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Muriel Skusa

Content Manager at Filestage. A big fan of clear and fast feedback. Enjoys reading and traveling.

web design workflow

What you need to know to build a web design workflow

A web design workflow is a set of processes that encompasses all of the work steps required to create a website. A good web design workflow helps you to ensure that your website is well-structured, has a consistent design and includes all of the necessary information your audience might be searching for.

content workflow

Make the Most of Your Content with a Solid Content Workflow

Each content workflow is specifically designed for a particular type of content. A content workflow could apply to a type of content that your marketing team creates on a regular basis - such as social media or blog posts - or it could outline the process for larger and more complex pieces of content.

website content

How to Create High-Quality Website Content

Website content is a mix of written copy, visuals and video or audio elements. The skill is to find the right balance of all of these elements, to make your website stand out. Here's everything you need to know to turn your website into an indispensable place for customers, partners, applicants and all other audiences.

project documentation

The Ultimate Guide about How to Manage Project Documentation

A solid project documentation process is the cornerstone of successful new projects. It promotes a more organized and systematic way of thinking, and establishes a paper trial, to track your projects’ progress.

marketing campaign

All You Need to Know to Create a Successful Marketing Campaign

A creative out-of-the-box campaign requires thorough planning and preparation. And if you manage to tick all the right boxes, the results will bring your business to the next level. But what are the important steps for setting up a successful marketing campaign?

content review process

How to set up a reliable content review process

All of the content your company produces should be streamlined and seamlessly tie into your core message and branding. For you and your marketing team, establishing a content review and approval process is imperative, particularly as your team grows.

content creation process

The Best Way to Master Your Content Creation Process

Content creation does not have to be chaotic to generate fruitful results. By adding the right structures, processes, and tools you can make the most out of your valuable resources.

marketing request form

How To Create A Marketing Request Form (And Save 100s Of Hours)

A marketing request form is a simple way of establishing streamlined communication between your team and others. This form enables the requester to clearly outline specific marketing services, materials, or information they require to execute the projects or services.

marketing resource management

Everything you need to know about marketing resource management

Marketing experts have to manage different campaigns, creative projects, and all involved stakeholders. Additionally, they also have to make timely decisions, change focus, and manage marketing materials while maintaining a productive workflow. Keeping track of all these resources can be quite demanding, even for experienced marketers. This is where marketing resource management can make your life easier.

media planning resources

The simple and effective handbook for media planning

With a rising number of media platforms in 2022, efficient media planning has become more crucial than ever. No matter if you hire advertising agencies or implement the media campaign on your own, you need to know your target audience inside-out.

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