38 Content Marketing Tools for Drafting, Creating, Reviewing, and Promoting Content

In most of today’s marketing departments, content marketing deserves a lot of attention. Its upfront costs are much lower than other channels. And in order to attract new leads, your content can slowly build its profile in the background and attract new leads. But you can’t produce great content without great tools. So here’s a look at 38 of the most amazing content marketing tools.

The Best Content Marketing Tools

Ready to bolster your arsenal of amazing content marketing tools? Here’s an introduction to 38 powerful tools that can take your content to the next level.

Project Management Software for Managing Content

Project management software is an essential way to effectively manage your content production process. These tools can help you with important project management tasks, such as:

  • Assigning tasks
  • Creating timelines
  • Setting deadlines
  • Communicating with your team
  • Collecting feedback and approval

Here’s a look at some of the best project management software you can use to manage your content creation process.


Filestage Screenshot Images

Whichever type of content you need to create, Filestage gives you the power to take complete control of the feedback and review process. This part of the content-creation process is particularly complex, and you can’t afford to let your feedback fall through the cracks.

Filestage was built for in-house marketing departments and external agencies alike. This tool places a strong emphasis on usability. Its links to projects can be shared within seconds. So your team can start leaving in-context feedback right away.

Thousands of teams all over the world use Filestage. With this tool, they can harmonize their feedback and take control of the review process of any project.


Brightpod Alternative

Brightpod is software for project management and time tracking. It offers a host of features that help project managers remove the chaos from their marketing collaboration and planning.

Thanks to task and milestone functionality, you can use to manage the creation of high-quality content. You can also use it to give project managers the power to manage and assess marketing campaigns.

Brightpod is used by in-house marketing departments and creative teams to coordinate planning and improve efficiency.


Trello Alternative

Trello is an intuitive tool that helps project managers structure projects by using boards, lists, and cards. It also makes it easier to manage the creation of any piece of content.

This tool was built for project managers who need an agile solution for project management. Trello also places a huge emphasis on simplicity and usability, so project managers can confidently invite both internal and external collaborators.

Countless project managers have made Trello their project management tool of choice, and they use it to manage a range of complex content-related projects.


Asana Alternative

Asana is another agile-based tool for project management. It can assign tasks and unlock different project views, which makes it a great tool for managing the creation of content.

While Asana and Trello were built for similar audiences, Asana arguably keeps more of its premium features tucked away behind its paid programs.

Asana is used by project managers who need an agile tool to manage their content creation projects. Its Gantt view means that it’s particularly helpful when managing content projects that have lots of dependencies.

Google Sheets

Google Sheets Alternative

Google Sheets is a key part of G Suite. Alongside Docs, Slides, and Forms, Sheets gives project managers everything they need to effectively manage their projects.

The power of Google Sheets lies in its flexibility. Much like Excel, project managers can customize it to fit their needs. In other words, it’s possible to manage the creation of any content.

Both small and large businesses use this cost-effective tool for project management.

Tools for Researching Topics 

When it comes to creating effective content, great planning is critical. If you use the right research tools, you’ll be able to identify what your audience is interested in and what your content should focus on. These tools can also help you improve your SEO.

If you effectively use these tools, you’ll find it easier to satisfy the demands of both your readers and Google’s complex algorithms.

Google Trends Alternative

Google Trends is a simple yet robust tool that helps you visualize Google data. This tool is very easy to use. You simply type a term into the search box, and you’ll be presented with interesting information, such as related topics, queries, and interest according to region.

Of course, this tool wasn’t specifically built for content marketing purposes. It’s an interesting tool that helps people quickly and easily dig deeper into search trends.

From a content marketing perspective, this tool is very useful. Content strategists can use it to get a broad idea of popular topics, according to region.

Answer the Public

Answer the Public Alternative

Answer the Public is a keyword-research tool that leverages the power of the auto-suggest provider that Google and Bing already use, in order to help content strategists discover new content ideas and structure their content.

Using the tool is simple: Enter your keyword, and you’ll be presented with the key search terms related to it. This tool was built with marketers in mind. Content strategists use this tool to find new content ideas and answer the questions their target audiences are asking.


Buzzsumo Alternative

Buzzsumo is yet another content-marketing research platform. Users simply put a keyword into the search bar, and they’re presented with top-performing articles and blog posts across the web.

This tool was designed to help marketers track their key conversations. Marketers can use this tool to track popular trends and ways to contribute to the conversation.

For instance, lots of marketers use this tool to find ideas for new blog posts, find quality inspiration, and locate conversations taking place.


Quora Alternative

Quora is another popular knowledge-sharing platform. Users from around the world congregate here to both contribute answers and learn new insights.

This platform was built with a very wide scope, but content strategists often use it to find new topics. Quora has sophisticated algorithms for content correlation, so you’ll find that new content surfaces on a regular basis.

