Here Are 40 Agile Project Management Tools for Optimizing Your Agile Workflow

The best managers keep their projects moving by using the project management methodology that’s right for the job. Each methodology has its own rules and practices, so there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. But Agile project management is one of the most popular. Here’s a closer look at the top project management tools for agile. 

What Are Agile Project Management Tools (and What Makes Them Special)?

Agile project management tools are powerful platforms and help project managers—and the teams they lead—effectively adopt an agile approach to their work.

Every project manager knows that adopting an agile methodology can be tough but rewarding. The ability to respond to issues as they arise is a huge benefit, but agile methodologies are also fraught with risk. With a focus on small sections of the project, agile approaches have the potential to create lots of disorganization and madness.

At this point, the best agile project management tools come into the picture. They fulfill a range of functions to make sure that every member of the team is informed and kept on the same page.

For example, platforms like JIRA provide a shared space, where every member of the team can see how the project comes together (including the areas they’re responsible for). On the other hand, more specialized tools like Filestage keep agile projects moving by boosting transparency and task management.

These tools can also help with things like budgeting, reporting, and communicating.

Which Project Is Agile Project Management Best Suited For?

Agile is often seen as the polar opposite to waterfall methodologies.
Waterfall methodologies are often seen as the traditional project management option. When using this option, a project plan is agreed upon by senior management, and the tasks cascade down to the team below.

While this plan is great for structure, even the slightest change can derail a project, which will result in confusion for the entire team that leads to wasted hours and work. This danger is also becoming increasingly prominent in the digital age, given that it is very complex. 

So many modern teams decide to pursue a more agile approach to project management. This methodology accommodates and even encourages change since it can improve projects and drive efficiency if harnessed properly.

Some businesses also find their team members are much happier and more confident when working in an agile environment. For this reason, agile project management is often used in software and web development. But it’s also extensively used within marketing departments and creative agencies.

Topic 40 Agile Project Management Tools

Ready to seize agile project management success? Here’s our list of agile project management tools:


Filestage Screenshot

Filestage gives project managers the ability to simplify their document, image, and video review and approval workflow (among clients, coworkers, and stakeholders).

The simplicity and usability of this tool makes it the perfect fit for an agile review workflow. Project managers are able to quickly get the critical feedback they need from both internal and external stakeholders. That feedback is then assigned to the appropriate team members, who can accurately integrate any changes and spin up a new draft.

This efficiency means that project managers can get the most from their team, and reduce project timeframes. Looking to learn more about ways to improve your project management process with Filestage? Read more about the agile review workflow.

These features make Filestage an all-encompassing tool that is a great agile project management software for agencies and marketing teams.


Trello Screenshot

Trello is an agile project management tool that helps project managers across a range of teams organize and prioritize projects in just a few clicks. On the surface, Trelloi may seem simple, but it’s heavily customizable. So it’s possible to unlock lots of potential.

The ability to quickly move around lists and cards makes this tool particularly suitable for agile project management. It’s easy to adjust the delivery date on cards, notify the appropriate team member, and drive accountability.


  • Easy to move tasks and lists
  • Drag-and-drop functionality is intuitive
  • A very gentle learning curve


  • Flaky connections affect functionality
  • The inability to automate basic tasks
  • New features are not added regularly

ProjectManagercom Screenshot offers online project management, time-tracking, and collaboration tools for both project managers and their team members. Real-time visibility gives project managers a clear view of how their projects are progressing.

The tool can be used on the move, too, thanks to a mobile application. This means that team members are free to update their timesheets and tasks in real-time, adding extra value to the tool.


  • Easy to use and get started
  • Simple to manage a large volume of projects
  • Great support and product teams


  • Reporting can be challenging
  • There are low file size limits
  • Complains about bugs and glitches


Clarizen Screenshot

Clarizen is software that is aimed at enterprise-level project managers that need a powerful, flexible, and intuitive approach to their activities.

A range of features helps you capture agile success and accomplish your goals. For example, you’re able to create clear dashboards that drive transparency while you make the most of a highly configurable UI that can adjust to your dynamic rule sets. So the capabilities are staggering. But Clarizen also has negatives that could breed confusion.


