The best video production management software for your video projects

Film and video production might sound fun until you see all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes. Production management isn’t for the faint of the heart since responsibilities include everything from organizing schedules to determining Quality Control standards. 

This calls for agile software to help streamline these processes and execute all sorts of production activities without leaving any room for errors. 

Using video production management software can help plan, organize and execute all the processes necessary for successful video production, making shoots more efficient and cost-effective.

What is film production management (software)?

Video production is more than just “lights, camera, action!” Video production management involves pre-production tasks that need to be tracked and executed on time. This is where a film production management system comes in as a handy solution.  

Management software helps film, movie, and TV producers to meet all the conditions required for a successful production. This includes shot lists, storyboards, screenwriting, call sheets, script breakdowns, file sharing, budgeting, client approvals, film crew management, and more. 

Moreover, it features various tools that add value to your film production and save a significant amount of time and resources. Not using film production management software will only double your duty and production time over tasks that can easily be automated with the help of these tools.

Best video production management software

Let’s dive into the best 21 production software on the market. We’ll start with a look at the best general video production project management software. Then we’ll move on to the specialized options.

General video production project management software

General video production software can often be a great choice, given that these tools strongly emphasize usability. As an added bonus, these tools can be adjusted to fit your exact needs.


Filestage streamlines your video production process by simplifying the review and approval process for all content types, including scripts, storyboards, and videos. You can easily share videos with all stakeholders and get feedback with full context in minutes.

From the first script to your final edit, Filestage saves every comment, version, and review decision. And with all your reviewers giving feedback in one place, it’s easy to get everyone on the same page.

  • It’s easy to use
  • No account needed for reviewers
  • Leave comments and annotations directly on the file 
  • Receive and manage all feedback in one place
  • Automatically due date reminders
  • Automatic file versioning
  • Compare two versions of a file side by side 
  • Its mobile app is still in development.


Trello Screenshot

Trello is a highly flexible project management tool that helps creative teams all over the world organize their projects in a fun, flexible, rewarding way. So it’s easy to use it and invite members to collaborate on it.

Thanks to its flexibility, this tool is useful for video project management. If you value the ability to shape your workflow according to your specific needs, you’ll probably enjoy using Trello’s boards, lists, and cards.


+ An intuitive system

+ Lots of integrations


– A limited number of labels

– Multiple cards that can be difficult to manage 


Asana Screenshot

Asana is another project management tool that helps creative teams generate tasks in a shared space. Since this tool offers a range of project views that can reveal dependencies, it can be particularly useful for planning.

Thanks to the various project views it offers, Asana is a useful option for video production management. You can easily see your pending tasks and projects on a calendar, which can help you gauge the way your complex video project is coming together.


+ An attractive UI

+ Lots of project views


– Limited exporting options

– Complications during the learning process 


Basecamp Screenshot

Basecamp is a platform for project management and team communication that aims to put everything your teams need in one place. This tool strongly emphasizes simplicity, which helps your team cut through the noise.

If you find that your project is getting out of control, this tool might be the option you’ve been looking for. So Basecamp tries to act like a one-stop shop for everything related to your project by putting everything in one centralized location.


+ It’s easy to access.

+ It clearly stores information. 


– It takes some time to get used to it.

– Some of its functionality can cause confusion.


Paymo Screenshot

Paymo is a work management platform that brings task management, scheduling, time tracking, and billing into one shared space. So this tool can help you move your video project forward with as little confusion as possible.

Due to the intuitive nature of this tool, you and your team members can move your video project in the right direction as quickly as possible.


+ It’s simple to access.

+ It can clearly store information. 


– It takes some time to get used to it.

– Some of its functionality can cause confusion.


Workzone Screenshot

Workzone is a piece of project management software that prides itself on blending power and usability. In fact, this tool aims at striking the perfect balance. So it bills itself as more robust than entry-level tools, yet less complicated than high-end ones.

If you want to strike that same balance on your video project, this tool might be useful. For instance, video teams can use Workzone to access a range of reports that outline the progress they have made on a given project.


+ It’s easy to simplify projects.

+ It has responsive customer support.


  • Its project request form is somewhat limited.

ProjectManager Screenshot

ProjectManager gives ambitious teams a centralized hub where they can harmoniously coordinate complex projects. This tool offers a range of project views that help teams visualize progress.

ProjectManager offers Gantt charts, Kanban boards, and general task lists to help you coordinate complex video projects. If you have lots of dependencies and moving parts, these features can be very helpful.