Marketers turn to Quora when they need to find fresh topics and insights. Some of them also decide to leave answers on the platform as a powerful way to reach their community.


Reddit Alternative

Reddit is a social-networking site with a strong emphasis on anonymity and fresh content. Users from around the world gather in “subreddits,” which are smaller sections of the website oriented around a particular interest or hobby.

This tool was built for the general internet user, but marketers can find a lot of interesting content here. With subreddits, it’s easy to find a particular interest. (Unfortunately, the search function on the website isn’t that great.)

Lots of marketers use Reddit to keep a finger on the pulse of different industries and interests. And much of the hottest content on the web is initially shared on Reddit. So marketers can really put themselves ahead of the curve.

Tools for Keyword Research 

Marketers spend a lot of time finding the perfect topics, but they also have to dig deeper and find the perfect keywords. The words you use in your content can make or break your piece before it’s even published. 

Keyword research tools rely on public and proprietary data that provides paying customers with quality keyword research and guides their content.

Keyword Research for Google

Google is by far the world’s most popular search engine, which is why marketers often prioritize Google’s mysterious algorithms more than other engines.

Here’s a look at some of the keyword research tools you can use to seize SEO success and boost your organic traffic .

Ahrefs Alternative

Ahrefs offers marketers a suite of SEO tools and resources. Tech-savvy marketers will find useful tools, such as a website authority checker, site-auditing tools, and more. A key part of the Ahrefs offering is its great keywords explorer.

The keywords explorer gives marketers thousands of great ideas for keywords. It also offers useful insights, such as ranking difficulty and traffic potential. These features empower marketers to get the most from their content.

SEMRush Alternative

SEMRush is another all-in-one marketing toolkit that’s aimed at digital marketing professionals. This platform offers a suite of tools that help marketers more effectively manage their SEO, paid traffic, social media, and more.

Its keyword research tool is complemented by an editorial calendar and a tool that offers marketers ideas for trending topics.

KWFinder Alternative

KWFinder is a tool for keyword research that helps marketers find long-tail keywords that aren’t very competitive. When marketers target these terms, they expand the reach of their content. So they can eventually attract a significant number of viewers.

This tool is simple to use. Digital marketers can find long-tail keywords for a piece within seconds.

Keyword Research for YouTube

YouTube is another Alphabet property. It’s still the world’s most popular place to watch video content. 

TubeBuddy Alternative

TubeBuddy is a free browser extension. It’s an essential tool for marketers who need to really understand YouTube. This extension integrates directly with YouTube, in order to offer new information and functionality. Equipped with this extension, digital marketers can get keyword recommendations and properly optimize their video content. Currently, this extension is only available for Chrome and Firefox.

Keywordtoolio Alternative

Keyword Tool is yet another keyword tool, but it comes with a twist: It offers coverage for the world’s largest search platforms. With just a few clicks, you can adjust your preferred platform to get the most accurate keywords.

The keyword recommendation tool for YouTube is robust, and it can help digital marketers get more views and engagement on their video content.

Keywords Everywhere
Keywords Everywhere Alternative

Keywords Everywhere is a browser add-on that digital marketers can use to dig deeper into the reality behind certain websites. With the extension installed, digital marketers can see monthly search volume, cost per click, and competition data for keywords on websites.

This extension also makes it possible for digital marketers to download that valuable information into a range of formats. This feature helps automate otherwise time-consuming keyword research.

Tools for Content Creation

A great content strategy is meaningless if you lack the tools to create high-quality content. So you need to sharpen your skills and identify the best tools. With heightened media exposure, your audience will be more critical than ever before.

Video Creation

Did you know that 81% of businesses now use video as a marketing tool? Audiences love to consume video, and this format helps you share critical messages in an engaging, efficient way.

Here’s a look at some of the best video-creation tools out there.

Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe Premiere Pro Alternative

Adobe Premiere Pro has established itself as industry-leading software for video editing. Video engineers use this tool to create engaging content for film, TV, and the web. Thanks to its close integration with Adobe’s Creative Cloud, Premiere Pro has become the tool of choice.

Premiere Pro is a polished tool that caters to every level of experience. Beginners will be able to create basic content, and professionals can make magic. There are lots of training materials and resources out there for this tool, too.

Renderforest Alternative

Renderforest is an online generator of video, animation, and logo. The platform hopes to become a one-stop-shop for all things branding, and it differentiates itself through its focus on usability.

Renderforest’s video tool is very impressive. It’s a cloud-based video maker that’s easy to use. Even beginners will be happy with the results they manage to achieve.

Magisto Alternative

Magisto is a smart video editor that helps marketers create excellent social videos within minutes. To keep things fresh, high-quality resources and images are also added to the platform on a regular basis.

