Software is a video review software that allows its clients to stay connected with all team members when editing videos, images, and more – no matter where the team members are located. The platform is built for creative teams to get actionable feedback on their work, and its email notifications help you keep track of each piece of feedback.

Unfortunately, a lack of adequate storage, a steep learning curve, and a hyperactive email notification system can sometimes be frustrating as it makes for a less seamless review process with


Ftrack Video Review Software

Ftrack is a video review and collaboration tool tailored for speed. Ftrack specifically aims to give creative teams, project managers, and marketing departments faster file management and quicker upload times through integration with Perforce Helix Core.

Ftrack has an accessible, central interface where it stores comments and notes, allowing users to compare versions of their work. In addition, it can be integrated with other tools such as the Adobe Creative Suite and Autodesk Maya.

However, Ftrack’s not-so-great project navigation system for integrations, its lack of PDF support, and its limited interface customization and internal communication functionality may set back your review process 


GoVisually Video Review Software

With GoVisually, you can get quick feedback and approval on video projects through its free, easy sign-in that works for an unlimited number of reviewers. All you have to do is share your project’s review link. GoVisually also lets you organize multiple revisions of your designs in one space, all categorized and labelled. So, you’ll never mix up different projects, and you can even compare versions.

However, its overactive, non-customizable email notification system and lack of user  notifications in comments may affect the overall organization of your video project.


ReviewStudio Video Review Software

ReviewStudio is one of the video collaboration tools known for having an easy-to-use interface. This feature makes the review and approval of various marketing ideas less technical.

However, ReviewStudio does not have a timestamping feature for videos. This means that you must delegate the writing or editing of timestamps to a member of your editing team, detracting from the original purpose of using the tool for your video projects – to make things easier.

Shotgun by Autodesk

Shotgun by Autodesk Video Review Software

One of the more popular alternatives, Shotgun is a video review software that helps creative teams iterate more and also raises the innovative bar of projects. This software supports on-the-move reviews, making the review process easier. 

However, Shotgun is targeted at the larger video-production firms in the world. Therefore, its processes are quite technical and may be confusing to some users. Its target audience also means that this tool may be unattainable or impractical for many marketing and creative teams.


SyncSketch Video Review Software

SyncSketch is a cloud-based real-time video production management software. Using this tool gives creative teams not only a useful tool but also a fun way to collect project feedback. It has a powerful yet intuitive video player, and you can review media offline or synchronously. 

As helpful as SyncSketch is, it doesn’t have task-management functionality, and this may slow down your video review process.


Wipster Video Review Software

With Wipster, creative teams can simplify their video workflow and media asset management. Team members can comment on a specific part of a video, image, or PDF to give clear, actionable feedback. Additionally, a team can share an account and even publish directly to any chosen publishing platform.

Unfortunately, there may be a couple of bugs or minor errors that occur from time to time on Wipster. For instance, invitations to team members or clients may not be properly sent or received. Although these bugs can be solved by refreshing the page, this issue could get frustrating and tiresome.

Video Review by TechSmith

Video Review by TechSmith Video Review Software

With Video Review by TechSmith, creative teams can share videos directly to Camtasia, a video editing tool, so you can do more with your videos. Its new and improved video player gives users the option of variable speed playback, better volume control, and fullscreen playback. Users can also set review links to either public or private.

However, VideoReview’s integration with Camtasia may struggle with large video files, causing the software to freeze with users not losing any actual work but sometimes having to restart the process. 


Vidhub Video Review Software

Vidhub is an intuitive video review tool that offers a vast array of features. As a wipster alternative, Vidhub has introduced a new dynamic to the video review process by allowing marketing and creative teams to directly share time-coded feedback on videos in the pipeline. However, Vidhub provides minimal task-management functionality.

At the same time, its limitations in task management can make tracking, receiving and incorporating feedback a bit challenging during project collaboration. In some cases, this could slow down the final video production process.

How to Best Structure Your Video Review Process 

The review stage of the video creation process can be tedious. When different stakeholder groups have conflicting opinions, you may feel that your video will never see the light of day. Here are a few steps you can follow for a smoother video review process using Filestage.

1. Upload the video.

Filestage allows you to upload different file types from your device or from Google Drive. You can also upload videos via drag-and-drop to your project. Now, you can create unique workflows that fit your team’s precise needs.

2. Invite your reviewers.

Once a file is uploaded, you can invite reviewers to leave feedback. You can invite a reviewer with either the review link or by adding them with their email address, and you can even leave them a personal message.

Video Review Process Invite your Reviewers with Filestage

3. Reviewers can leave their feedback.

Now, reviewers can open the link to view the video in their browser and leave comments and annotations on the video. When they’re done, they can submit their comments by either approving the file or requesting changes. On Filestage, reviewers do not have to create an account with a unique login in order to leave feedback.

4. Review and discuss feedback.

Once you receive feedback, you can go into a file to view and reply to comments to discuss anything that is unclear. You can also view the status of your reviewers’ actions at the top of the page.

Review and discuss feedback in Filestage

5. Edit video and upload a new version.

While editing the video (in a different tool), you can check off any comments or changes in the automatically created to-do list in Filestage. After the editor has adapted the video based on the received feedback, they then upload the revised version to Filestage.

6. Get approval.

Reviewers then view the revised version and can leave new feedback or approve the video.

7. Move the approved video to the next review step.

After the first reviewer group has approved the video, it can be moved to the next review step (where a different reviewer group gives feedback). If there are no more steps, the feedback process can be concluded.


Video review software is key to establishing a smooth video production workflow. Software solutions streamline the project process and ensure flawless execution. Though they may have similar features, there are key differences amongst software options, especially in terms of user experience. We hope our shortlist can guide you in making the right choice for you and your business.

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