The 14 visual content tools you need in 2024

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Marketers spend an average of 10 to 15 hours a week creating content. That’s hardly surprising when we consider that 91% of consumers now prefer visual content. 

Images and videos grab attention and generate new leads (hello, more sales). 👋 But they’re also time-consuming to produce. Especially considering over half of marketers design their visual content without in-house graphic designers. 

As a result, many companies struggle to consistently deliver high volumes of this style of content despite knowing the huge business benefits. Visual content creation tools could be the solution. They speed up the development process so you can make high-quality images and videos faster. And on a shoestring.

That’s what I’ll be getting into in this article. I’ve rounded up 14 of the best visual content tools to help you grab your audience’s attention without blowing your budget. If you’re a business or creator producing high volumes of content, this one’s for you.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Image creation tools
  • Video creation tools
  • Meme and GIF creation tools
  • Infographic creation tools
  • Content review tools

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Image creation tools

We process images 60,000 times faster than text and retain that information much more effectively. That’s why so many companies are scrambling to make visual content. 

Here are the best tools to create gorgeous images. 

1. Canva – best for creating and editing stunning visuals (no design experience needed)


Source: Canva

Canva is one of the most popular visual content tools thanks to its user-friendly interface and a wide selection of pre-made templates. 

You can quickly create professional-grade social media images, infographics, ebooks, and animated videos with no previous design experience. It’s ideal for beginners who don’t have time to master more advanced photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop.

Top features

  • AI-powered magic suite for generating image copy and editing visual assets (not available in the free plan)
  • Large library of free pre-made templates to speed up the design process and keep imagery consistent
  • Features for real-time collaboration during the content creation process
  • The simple drag-and-drop interface makes it easy for non-designers to navigate 


Canva has a free version, which gives you access to most of its basic functionality. Pro plans start from $119.99/user per year.

2. Adobe Express – best for creating high-quality visual content faster

adobe express

Adobe Express is a content creation app with built-in generative AI that is ideal for making all kinds of visual media. The app is quick and easy to use, speeding up creation time for social media content, videos, and images.  

Top features

  • Thousands of high-quality templates and design assets to speed up content creation
  • Generative AI tools to quickly create images and video content
  • Brand kits to keep your visual assets cohesive across multiple social media platforms
  • In-built collaboration tools to streamline the content design process


There’s a free basic version of Adobe Express with limited functionality. The Teams plan starts at $9.99/seat per month (with a free 30-day trial). 

3. Stencil – best for creating engaging visual content for social media posts


Source: GetStencil

Stencil is simple-to-use graphic design software for creating social media content. It’s a great tool for businesses, bloggers, and social media marketers. Plus, it integrates with Buffer, so you can schedule your visual content posts in advance.

Top features

  • Library of over 1,350 high-quality content templates for social media graphics, marketing ads, and stunning blog imagery 
  • Instant image resizing to tailor your visual content to different platform requirements
  • In-built social media scheduling tools so you can plan your visual content marketing campaigns
  • Access to millions of high-res stock photos 


Stencil offers a free version that allows you to save up to 10 images a month. The Pro plans start from $9 p/month (billed annually). 

4. PicMonkey by Shutterstock– best for seamless image and photo editing


Source: PicMonkey

PicMonkey is a graphic design tool and photo editor that helps even novices create “scroll-stopping” images. It covers all types of visual content, but excels in social media assets with a generous selection of pre-sized templates for each channel.

Top features

  • Powerful photo editor so you can touch up, color-correct, or enhance the background of your visual assets
  • Thousands of pre-sized templates to help you create a consistently high standard of content across all social media platforms 
  • Library of stock images and videos from Shutterstock to make visual content creation faster and easier
  • Brand toolkit to help you nail your visual identity and voice across your socials


Unfortunately, there’s no free version of PicMonkey. Plans start from $7.99/month. 

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Video creation tools

Videos remain the visual content format of choice for consumers. Not only is it the most engaging format (users spend 1.4 times longer on a web page if it has video), but it’s also the most effective. Hubspot research shows that 80% of customers remember video content they viewed within the last month. 

Here are the top visual content tools for video creation and editing.

5. Animaker – best for making fun and engaging video content


Source: Animaker

Animaker is an AI-powered video creation platform that’s ideal if you have no previous design or editing experience. There are thousands of templates for making a range of video types, including whiteboard-style, infographic, and explainer videos. 

Top features

  • A powerful suite of video editing features to polish your content
  • AI-driven subtitle auto-generator to make your video content accessible to a wider audience
  • Built-in screen recorder for creating and editing engaging tutorial videos 
  • Voiceover app with over 200 voices and 50 languages to choose from


Animaker offers a free version that allows you to make videos up to two minutes in length. The Basic plan starts at $12.50/month and allows you to create videos up to five minutes in duration.

6. iMovie – for fast video editing and easy sharing


Source: Apple Store

If you’re an iOS or MacOS user and you’re looking for a free video editing tool, try iMovie. This free app is packed with features that streamline the video editing process. You can make everything from cinematic-style videos to high-quality product demos. 

Top features

  • The magic move tool identifies the best parts of your video footage and auto-creates an edit
  • Access to over 20 video storyboards to organize your content and speed up creation times 
  • Robust editing tool to polish your video content and add special effects
  • Access to over 100 smart soundtracks on iOS that auto-adjust to suit the length of your video


iMovie is free.

7. rawshorts – best for turning text into videos

Source: rawshorts

rawshorts is a user-friendly artificial intelligence video editor. It’s ideal for creating explainers, promo videos, animations, and more. Plus, the text-to-video tool allows you to create new visual content faster than ever.

