Project sign-off sheets: Free templates and tools

an online approval tool that replaces a paper-based sign-off sheet

Within any creative process, there may be no definitive end to the new ideas that seem to pop up along the way. While on the one hand, changes and additions to a project can add significant value, they can also derail it if they aren’t kept in check. Using a sign-off sheet is an effective way to keep your project on target and all stakeholders informed and happy with its progress.

Why a sign-off sheet is indispensable

Sign-off sheets are one of those key pieces of documentation that are essential to any creative process for keeping a record of what’s been agreed upon, where the project is in its course of development, and whether or not all parties are in agreement with the final result.

Without sign-off sheets accompanying the life of a project, your project team and your client may all have different ideas about the project concept, the shape of the deliverables, and even the timeline around which they should be delivered.

Even for project managers who hate paperwork, the sign-off sheet is a hidden blessing because it serves as a simple reminder of both client and project team expectations. Anyone who has a question about different stages of the project can refer back to the sign-off sheet to see what actions have been taken thus far and who approved each.

Three benefits of sign-off sheets

  • Manage expectations between client and creative team
  • Allow space for additions or changes while keeping communication clear
  • Maintains ultimate accountability for each stage of the project

Using sign-off sheets prevents projects from getting ahead of themselves, which is especially important in any creative firm. Each major stage of the project is reviewed and approved to ensure that all stakeholders are happy with its progress before moving forward.

Moving from paper sign-off sheets to a digital sign-off process

In recent years, more and more companies are moving from old school project sign-off sheets to tools that can automate the sign-off process for you.

When comparing the two processes, Naeran Rubio, Associate Director of Content & Communications and Sharp, says, “A key person in the marketing department would print out the marketing material, staple it to a pink form, which was then passed along to different approvers on the list. This wasted a lot of time, since they had to walk over to various desks in the office. When all of this was complete, the person getting the approvals had to scan in all of the changes and then put it on the network so that everyone could access them.

“Since we now do all of our approvals and change requests digitally through Filestage, the process has become much more automated and simple. It is also quicker.”

Automate your project sign-off process

Go paperless with your project sign-off process and make approval faster, clearer, and more automated.

What does the project sign-off process look like?

Obtaining formal sign-off is important because it signifies the official end of a project or completion of a deliverable and the acceptance of the product by the customer (internal or external). While the process is not a complicated one, it is an essential step in ensuring customer satisfaction.

Process for completed deliverables

When your project team has come to the close of the deliverable, you’re ready to review it with the client. Providing an opportunity for a complete customer review will give all stakeholders the space to consider and accept the deliverable, or provide feedback for placing it more in line with client expectations.

A review and approval tool such as Filestage can help you bundle feedback on deliverables and projects from all involved stakeholders. Here’s how it’s done in 6 simple steps:

1. Start your free Filestage trial here

2. Set up your review steps in Filestage

Before you can start, you should replicate your existing review and approval process in Filestage. Set up review steps for each review instance your files have to go through.

Each review step can involve different reviewers and different files. For example, your first review step could be used to review your deliverable briefing together with your team while your second review step involves management executives to get the sign-off for your final deliverable.

3. Upload deliverable to Filestage

Now, you have to upload your deliverable to Filestage by simply clicking on the UPLOAD FILE button.

In our example, you would first upload the briefing during the first review step and upload your final deliverable to the second review step.

4. Invite all relevant reviewers

For each review step, invite the needed reviewers by either clicking on the Reviewers icon or directly sharing the review link.

5. Ask them to leave their feedback

Once the reviewer has been invited and is aware of what Filestage is, they may still be curious about how this new software works.

By having a comment visible on the file, reviewers can actually see the benefit of the tool prior to leaving their own feedback. Also, it’s a lot less intimidating to leave visible feedback when someone else has already left the first mark. And you can easily collect and discuss everyones feedback in one place.

6. Get your deliverable sign-offs

Once your reviewers are done reviewing your deliverable, they can either request changes or approve the file.

Getting sign-offs has never been easier.

Once the project is deemed satisfactory by all stakeholders, the sign-off sheet comes into play. All primary stakeholders will sign their portion of this sheet. Once this sheet is approved, the project has officially come to an end.

Process for completed projects

If you’re using a sign-off sheet to complete one deliverable that’s a part of a bigger project, then you’ll repeat the previous process until all deliverables in the project have been completed and approved.

A completed sign-off sheet is essential for signifying the end of the project for the single reason that clients may often return with changing requirements, desired additions, or expansions to original products. Once a project is officially closed your team now has the freedom to begin a new project for that client with new payment terms. In this way, you aren’t working endlessly and openly on one project for a finite amount of money.

After the sign-off sheet is completed and the project is done, project managers may want to review the project in its entirety with its team to identify what went well and what can be improved upon. You may even choose to seek the customer’s feedback regarding the project as a whole, the quality of the deliverable, and the consistency of communication between the creative team and the client.

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Filestage sign-off sheet template for deliverables

The best way to keep client and project team expectations on track is by using a sign-off sheet for each project deliverable. Doing this will prevent the client from adding last-minute requests that aren’t within the scope of the project.

Sign-off sheet + Filestage = smooth project workflow
It also gives the client complete visibility into the smaller components of the overall project, providing them with important reach into the project flow. They must sign off on the deliverables by acknowledging their satisfaction with the product, and giving the go-ahead to continue to the next stage in the project.

