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How to create an effective approval workflow

An effective approval workflow brings companies financial gains, saves time, and improves overall productivity. So, instead of asking yourself whether you need a more efficient workflow, try asking yourself, "How do I create the most effective approval workflow possible for my team?" Read More

The social media approval process + 5 best practices

With an effective social media approval process in place – and the right marketing approval software to help you out – things become a whole lot easier and a whole lot faster. In this guide I’ll walk you through the five-step social media content approval process and share five best practices to make your workflow more efficient. Read More

The marketing approval process and how to make it faster

At any given moment, in organizations across the world, you’ll find a person or team waiting on an approval. And depending on the size of the organization, this approval process could take weeks, months, or even years. By streamlining your approval process, you can increase productivity, improve costs, and ensure the quality of your work. Read More