“With Filestage we complete our projects 150% faster and receive 80% fewer emails.”

Saleh Habbab, Production Manager at Kharabeesh

Saleh Habbab, Production Manager at Kharabeesh

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What problems did you face with your approval process before you started using Filestage?

Before using Filestage we used several platforms for each of our approval needs. In addition, we shared the media file with the client and asked them to review it.

Afterwards we discussed the feedback via phone or zoom call or the client shared their comments in a written form with us. Since the feedback wasn’t always specific enough, misunderstandings occurred which led to doubled work for us.

How has Filestage helped you to solve those problems?

With Filestage we are now able to manage the feedback and approval process in one centralized platform. Filestage also gives us the ability to create different review steps for each stage of the approval process and categorize them all in the same project.

In addition we can add clear and time-coded comments to videos or storyboards to highlight a specific item. It’s also beneficial that we can export all feedback for a certain project as a PDF file and share it with the team to work on. This made it faster and easier to figure out and fix the client’s problems which had a positive impact on the whole feedback process.

How has Filestage positively impacted your work?

With Filestage we complete our projects 150% faster. Also we send and receive about 80% fewer emails and save on average two file versions and review rounds per approval.

Can you explain why your team has experienced those benefits?

Filestage minimized the number of emails we need to send for each project. Also, we no longer have to share a different link each time we upload a new file. The reviewer gets automatically informed about all new files they have to review whenever you upload them.

After they finish their file review, we get notified. This means that we no longer have to worry that the reviewer might miss a file. This way we always know the status of each file in our project. This enabled us to finish our projects 50% faster and saved a lot of following up. With specific feedback points we were able to keep track of the amendments needed and tend to them faster without referring back to the reviewer, and that lowered the chances of more review rounds.

Is there a specific feature in Filestage which you appreciate the most? If yes, why?

I love the ability to go back to the feedback of every previous version of a file uploaded. With the ability to export the feedback for each of these versions separately, and the ability to download a previous version of your file, this saved storage space for us and kept our feedback more organized.

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4.8 out of 5

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