  • Very high levels of customization
  • A robust set of features
  • Achieve a real-time view on projects


  • A lack of documentation
  • A steep learning curve
  • More expensive when compared to other options


Asana Screenshot

Asana is a big name in agile project management. This platform helps countless teams all over the world stay focused on the goals, projects, and daily tasks that help grow a business.

Asana’s slick interface makes it easy to keep a team’s work on schedule,  and make sure that a project is moving along according to schedule. A range of views are key ways to help every team member see what’s happening, and what needs to happen next.


  • Easy to share takes, deadlines, notes, and more with the team
  • A simple UI
  • A gentle learning curve


  • Too many notifications that become distracting
  • Premium features held behind a paywall
  • Not possible to assign priorities to tasks


Monday Screenshot

Monday gives project managers a new way to manage their work by providing them with a visual, collaborative place to plan, organize, and track tasks.

Because Monday does such a great job with its visual interface, it’s easy for new users to get started and catch up with the rest of the team. Customizable workflows are other nice touches that help your team members stay on top of any changes your agile workflow creates.


  • Makes collaboration simple
  • A range of project timeline views
  • Kanban views accommodate for agile projects


  • The product becomes slower as information is added
  • The pricing structure means that costs quickly grow
  • Prices are higher when compared to competing products

Zoho Sprints

Zoho Sprints Screenshot

Zoho Sprints is online agile project management software that’s aimed at agile teams who need to plan and track projects and reports. This tool is offered by Zoho.

A Scrum board is offered as part of this tool. So it’s highly customizable, and it’s a  useful tool for agile project managers looking to make on-the-fly adjustments and changes they must communicate with their teams. Analytics and reporting also help gauge the profitability of a given project.


  • Sprint planning for agile projects
  • Very simple to use and get started
  • Simple monitoring and tracking of projects


  • Not possible to order stories according to priority
  • A high price per user
  • Poor mobile functionality


TargetProcess Screenshot

TargetProcess is an agile project management tool that is aimed at medium-sized companies and large enterprises. The tool is appropriate for both IT and non-IT projects.

The tool focuses on giving its users a simple, visual experience that can be scaled to suit even the largest projects. Using these views, project managers can visualize goals and strategy themes while evaluating incoming project requests.


  • A fair and cost-effective pricing structure
  • Easy to set up and get started
  • Capable of handling various agile methodologies


  • Some features are difficult to use
  • The functionality can sometimes be too vast and lead to confusion
  • Sometimes difficult to export data


LeanKit Screenshot

LeanKit is a piece of kanban software that helps project managers achieve lean project management that drives value faster.

This tool offers a suite of features that aim at driving growth in three important areas of project management: visibility, accountability, and efficiency. Improvements in these areas help project managers operate more effective, enjoyable, and profitable projects.


  • Intuitive and simple UI
  • Lots of customization options
  • Relatively lightweight


  • Constant updated can lead to frustration
  • Reporting lacks some key insight
  • Pricing is high compared to other options


ActiveCollab Screenshot

ActiveCollab is a piece of project management software that helps project managers to spend less time juggling tasks and more time managing actual work.

The tool comes with a wide range of features including time tracking, task dependencies, invoicing, collaborative options, and more. The tool is used by teams and companies of all sizes.


  • A diverse set of features
  • Scalable to meet user needs
  • Cost-effective and well-organized


  • Reports are somewhat limited
  • Customer support is sometimes seen as weak
  • Mobile applications are poor


Zenhub Screenshot

Zenhub is an agile project management tool that integrates with GitHub to offer powerful tracking, planning, and reporting for development teams.

This tool is a great choice for development professionals who are familiar with GitHub, and want to keep their work within it. To improve efficiency and outcomes, ZenHub bolsters the reporting and project management capabilities of the tool.


  • Fast, reliable, and effective organization
  • Close integration with Github makes life simple
  • An intuitive layout enhances productivity


  • Steep learning curve
  • Lack of automated actions
  • UI inconsistencies that can cause confusion


Proggio Screenshot

Proggio is a project management tool that gives project managers the functionality and tools they need to lead successful projects.