This tool aims at making it easy for digital marketers to quickly and effectively create video. To make sure it’s easy to use, it places a strong emphasis on simplicity.

Wave video Alternative

Wave is a free online video maker. This tool helps digital marketers unlock the power of branded video content, so they can build an audience. This tool also includes millions of videos and images in its content library.

This tool also helps beginners upload their own video profiles and instantly resize their videos. So they can post it on all platforms.

Mysimpleshow Alternative

MySimpleShow helps digital marketers create simple explainer videos in a matter of minutes. This tool boasts professional results and the ability to create explainer videos that introduce companies, explain products, and more.

Like its competitors, MySimpleShow offers a tool that’s aimed at digital marketers who lack experience in video engineering. This tool aims to be as simple as possible, in order to keep the video-creation process fast and easy.

Copy Creation

Whatever type of marketing collateral you create, you’ll always need compelling, engaging copy to tie everything together. Here’s a look at some of the tools you can use to sharpen your copy.

Google Docs
Google Docs Alternative

Google Docs is a very important part of the wider G Suite offering. This tool helps marketers collaborate on their documents in real-time. This tool also makes it easy to invite internal and external collaborators.

This tool can help copywriters collaborate alongside their colleagues, sharpen their copy, and create compelling messaging.

StoryChief Alternative

StoryChief is an all-in-one workspace for content marketing that gives teams the power to collaborate on interactive articles. This tool also makes it possible for users to unlock one-click multichannel distribution.

If you’re looking for a way to draft and distribute your copy in one place, you might find that StoryChief is a viable option.

Microsoft Office Online
Microsoft Office Online Alternative

Microsoft Office Online offers all the classic functionality you’d expect from Office, except it’s in the cloud. So marketers can access their documents from mobile and desktop devices, in order to make changes and review copy.

MS Office Online also offers functionality for real-time collaborations. This feature makes it a strong competitor to Google Docs. Your choice might boil down to which ecosystem reigns supreme in your industry. 

Audio Creation

Both audio and video content are more popular than ever before. But when it comes to audio quality,.lots of marketers still miss the mark. If you want your audio and video content to be a hit, you simply have to put in the work for audio engineering.

Here’s a closer look at the tools you can use to create beautiful, smooth audio that’s a delight for the ears.

Apple Logic Pro X
Apple Logic Pro X Alternative

By utilizing the Mac ecosystem, Apple Logic Pro X has cemented its reputation as the go-to digital audio workstation for audio engineers. This tool originally launched back in the early 90s. Since then, it’s consistently gotten stronger. 

Undoubtedly, Logic Pro X is a professional recording studio, and it requires professional training before you can use it. So beginners might want to find an alternative, or work alongside a seasoned user. 

Apple GarageBand
Apple GarageBand Alternative

GarageBand is another digital-audio workstation from Apple. This tool is available on both macOS and iOS devices. Given that it’s so simple to use, it’s often the go-to recording suite for podcasts. 

Beginners will definitely want to start with GarageBand. In just a matter of minutes, it’s possible to learn how to record and export high-quality audio into a range of formats.

Steinberg Cubase
Steinberg Cubase Alternative

Steinberg Cubase is one of the world’s most powerful software packages for music creation. The tool is incredibly robust, and it gives audio engineers unparalleled levels of control over their compositions.

This tool was originally launched in 1989 for the Atari ST. But over the years, it’s grown alongside its users, and it requires many years of training to truly master it. 

Image Creation

A high-quality image can elevate the status of any piece of content. Whether you’re working with print or digital collateral, you’ll want to make sure your content is enhanced by beautiful images.

Here’s a look at the best image-creation tools.

Photoshop Alternative

Photoshop is one of the world’s best-known graphics editors. This tool is so popular that some people even use it as a verb: “I’m going to photoshop this.” This success is warranted, given that the tool has become an industry standard for graphic and visual design professionals.

Since this tool has so much depth, most users need quite a bit of time to really familiarize themselves with this tool. In fact, it can take years to master. Fortunately, the nascent tablet versions of Photoshop are more user-friendly. 

Canva Alternative

Canva has transformed the way digital marketers look at graphic design. This tool makes it really easy for marketers to create amazing designs within a matter of moments. The UX is ultra-smooth, and there are lots of materials on offer.

Most people will find it simple to create an account and get started right away. Given the popularity of the tool, there’s a lot of guidance on the web, too.

Piktochart Alternative

Piktochart is very similar to Canva, but it specifically focuses on helping its users create infographics. And digital marketers will find that this tool is robust and easy to use. In terms of content, this feature opens up even more avenues for digital marketers. This tool was originally launched back in 2012. Since then, it’s gotten increasingly stronger.

Content Collaboration & Review Tools

The best content is reviewed by a full team and approved by key decision-makers. This strategy ensures that your content both meets your quality control standards and is compliant with all rules (internal or external). 

