Best 25+ Wrike Alternatives for Agencies and Marketing Teams

To achieve success in project management, you have to use the right tools and applications. Wrike is one of the foremost online project management tools that helps give you visibility and control over your tasks. But does it fit your needs?

Here’s a look at 25+ alternatives to Wrike that give you the best chance of project success.

Why should you look for Wrike alternatives?

There’s no debating that Wrike is a powerful tool. It was initially launched back in 2006. Since then, it’s grown to become used by agencies around the world.

Wrike isn’t always the right choice, though. No tool is the perfect solution for everybody. Wrike itself has a range of characteristics that make it a nonstarter for some companies.

Here’s a look at the situations when you might want to look for an alternative to Wrike.


Wrike is a premium tool, and as such, it can be very expensive. While there’s a free version available for small teams, the more sophisticated tiers quickly become expensive and untenable for some of them.


Wrike is a complex tool that offers a lot of features. While it has a documentation and training area, the onboarding process can often be complex. In other words, some project managers may want to pursue a more intuitive tool and get their projects running quickly.

External Support

The best project management tools make it easy to collaborate with external stakeholders and acquire their feedback and insights. When using Wrike, it’s often difficult to differentiate between collaborators and external users.

Best 10 Wrike Alternatives

Looking for the best Wrike alternatives? Here’s a closer look at the ten best (followed by a look at some additional options).

1. Filestage

Filestage Screenshot

Filestage is a strong alternative to Wrike, given it makes it easy for project managers to invite internal and external collaborators and collect their valuable feedback.

The review and approval process is critical to the success of every project. This stage helps you collect feedback from your stakeholders. But it has to be seamlessly executed, in order to help everyone stay on the same page.

Unlike Wrike, Filestage makes it easy for you to collect in-context feedback. Clear feedback makes it simple for your team to implement accurate changes and move the project along without any confusion.

Filestage also makes it easy for you to distribute tasks among your team. In addition, this feature drives transparency and accountability, which helps your team perform well and tick all of the feedback boxes.

Thousands of teams around the world trust Filestage to ensure that the review and approval process is smooth, regardless of the collaterals that are being discussed.

The pricing structure is also more clear and consistent than Wrike, which makes it easier for project managers to drive the viability and profitability of their projects. This feature is a big positive for marketing and creative departments on tight budgets.

2. Asana

Asana Screenshot

Asana is a web and mobile application that gives project managers a helping hand at organizing and planning workflows, projects, and more. It helps project managers keep everything on schedule and boost the profitability of projects.

The tool was created back in 2008. Compared to Wrike, Asana is somewhat simpler for new team members to use. The tool is relatively intuitive, and there’s room to scale it, since it has a diverse set of plugins.

The UI is cleaner than Wrike’s, and it’s easy for your team members to see their tasks in a wide range of views (including a list and a calendar). Again, this feature helps drive accountability and makes sure that everyone on your team is moving at the right pace.

But remember, this tool isn’t for everyone. It has some downsides. And if you find that the tool isn’t right for you, you might want to take a closer look at our alternatives to Asana.

3. Clarizen

Clarizen Screenshot

Clarizen is software that helps project managers automate processes and drive collaboration on their teams.

The tool claims that it’s aimed at fast and agile businesses, which is a slightly different target audience than Wrike. It’s used by a diverse range of customers around the world, and it offers a free 30-day trial. The pricing is also somewhat mysterious, given that it appears to be aimed at large enterprise businesses. Therefore, it generates a unique price.

Because of its target audience, Clarizen offers some more enterprise-level features, such as resource management and financial planning. This range of features may mean that the tool is more appropriate for your environment.

According to users from around the web, this tool can still be somewhat difficult to set up, and the learning curve is steep. This aspect can hinder the tool from being adopted throughout your team, and cause some confusion. Also, it can take awhile to getting everything configured, so it’s important to understand that Clarizen is similar to Wrike.


Projectmanagercom Screenshot

ProjectManager is a cloud-based project management system that brings project planning and scheduling features together by offering teams rich collaboration tools.

This tool is used by a range of businesses around the world, and it certainly has some devout fans. Some users suggest that this tool is more effective and clearer than Wrike, as far as simultaneously managing multiple projects.

Unlike Wrike, the pricing is clearer for ProjectManager, and the range of features it offers  each tier are easy to track. This benefit is a big plus for project managers who are turned off by unclear pricing.

ProjectManager makes it relatively simple for project managers to create detailed project plans that also incorporate budgets and due dates. This feature makes it easy for the entire team to see a clear task list and track their time to make sure that the project is moving along according to budget.