This tool offers simple task management and clear Gantt charts, in order to
truly facilitate agile project management that keeps teams updated and informed. This tool claims to be useful for both short-term and long-term, highly integrated projects.


  • A visual interface that feels great to use
  • Automatic alerts to help project managers
  • Simple collaboration


  • Some key project management features are missing (task management and collaboration, for example)
  • A lack of integration with key tools

Taigaio Screenshot is a free and open-source project management platform that’s aimed at agile developers, designers, and project managers who want a beautiful tool to make their work enjoyable.

This tool prides itself on facilitating agile methodologies (e.g., Scrum and Kanban), while it offers a beautiful UI that looks great. It’s also simple and intuitive to use, which guarantees that new members can jump right in and start driving value for your project.


  • Easy to see the project progress at a glance
  • Simple to use
  • Intuitive drag and drop functionality


  • A lack of filtering options
  • Obtuse and expensive pricing models
  • A lack of documentation and guidance


Projectplace Screenshot

Projectplace is all-in-one project management software and work-collaboration platform that aims at uniting virtual teams and giving them the power to plan and execute work.

Project managers are able to set goals, create plans, organize a team’s workflow, and offer personal to-do lists that make sure no one ever misses a task. All of these features are offered on an attractive, intuitive space.


  • Visibility across teams and individuals
  • Real-time collaboration
  • An intuitive user interface


  • High costs
  • A steep learning curve
  • Lacking key features like reporting and Gantt views


Wrike Screenshot

Wrike is online project management software that comes with enterprise-level security and scalability. A wide range of tools make this a strong option for project managers.

The cloud-based tool can offer a range of features including Gantt charts, calendars, custom dashboards, task management, and more. This helps you to move your agile project along with minimal disruptions and downtime.


  • Gantt chart functionality helps with agile projects
  • A cloud-based tool that can be accessed from anywhere
  • The timeline and calendar features can save lots of time


  • Difficult to set up and get started
  • A steep learning curve
  • No shared calendar option



nTask is an online project management tool used by agile teams for project planning, team collaboration, time tracking, workflow management, and resource management. It gives you an ease to visualize the project’s progress with the help of interactive Gantt charts and Kanban boards. 

The tool can be used from ideation till project close and evaluation stage. You don’t need to switch app for managing your projects as you can keep all the project documents and meeting notes in one place. 


  • Simple to get started for individuals and teams
  • Easy to manage multiple projects
  • Robust planning and tracking
  • Free personalized demo with technical support team


  • Comprehensive reporting is not available
  • Mobile version lack some features from web app

Additional Project Management Tools

Looking for more agile project management tools? Here’s a closer look at some of the key alternative tools that can optimize your workflow…

GitHub Project Management

GitHub Project Management is often a great choice for software and web development teams who are short on money and resources. The big benefit of this tool is that developers don’t have to learn an entirely new platform to get started. In addition, it keeps sensitive and important data with one provider.

A range of components and integrations make this tool a viable platform for agile project management. This tool can be scaled to larger teams, too, and developers love the features, such as the built-in tagging system and the capacity for adding comments and making multiple assignments.

Hubstaff Tasks

Hubstaff Tasks is 100% free agile project management software for teams of up to five users. This tool makes it simpler for project managers to get the most out of their teams, and get the best possible outcomes on their projects.

Kanban-style workflows keep every member of the team updated, and it’s very easy to create custom workflows. With just a click, users can move tasks along the workflow, which makes it easy to display changes without disturbing the rest of the team. So it’s also easy to see those tasks at a glance, which empowers the entire team to see the bigger picture.


SpiraPlan is a tool offered by Inflectra that caters for enterprise agile program management. This tool was created to help project managers harmoniously work on all of their projects, in order to improve efficiency and achieve better results.

Specifically, this tool helps with the planning and tracking of projects, and it improves transparency throughout organizations. A wide range of integrations are on offer here, too, which gives development teams the chance to adapt the tool according to their specific needs and preferences.