Sign-off sheets for deliverables provide added protection for the project team because it ensures client expectations are completely in line with creative team expectations. This way there are no surprises along the path toward project completion.

sign off template for deliverables

This is how the template looks like:


Deliverable Name: __________________________

Deliverable No.: ______________   OF ____________________

Delivered On Date: __________________________

Client Name: __________________________

Approving Client Representative: __________________________

Design Company Name: __________________________

Design Project Lead: __________________________


Signing off on this document signifies that the approving client representative is satisfied with the completed deliverable listed above. The client acknowledges satisfaction and completion with all elements of the deliverable.

Client Signature: __________________________

Date: __________________________

Project Manager Signature: __________________________

Date: __________________________


If you are not ready to approve this deliverable, please provide feedback below and attach any relevant information to assist the project team in making the changes needed:






Client Signature: __________________________

Date: __________________________

Filestage sign-off sheet template for completed projects

Just as important as each deliverable sign-off sheet is the overall completed project sign-off sheet. Without a signed sign-off sheet, the client may feel entitled to come back with additional requests or changes under the belief that the project never came to an official close, especially if there is no client signature to back it up.

sign off template completed projects

This leaves your project team in a sticky situation, especially if you’ve moved on to a new project for another client. The more you can do to document the understanding between client and creative team without getting bogged down in red tape or becoming redundant, the better you off your team will be.

The sign-off sheet also serves as a loud and clear message to the client that they need to give this project their full attention to ensure they are completely happy with the work you’ve provided for them. If they’re not, the sign-off sheet is your way of saying “Speak up now or forever hold your peace.”


Project Name: __________________________

Delivered On Date: __________________________

Client Name: __________________________

Approving Client Representative: __________________________

Design Company Name: __________________________

Design Project Lead: __________________________


table project deliverables


Signing off on this document signifies that the approving client representative is satisfied with the completed deliverables listed in the above table and is not missing any deliverables. The client acknowledges satisfaction and completion with all elements of the project.

Client Signature: __________________________

Date: __________________________

Project Manager Signature: __________________________

Date: __________________________


If you are not ready to approve this deliverable, please provide feedback below and attach any relevant information to assist the project team in making the changes needed:





Client Signature: __________________________

Date: __________________________

6 more sign-off sheet templates and examples you can steal

Sign-off sheets can really be as simple or as complex as you need them to be. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel creating one though. Use one of the examples here or take a look at the myriad of templates available online.

These templates can easily be attached to your project sign-off email when the time is right. So you can copy in all the right people and make sure nothing slips through the net.

1. Design sign-off form

design sign-off form

This example of a design sign-off form specifically defines the parameters of the design approval. By signing this form, the client is consenting to the design team’s proposed font choices and sizes, color selections, navigation placement, information hierarchy, page layout, page width, and image selection. They also state in this approval that any changes needed to the design after this approval is signed will be subject to additional charges.

This is a straightforward way to ensure you’re getting paid for the work you’re doing and that the client is happy with what you’ve created for them so far. Add or delete elements of this form to suit your specific needs.

2. Marketing sign-off sheet

marketing sign-off template
Source:  Better Proposals

This is an example of a built-in project management system with a client interface for all accompanying documentation. For marketing firms, client approval of every aspect of the proposed marketing strategy is necessary for the successful management of expectations. Along with the marketing, the document sign-off sheet should be a copy of the proposed marketing plan in detail.

3. Client sign-off sheet

client project sign-off form
Source: SampleForms

A client sign-off sheet is very similar to a project sign-off sheet. One can be used in place of the other, or they can both be used to emphasize the client’s consent to all deliverables within a project. Whichever you use, the language within should be written clearly. It should include fields for the client name (or sponsor), project manager name, and places for both parties to provide a signature under a statement similar to the one listed in the sample: “By signing this document, I acknowledge that I have delivered all the stated deliverables.” or “By signing this document, I acknowledge that I have received all the state deliverables.”

4. Client acceptance form

client acceptance form
Source: Scribd

A client acceptance form establishes the nature of the relationship between the creative firm and client and includes all relevant data about the client the creative firm would need to perform the agreed-upon services.

Depending on the nature of your business you may not need a client acceptance form that is so detailed. Just include the information you need. You could even combine the client acceptance form with the client sign-off form or project sign-off form to minimize extra paperwork.

5. Project sign-off document

project sign-off sheet
Source: Slideshare

This project sign-off sheet is an example of a simple template that can be used to get final client approval of the completed project. This type of form is particularly useful for smaller firms or smaller projects that only consist of a single or a few deliverables.

Use this form as-is or expand it to include all of your deliverables to the client so they have a record of everything they have received thus far before approving the final project. Enter as much information you need to without cluttering the form with useless or extraneous information. The more straightforward you are with your client, the more likely they will become a repeat client.

6. Project acceptance form

project acceptance sign-off
Source: ProposalKit

This project acceptance form includes an area for the complete contract between the firm and the client. Whether you choose to include the contract or not, the important part is located in the first half of the form: the client and firm data and a place for a signature of acceptance.

Project acceptance forms can be used at the beginning of the project to mark its start. Or, it can be used after a project has been completed to demonstrate the client’s approval of the deliverable(s).


Use document sign-off forms whenever you need to create a clear and legitimate understanding about the start or termination of a project, or delivery of products and deliverables. If you aren’t currently employing project management software, a simple document template can be used to create a sign-off sheet.

If you are using project management software, or you’re considering using one, know that many management apps have a customer interface or form builder as part of the package. You can create custom forms and send them to your clients for approval. Whether you use a form builder, use a built-in form, fill out a template online, or create your own document sign-off sheet, be sure to use one for every client to optimize your relationship and make your work as efficient as possible.