Here’s a look at the best tools for content collaboration and review.


Filestage Screenshot PDF

Filestage makes it incredibly easy for creative teams to review their content and leave accurate feedback. Since this platform supports any type of format, you can review all your documents in real time, including videos, images, and audio files.

The tool can also be used by in-house creative teams and agencies. Filestage makes it very easy to invite internal and external colleagues. So you don’t have to worry about the confusion that comes with the review process.

Creative teams all over the world use Filestage to share accurate and appropriate feedback with their colleagues.


Grammarly Alternative

Grammarly is a digital writing tool that has become indispensable for professionals all over the world. This tool offers helpful spelling and grammar suggestions, so your copy is always the best it can be.

Many creative professionals often have Grammarly constantly running in the background. This strategy gives these professionals the complete confidence that their writing will be free of both glaring errors and small mistakes.


Hootsuite Alternative

While Hootsuite is best known as a scheduling platform for social media, it’s also an ideal place to review social-media copy. With this tool, users can all take the time to review the post together.

Hootsuite is very popular, indeed. It makes it easy for new users to get started and schedule their social media content—with minimal disruptions and exertions.


GoVisually Alternative

GoVisually is another review and approval platform that helps creative professionals (particularly designers) deliver designs more quickly. This tool eliminates the need for the endless back-and-forth that used to be all too common.

GoVisually is most frequently used by creative professionals when they work on designs. It allows its users to offer in-context feedback, so designers can see exactly where they need to implement their changes.


Wipster Alternative

Wipster is a review and approval platform that specifically focuses on video. To gain valuable and insightful feedback from key stakeholders, video engineers can share their work-in-progress videos here. 

Wipster aims to help these video engineers speed up the review and approval process, so they can more quickly deliver better content.

Content Promotion Tools

Once you’ve created your content, you have to think about how you’ll get it in front of your audience. If you have a great distribution strategy, your target audience will be able to see all of your hard work.

Let’s dive into the best tools for content promotion on the market.


Buffer Alternative

Buffer is one of the world’s most popular platforms for social media management. This software application helps managers take control of their social media accounts on both mobiles and desktops.

Buffer integrates with the key social networks and offers rich reporting. These reports can offer valuable insights that help social media managers eventually adjust their content promotion strategy.


Outbrain Alternative

Outbrain is a unique platform for web advertising. Publishers use this tool to link to other articles on their own websites, as well as articles on promoted websites. They also use it to generate revenue.

Some businesses decide to run campaigns with Outbrain because they want to promote their own content. There are also lots of options, in terms of campaign configuration. So marketers can get the best value for their money.

Quuu Promote

Quu Promote Alternative

Quuu Promote helps its businesses promote their blog content to real people. This platform offers a range of configuration options, so businesses can promote their content to the right audience.

Specifically, Quuu Promote has helped businesses draw high-quality traffic to their blogs and secure new customers. And since this tool is automated, marketers can sit back and watch their number of visitors increase.



As the world’s first sponsored content online store, PRNEWS.IO offers a reliable and affordable way that allows members to easily choose a choice publisher and place their sponsored content for amplification. The PRNEWS.IO allows you to reach your customers and partners wherever in the world. The distribution network of PRNEWS.IO is enhanced to boost your story’s digital imprint and engage your target audience across multiple media sites/blog/s which ultimately drive your brand’s website traffic.

PRNews increase your business visibility by distributing your news across multiple channels and ultimately generating genuine media exposure.

The mechanism embedded in the PRNEWS.IO can measure audience metrics across its media market place given users a preview of post-performance and conversion rate.

Tools for Content Analytics 

After your content has been published, you have to assess its performance. An accurate, detailed analysis can help you identify what did and didn’t work. Then you can adjust your strategy in the future.

Here are some of the best content analytics tools on the market.


Mention Alternative

Mention helps marketing professionals monitor the web and engage in social listening. This feature helps marketing departments get a better idea of where the conversation is taking place and how their own brand is perceived.

The platform’s monitoring functionality helps marketers gradually assess the impact of their content marketing and adjust their strategy.


Hotjar Alternative

Hotjar gives marketers the ability to see how their visitors use their websites. This insight can help marketing teams make the right changes at the right times. Behavioral analytics can give these departments the edge and help them create even stronger content.

This tool helps marketers and designers track key metrics, such as customer satisfaction, net promoter score, and more. These metrics give marketing professionals a quantifiable way to monitor the performance of their content.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics Alternative

Google Analytics is one of the world’s most important web analytics services. It’s staggering just how much functionality Google Analytics offers, and how trained professionals can work magic with this tool.

Marketers can make the most of the platform, in order to assess their content performs and identify the changes they need to make to attract the sustained attention of users.

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