+ Good customer support

+ The ability to manage a large number of projects

+ The ability to track risks and issues


– Reports that lack filters

– Restrictions on file sizes 

Teamwork Projects

Teamwork Projects Screenshot

Teamwork Projects is a piece of software that helps project managers take care of the little details that steer projects forward. This tool offers a suite of features that help reduce the complexity of collaboration and scale performance.

In terms of video production management, this tool helps teams plan, collaborate, deliver, and report. Since there are a host of features for each step, it makes video projects clearer and less complex.


+ Email reminders

+ Essential task-tracking features


– Some difficulty getting started

– A UI that isn’t the most modern


Wrike Screenshot

Wrike is a work management solution that aims at helping creative teams enable collaboration, simplify planning, and gain visibility. It’s a cloud-based platform that emphasizes cross-department collaboration.

This tool can help creative teams centralize communication during their video projects. It also helps with the planning phase by offering a number of options for viewing projects that can enhance transparency.


+ Has a great UI

+ Boosts visibility


– Has reporting that’s relatively inflexible

– Has delayed notifications 

Mavenlink Screenshot

Mavenlink is a piece of project management software that’s aimed at services businesses that share the goal of uniting project management, time tracking, and resource planning in one platform. The tool also emphasizes unifying distributed teams.

If you’re coordinating a large, complex video project, Mavenlink can help you establish connections between your various stakeholders and groups. So you’ll be able to coordinate the logistics of your shoot here.


+ It’s easy to use.

+ It emphasizes budgeting and costing.


– Its Gantt charts are complicated to use.

– It has quite a steep initial learning curve.


ActiveCollab Screenshot

ActiveCollab is project management software that aims at giving creative teams complete control over tasks, communication, team members, and files. This tool offers a host of features that give project managers the power to coordinate complex projects.

When it comes to managing video production, ActiveCollab ensures that team members never miss deadlines. This tool also makes it easy for their team members to track their tasks and progress.


+ It has a simple, clean UI.

+ It’s easy to display and search for projects.


– Its bulk actions might be difficult to perform.

Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects Screenshot

Zoho Projects is a project management platform that aims at helping project managers unlock effective project management. And its online project management software offers a range of tools that help teams plan, track, and collaborate on their projects.

If your video project is particularly complex, you’ll appreciate the robust Gantt chart functionality it’s offering. These charts can show you critical tasks, as well as the dependencies that exist within your project.


+ It has lots of notification options.

+ It’s simple to schedule routine tasks.


– It’s not that easy to get started.

– It has per-user subscription models.

Easy Project

Easy Project Screenshot

Easy Project is professional software for project management that aims at satisfying the needs of individuals, teams, and companies. This tool achieves this goal by offering a range of modules that follow the best practices of project management.

By focusing on these practices, this tool helps teams save time and improve their levels of productivity. It also makes it easier to save resources, which makes video productions as cost-effective as possible.


+ It’s easy to make adjustments. 

+ It offers free guest use.


– Its notifications aren’t entirely flexible.

– It generates some frustrating UX choices.

Best project management software for video production

Now that we’ve taken a comprehensive look at the general project management tools, let’s examine software that’s specialized for the project management of video production.


StudioBinder Screenshot

StudioBinder is web-based software for production management that can be used for video, TV, and film projects. This specialized tool helps video teams produce better content and work in harmony.

Thanks to its range of customizable solutions, this tool is a good fit for video projects.. Using StudioBinder, project managers can create and share call sheets, script breakdowns, storyboards, and much more.


+ It’s easy to use.

+ It has an attractive, clear layout.


– It lacks weekend support.

– It’s difficult to track your team’s engagement. 


Yamdu Screenshot

Yamdu is software for production management that helps the entire crew streamline film, TV, photography, and other media projects. Essentially, it helps content creators manage their creative projects more effectively.

This tool helps complex video projects make smooth progress by assisting with scheduling, planning, management, communication, and collaboration. It also aims at covering every stage of production.


+ It has impressive customer service.

+ It’s easy to use and access.


– Its homepage view is confusing. 

– Its interface is somewhat complex.


Dramtify Screenshot

Dramatify is a mobile platform for production management that helps creative teams collaborate on a wide range of media, such as TV, film, scripted VR, and more. This tool offers a range of tools that make production smarter, faster, and more streamlined.

Dramatify helps project managers complete complex tasks like team communication, cue card creation, screenplay sharing, script breakdown, and much more. This tool also includes cast scheduling and reports, in order to make logistics move more smoothly.


+ It has comprehensive offerings.

+ It has robust features.