When Blossom was created, its design was based on Kanban principles. In other words, it keeps project management lightweight and easy while it helps project managers meet iterative delivery cycles and continuous workflow improvement.

This tool is specifically aimed at distributed companies that might have different team members spread across various cities and time zones. Its usability and range of features help harmonize these teams, and it gives every team member the chance to focus on what really matters: building great products.


Pipefy is an agile project management software that helps project managers organize and control the processes within their teams. This tool helps project managers achieve this goal by using a range of features.

By facilitating agile methodologies, Pipefy gives project managers the power to guide their team, track and improve results, prevent failures, and reduce costs. Instead of being bogged down by repetitive work and inefficient processes, team members can focus on doing exactly what they love.

Easy Projects

Easy Projects is project management software that aims at improving visibility in all ongoing projects, managing and planning resources, and boosting collaboration throughout organizations.

The cloud-based tool offers kanban and Gantt charts to help project managers move their agile projects along smoothly. The platform is aimed at fast-moving teams that have outgrown their basic management tools and need a more robust suite of features including portfolio management, dependencies, and more.


PivotalTracker is agile project management software for developers that helps them collaborate on projects and quickly adapt the direction if needed.

How does the tool aim at achieving this goal? It offers a shared view of team priorities, dynamic tools for analyzing progress, and a host of other features that help foster collaboration. This tool is available across platforms, and it offers project managers a free 30-day trial to get started.


Workfront offers teams web-based work management and project management that helps them achieve more. Through its range of features, this tool aims at reducing project-review time and time to market.

This tool offers a suite of features that make enterprise teams more connected,  flexible, and capable of true collaboration. Workfront is not restricted to a single target audience. In fact, it can be used by marketing and development departments and  agencies.


Hygger is a simple piece of project management software that’s primarily aimed at IT teams that use an agile approach. As such, this tool offers a suite of common features, such as planning projects, tracking progress, and managing tasks. 

A number of teams around the world use Hygger. These teams call on this tool when they’re looking for a simple, powerful, and cost-effective solution to their agile project management needs.


VersionOne exists to help accelerate high value software development and delivery. It does this while improving the overall quality of projects and reducing any associated risks.

The tool is used by global enterprises and government market leaders alike. Those stakeholders rely on this cohesive solution to capture, create, deliver, and measure the flow of business value throughout their development lifecycles.


Axosoft is a piece of Scrum software that helps development teams to manage their product backlogs, plan releases, and analyze their burndown velocity.

This tool offers a range of tools that make it a breeze for development teams to plan projects and collaborate seamlessly. Tech-specific features include agile bug and incident tracking capabilities.


Planbox bills itself as a pioneering platform for agile work innovation. This tool aims at accelerating business outcomes by helping them drive innovation, business transformation, and continuous improvement within organizations.

This tool purports itself as being built for companies and teams of all sizes, and it’s  currently used by a range of recognized brands around the world. Its range of features help in a variety of scenarios, such as enterprise innovation management, continuous improvement, idea management, and more. These areas help drive the growth of organizations.


SprintGround is a project management tool aimed at developers, and the project managers within those teams. This tool is free for small teams, but an enterprise option is available for larger teams. So it’s a potentially interesting option for development teams.

This application aims at helping software and web developers organize their work and track all of their progress. This app achieves this goal by offering task management (and all associated functionality), issue-tracking, bug-tracking, time-tracking, progress-tracking, and much more.


Agiloo is yet another agile project management tool that gives project managers a helping hand when it comes to planning and managing Scrum or Kanban projects. Primarily aimed at development teams, this tool aims at towing the line between simplicity and rich functionality.

With Agiloo, each sprint in the development project is represented by its own work board, which is further broken down into work items and sub-items. It’s easy to fill out these various tasks with a range of detail, in order to make sure everybody is informed and updated.


StoriesOnBoard offers project managers a performant story-mapping tool that integrates with a host of agile project management tools that will boost the efficiency of software development. This tool adopts a lightweight approach without sacrificing detail and functionality.