However, some users suggest that its reporting is subpar, in terms of the filters on offer. It can also be difficult to see the impact of changes to tasks on the overall project plan, so project managers should be careful and diligently monitor changes.

5. Workzone

Workzone Screenshot

Workzone is a tool that focuses on bringing together power and simplicity. It aims at offering a more robust set of features than platforms like Basecamp, while being simpler and more intuitive to use than complex tools like MS Project.

According to reviews from around the web, Workzone manages to deliver usability. Some users suggest that it only takes 30 minutes to get a new team member up and running on the platform, given its focus on simple and clear UI. In this sense, the platform certainly trumps Wrike.

The pricing is once again clearer than Wrike, and by all accounts, it’s also competitive. This news is great for project managers working on a budget who need to deliver clear reports to superiors about staying within budgets.

When it comes to reasons to be cautious, some users complain that the project templates on offer leaves something to be desired. In other words, it can be time-consuming for project managers to create their projects and get them running. This element can have an impact on productivity and the overall profitability of projects.

6. Celoxis

Celoxis Screenshot

Celoxis is a top-ranked, all-in-one project management tool that’s designed to help project managers plan, track, and collaborate with their teams.

The tool boasts enterprise-class features and powerful reporting that’s backed up by lots of customization options. Above all else, the platform claims that it offers everything at a reasonable price. This feature makes it a viable alternative to Wrike for project managers looking to tighten their purse strings.

Users are also quick to praise Celoxis, thanks to its clean and clear UI. Contrastingly, Ca host of Wrike users have expressed various issues with the UI it offers. This complaint can really affect usability and make it difficult for the team to get started and work effectively. Over time, this drawback can have a big impact on the profitability of your projects.

Celoxis is very powerful, and it can be used to help large businesses track their global operations. However, it can require more of an investment, given that it requires a high level of collaboration.

7. Monday

Monday Screenshot

Monday is a tool that helps project managers simplify the way their team collaborates. Its intuitive platform helps project managers manage workloads, track projects, and communicate with teams.

The platform has a modern look and feel, which really helps new users settle in. Its simple drag-and-drop functionality is easy to get used to, which helps project managers create detailed and functional views for their projects in no time. In this sense, Monday is a stronger alternative to Wrike.

Not only is the tool simple to use, it’s highly customizable, and project managers really feel like they’re in the driver’s seat. You can adjust tasks with a range of fields, and make sure that everything is applicable to your exact circumstances.

Unfortunately, the pricing can be a pain point for many project managers. It’s difficult to get external parties involved without having to pay for a license, which can significantly reduce the ability to externally collaborate.

Platforms like Filestage offer free ways to send links to external stakeholders, which make it easy to make a good impression and move the project forward.

8. Basecamp

Basecamp Screenshot

Basecamp is software for project management and team communication that helps project managers put everything in one place. Rather than relying on a million different platforms, the tool aims at aggregating everything in one place.

The scope for this tool is wider than Wrike’s, and it has a more casual look and feel. Basecamp has placed a laser focus on usability and simplicity, which really makes it easy for project managers to perform their work.

Another winning feature is the fact that significant changes and actions by various team members are broadcast to the rest of the team, which helps put an end to frustrating and pointless update emails.

This tool aims at improving productivity and driving simplicity, but it does have a learning curve. Project managers can expect new team members to spend some time learning how the platform works. If the team isn’t properly coached, project managers may find that the tool creates more problems than it solves.

9. Teamwork Projects

Teamwork Projects Screenshot

Teamwork Projects is a cloud-based project management solution that helps with task management, time tracking, file uploads, and messaging.

This tool is part of the suite offered by Teamwork, and it’s relatively popular. The wider scope differentiates the tool from competitors like Wrike, and users really appreciate the range of features it offers.

The built-in chat platform is a nice feature, but some project managers may find that it’s  redundant, depending on the preferred tool of their business. Task templates can also be created, which helps project managers and team members work more efficiently.

In addition, the ambitious scope of the platform means that there’s a learning curve present. Again, project managers will need to make sure that they adequately train their team and prepare them for success. This rather steep learning curve can become an issue.

Project managers should also pay close attention to the amount of space that’s available on the platform. Some users complain that the amount of space for each project is relatively low. This drawback could become an issue if you’re going to be working on projects that require you to share large files.

10. Workamajig

Workamajig Screenshot

Workamajig gives project managers the power to streamline operations, improve efficiencies, and promote stronger collaboration on their teams.

The tool trumps Wrike, in terms of its user-friendly interface (which many users are quick to praise). Unfortunately, there can be some difficulty with navigating the various areas of the application and accessing certain features.