– It can be overwhelming.

– Its design is somewhat dated.


SetHero Screenshot

SetHero is a production app that helps project managers coordinate the production of film and TV content. This tool was created with a strong desire to offer its users a modern experience.

As such, SetHero gives production managers the ability to offer cloud-based call sheets and production reports. Another great feature is location management, which can help production teams coordinate a shoot without encountering nasty surprises.


+ Modern production management features

+ Templates created by industry professionals


– Dated design

– Fewer features than its competition 


Cetix Screenshot

Celtx is a cloud-based tool for planning productions that helps production managers take control of their entire process—from script to shoot. Thanks to its suite of features, Celtx can help teams create content that’s better and faster.

This video production tool is powerful, in that it offers a wide scope that covers the entire production process. Celtx also places a strong emphasis on real-time collaboration and usability, which helps the entire team make contributions. In case Celtx is too extensive and complex for your needs, check out its best alternatives.


+ It has a robust calendar.

+ It’s easy to share it with the team.


– It has more robust screenwriting alternatives.

– Its learning curve is somewhat steep. 


Setkick Screenshot

Setkick is a simple tool for production management that aims at helping production managers master the process of producing film and TV projects. This tool achieves this goal by offering a number of tools, such as stripboard scheduling, cast management, and more.

Setkick aims at removing the pain that comes with managing video productions—by focusing on simplicity and efficiency. This tool is simultaneously aimed at independent filmmakers and big-budget studios.


+ A range of features

+ A robust import for PDF scripts 


– A dated design

– A complex UI

Movie Magic Scheduling

Movie Magic Scheduling Screenshot

Movie Magic Scheduling is a production management tool from Entertainment Partners. This tool aims at expediting video productions by helping managers achieve efficiency and flexibility in their schedules.

This tool was built on the belief that teams don’t need longer shooting schedules, just better planning. It offers a range of scheduling and collaboration features, which help production managers turn this belief into reality.


+ It integrates with other EP tools.

+ It has a clear mission.


– It has a narrow focus.

– It’s somewhat outdated.

Gorilla Scheduling

Gorilla Scheduling

Gorilla Scheduling is a comprehensive video production management software targeted at filmmakers who struggle with keeping track of the little details during production. It is an invaluable tool for producing videos and films. 

It allows you to create breakdown sheets, attach elements, set dressing in a scene, manage the stripboard, import screenplays, and develop storyboards and shots lists. Plus, it helps manage the crew and actors, hook the crew to shoot days, cast actors to characters, and print call sheets. 


+ A comprehensive tool

+ Optimizes all production processes


-The user interface isn’t very user friendly

-Too complex for smaller productions

Important features of video production management software

Video production management software includes tools that assist with the planning, organization, and execution of video projects (not only for agencies). But choosing the right tools is no easy task. So you’ll need to carefully choose the ideal tool for your project.

Here are the key features you should look for when you choose the best production management software for your needs:

1. Price

The costs associated with video projects can quickly spiral out of control. So it’s important to find a cost-effective tool that properly fits the confines of your budget.

2. Functionality

Film production management software comes in different shapes and sizes. So you have to find the tool that’s right for the job. Therefore, you must do your research and dig deep into the options out there.

3. Easy access

Video projects are often very complex and require input from a number of diverse profiles. So it’s important to find tools that place a strong emphasis on easy access and collaboration.

4. Usability

Your team members will work very hard on your project, and their time will often be limited. In other words, they can’t afford to learn how to use complex tools. So you should try to find the options that emphasize usability.

Why do you need video production management software?

Video production is as complex as running any other business. You have to juggle between tasks and duties that could take hours if you do them manually. This makes the processes more predictable, accurate, and budget-friendly. 

Video production management software addresses this need and automates all routine tasks that a production manager oversees. In addition, it helps keep everything well organized during the planning, shooting, and editing of your videos – helping you create movie magic in the studio. 

Here are a few benefits of video production management software. 

  • It can help you see the filmmaking project evolution through completion timeline and costs, etc.
  • It can warn you in case the project starts to veer off the plan.
  • It helps with scheduling and time management, allowing you to meet deadlines while keeping track of the staff work schedule.
  • It helps manage resources to ensure that your production team members are working on the right tasks at the right time.
  • It assists you with budgeting and the cost of production, whether working within the allotted budget or going beyond.


We hope the options for video production management software we’ve offered in this list help you create a wonderful video. One of the biggest challenges you’ll face during the creation process involves mastering the review and approval process. So we recommend you start your free Filestage trial today.

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