By reframing each project as a “story,” this platform helps new team members jump in and get a clear idea of exactly what’s happening. Project goals and needs can also be visualized and shared on the same screen, which further boosts transparency and accountability among agile teams.


Hansoft is an agile planning tool offered by Perforce. This tool is aimed at global companies that need to reduce their time to market by using a range of methodologies, such as scrum, kanban, and waterfall.

Hansoft aims at becoming the single platform for decision-making on the project, program, and portfolio levels of an organization. This centralized platform helps facilitate  the planning, tracking, and management of projects, and it helps global companies stay competitive while they boost efficiencies.


VivifyScrum gives agile development teams a space to handle all of their project in one place. The goal of this tool is to help project managers guarantee an efficient workflow and effective project management.

Another goal of this tool is to expedite agile projects by providing a one-stop-shop for project management. This all-in-one solution offers the ability to manage projects, collaborate at scale, manage teams, and send invoices. Agile tools like scrum and kanban boards help project managers improve team collaboration and move agile projects forward.


OrangeScrum helps project managers finish projects on time without sacrificing quality. Its task management tool makes it easy for users to get started and explore what’s being offered.

OrangeScrum offers a suite of features that help facilitate agile methodologies. This suite includes a product backlog, the ability to organize projects into stories and epics, spring planning, a scrum board, and much more. All of these features come together to make project managers—and their projects—more flexible.


ProofHub gives team members full control over their tasks while helping project managers effectively and intuitively manage their complex agile projects.

Proofhub suggests that it can bring down the project delivery time while it boosts collaboration and accountability within teams. This tool achieves this goal by offering kanban board functionality, proofing, custom roles, white-labeling, reports, and more. The flexibility of this tool also means that it’s a great option for facilitating agile project management.


GitScrum is a project management tool that primarily focuses on offering its users an intuitive experience. This focus on offering a simple and clear experience means it’s easy for new team members to get started with the tool.

This tool offers a unique approach to project management, given its focus on offering a gamification approach to agile project management. Team members are rewarded when they complete their assigned tasks, which  can help motivate and reward the team.


ClickUp offers teams a better way to manage projects. This productivity platform makes the bold assertion that it offers a new way to create, plan, and organize agile projects.

A wide range of view types are available, which means that assigness, managers, and everyone in between can stay up-to-date and know exactly where they stand. When it comes to managing an agile project, notifications and collaboration spaces are great features. So project managers will find that their chances of success are boosted by these features.

Visual Paradigm

Visual Paradigm is a system-modeling platform that empowers technical teams to stay competitive and responsive, in order to maintain an agile pace in a fast-paced digital world.

This tool offers enterprise architecture and fantastic project management capabilities that help development teams stick to agile and just-in-time processes. A range of online diagrams foster team collaboration, which are complemented by task management, design publishing, communication, and more.


Assembla bills itself as the most secure software development platform in the world. It’s  aimed at software development teams who need a secure place to host their code and collaborate.

This tool offers an enterprise Git solution that keeps code safe and secure, so team members can check it for dependencies when the code is committed. The ability to securely store private code within the cloud helps software teams effectively execute their agile projects.


Binfire can help project managers plan and manage projects by using a range of methodologies (including agile). This piece of online project management software aims at improving collaboration and accountability—by making it simple to plan, track, and collaborate.

This tool is aimed at small teams and enterprises alike. Binfire boasts fast onboarding and team adoption at any scale. These features are important when you want to get the ball rolling and expedite agile project management. 


JIRA is primarily aimed at development professionals. However, it can still be very useful for a wide range of projects. And project managers can use this tool to easily plan, track, and manage their agile projects.

This intuitive yet immensely powerful tool makes it easy for project managers to customize workflows, drive collaboration, and achieve fantastic results. JIRA also integrates with the rest of the Atlassian suite by offering additional functionality and project management potential.


We hope you find the best agile project management tools for optimizing your agile workflow! If you’re interested in using Filestage to help make your agile project succeed, be sure to start your free trial today.

Are you actively looking for more project management software? Check out our comprehensive list of project management tools.

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