Top features

  • Drag-and-drop animated video maker to easily create AI-generated visual content
  • Access to a large royalty-free media library
  • Global presets to make sure your visual content is always on brand
  • Professional-grade templates for a wide array of video types


Rawshorts offers a free seven-day trial. The Business plan starts at $30/month (billed annually).

Meme and GIF creation tools

Memes generate about 10 times more reach than regular marketing graphics and boast a 60% engagement rate. These visual content tools are the “best in show” for creating fun GIFs and memes for your email and social media campaigns.

8. GIPHY – best for making animated GIFs, clips, and stickers


Source: GIPHY

GIPHY is a visual search engine database of user-generated GIFs. It’s also one of the best free tools to create visuals. 

You can convert your own video footage into GIFs to create fun, original content for social media, blogs, or email campaigns. Plus, it integrates with popular social media platforms so you can easily share your finished product.

Top features

  • Curated content channels so you can quickly find and share GIFs from your favorite series or movie
  • The online GIF creator allows you to build and edit unique visual content
  • Animated sticker maker creates custom visual assets for your social media channels
  • GIPHY offers developer tools so your business can customize integrations


GIPHY is free.

9. imgflip – best for making custom meme content 


Source: imgflip

imgflip is an online meme and GIF generator with AI capabilities. You can choose to customize an existing meme from the template library or upload your own image and make one from scratch. There are also options to create charts and AI-generated memes

Top features

  • Meme generator allows you to add text to existing templates or create your own
  • AI tools turn your text prompts into custom memes (only available with the paid plans)
  • Chart marker to create custom data visualizations for blogs or social media
  • Tool to make your own demotivational posters


imgflip offers a free version. The Basic plan starts at $3.95/month (billed annually).

10. Meme Buddy – best for making memes on the go

meme buddy

Source: Meme Buddy

Meme Buddy isn’t your average meme generator. It’s an experiment by developer Mike Bodge that integrates with Google Assistant, so you can make memes using your voice. Simply open Google Assistant on your mobile and say, “Talk to Meme Buddy.” 

Watch this quick video to see where the idea behind Meme Buddy came from.

Top features

  • Integrates with Google Assistant, so you can make hands-free memes
  • Responds to your voice prompts with a meme image
  • Adds text captions to images based on your voice prompts 
  • Translates your meme captions into multiple languages 


Meme Buddy is free.

Infographic creation tools

Content that uses images and graphics garners as much as 650% higher engagement, and consumers are 30 times more likely to read an infographic than text. That’s a pretty good incentive to create infographics for your content. 

Here are the best tools to help you.

11. infogram – best for making AI-generated data visualizations 


Source: infogram

If you want to create interactive charts, graphs, maps, and reports without a design background, infogram is for you. It’s one of the most intuitive visual content creation tools on this list, with a simple interface and robust features.

Top features

  • Its AI tool makes it simple to create interactive data visualizations in multiple formats
  • Well-stocked library of templates for quick AI content creation 
  • In-built social sharing tools mean you can easily distribute your visual content
  • Detailed analytics and custom tracking links make it easy to monitor content performance


infogram’s free version allows you to make up to 10 projects. The Pro plan starts at $19/month (billed annually) and supports up to 100 projects.

12. Visme – best for making and scheduling branded content from one platform


Source: Visme

Visme is a visual communication platform for marketers and brands. It allows you to create branded content like presentations and data visualizations with a little help from AI. You’ll also find templates for creating ebooks, short videos, and social posts. 

Top features

  • AI image editor to polish your visual content and make sure it’s always on brand
  • Social scheduler so you can plan and publish your content without 
  • In-built presentation recording software to create interactive product demos
  • AI text generator helps you refine your copy for different content pieces


Visme offers a free version, but it only allows you to share a link to your visual content. To download it, you’ll need a paid plan. The Pro plan starts at $24.75/month.

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13. Venngage – best for creating accessible visual content


Source: Venngage

Venngage is the ideal visual content software if you need to create professional and accessible infographics and images. It’s simple to use and offers templates for a nice array of content types, including posters, white papers, and newsletters. 

Top features

  • Library of over 10,000 professionally-designed content templates
  • Easily creates long-form visual content like white papers, reports, and case studies
  • Simple drag-and-drop editor with baked-in accessibility features
  • Makes it easy to create branded data visualizations like checklists, flowcharts, and diagrams for content projects or your web page


Venngage offers a free plan with limited image uploads and designs. The Premium plan starts at $10/user per month (billed annually).

Online proofing tools

The average creative review process takes eight days and over three versions to get approved. That’s too long. 

An online proofing platform speeds this process up by as much as 30%, helping you get faster sign-offs on your visual content. 

14. Filestage – best for streamlining the content review process

Filestage file overview

Filestage is an online proofing platform that optimizes the content review process. It’s ideal for any business creating high volumes of visual content, especially those in regulated industries with strict compliance requirements. 

Our CEO explains how it works in this quick video.

Top features

  • The annotation tool allows you to leave in-context feedback on any content format (documents, PDFs, videos, graphics, etc.) 
  • The AI-powered version compare tool allows you to visualize content changes and flags what’s different
  • Automation features make it easy to build a custom review process and reduce repetitive manual tasks
  • Provides a centralized hub for all content edits and iterations to prevent key feedback from slipping through the cracks


Filestage offers a free version with two active projects and unlimited reviewers. The Basic plan starts at $49/month (billed annually).

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Next steps

Producing high volumes of quality visual content remains a big challenge for most businesses and creators. When we toss in the added pressure of strict compliance regulations in industries like consumer goods and pharma, it can be daunting.

But consumers have spoken, and they want aesthetically appealing content in the form of videos, images, and data visualizations. At scale.

These visual content tools can help you meet this demand and build a consistent and sustainable creation process.

And if you’re looking for a way to cut your content review process by up to 30%, grab your free Filestage trial today