A high level of customization means that each team member is able to customize their homepage, which gives them access to the important information they need. This tool also makes it easy for project managers to assign rights and privileges to various users.

Status reports are easy to extract. They give project managers the ability to instantly update and impress stakeholders at any stage of the project.

The clear pricing is another plus for project managers who want to know exactly how much they’re going to spend on their software each month. But some users complain that the platform requires a lot of manual work, which can reduce efficiency and drive up the cost of projects (due to lost time).

Other Alternatives to Wrike

Looking for even more alternatives to Wrike? Here’s a closer look at some additional options.

Mavenlink is project management software that helps project managers consolidate project management, time tracking, and resource planning. It’s primarily aimed at the new services economy, since one of its goals is to get smarter and more agile.

12. JIRA

JIRA is primarily aimed at developers, but its Kanban workflow-management system can also be used by project managers in other fields. This tool focuses on helping teams quickly plan, track, and report their work. It’s sometimes used by marketing and creative departments in tech companies.

13. LiquidPlanner

LiquidPlanner is project management software that employs intelligent, resource-driven scheduling technology and helps project managers get the most from their teams. This tool aims at being very intuitive and offers a clean UI, which differentiates it from applications like Wrike.

14. ActiveCollab

ActiveCollab is project management software that aspires to give project managers complete control over their work, including tasks, communication, team members, and files. Unlike Wrike, this tool aims at simplicity above all else, in order to help teams quickly produce the best work possible.

15. Taiga

Taiga is a project management platform that’s primarily aimed at agile developers and designers. The tool prides itself on offering a simple, beautiful tool that makes working a joy, rather than a bore. And it helps with a range of areas in project management.

16. Easy Project

Easy Project is a cloud-based project management platform that can be used by individuals, entire teams, and even whole companies. The tool strongly focuses on creating effective and clear visuals that simplify project management.

17. Smartsheet

Smartsheet is a work-execution platform that gives project managers a boost when trying to implement ideas for projects. With a spreadsheet-like user interface, this tool is quite different from Wrike, and some project managers will really appreciate this UI.

18. Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects is an online platform that gives project managers the power to create and efficiently manage their projects. The tool has been gradually developed to facilitate for seamless collaboration, easy project planning, and the extraction of rich insights.

19. Trello

When it comes to list-making project management platforms, Trello is one of the big names. The tool is simple to use, and it’s owned by Atlassian, the same company that owns JIRA. Trello has a relentless focus on simplicity and usability, and it’s very different than the heavier, less agile Wrike.

20. InLoox

InLoox helps project managers optimize their activities by assisting with the planning and management of projects. This tool also aims at facilitating collaboration and resource management. The UI feels somewhat dated here, so your users may struggle to quickly understand the platform.

21. Freedcamp

Freedcamp is a collaboration system for project management that’s  available for the cloud, mobiles, and desktops. This tool aims at helping teams stay organized and secure success on every single project. It has a freemium version that’s similar to Wrike, but it’s less restrictive.

22. ProWorkflow

ProWorkflow is a web-based project management application that exists to help project managers facilitate planning, tracking, and collaboration. This tool is more forthcoming than Wrike, as far as pricing. Some users also suggest that the price is more reasonable.

23. ProofHub

ProofHub gives project managers full control over their tasks, and it gives them a helping hand, as far as guiding their team through complex projects. The tool boasts that it can reduce project delivery time, drive accountability, and maximize the success of teams.

24. Odoo

Odoo is an all-in-one software solution for business that helps with project management. It’s very vast, and the scope is much wider than Wrike. It makes more sense to use this tool when an entire business is behind it.

25. Workfront

Workfront is a cloud-based work management tool that’s primarily aimed at enterprise clients. Similar to Wrike, the platform facilitates enterprise work management, issue tracking, document management, time tracking, and portfolio management. But this tool was launched in 2001, so it’s a little older than Wrike.

26. Targetprocess

Targetprocess is an agile project management tool that empowers software development teams to accelerate their rate of product delivery on all levels. Like JIRA and Taiga, this tool is primarily aimed at developers, but it can be creatively adjusted to fit the needs of project managers in other spaces.

27. Orangescrum

Orangescrum offers simple Project Management and Collaboration software for teams of all sizes and helps you organize projects, teams, and tasks in one place. Orangescrum comes with multiple features like Gantt chart, time log, Kanban view, ddaily catch-up, recurring tasks, project & task templates, invoicing etc. keeping in mind the various needs of any organization.


We hope these Wrike alternatives will serve you well. There are lots of options out there, and you should do the research to make sure you get the most effective tool for the job. Selecting the right tool will help your project glean the best results possible.

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