22 Best Marketing Project Management Tools for Successful Projects

As a marketing project manager, you need access to a quality project management tool. That way, you can keep your project on track and your team operating effectively. But in a saturated market, how do you choose the best tool? This article is here to help you choose. It isn’t just another list of project management tools. Instead, we’ll take a deep dive into these tools and assess how they fit into your key requirements.

5 Requirements for All Project Management Tools in Marketing

We all know there’s a wide variety of tasks in the world of marketing. At any one time, you could find yourself juggling a range of projects, including PR, advertising, digital marketing, and content marketing. When you’re balancing so many projects at any one time, there’s a real danger of getting lost and missing important steps. Even if one team member skips a task, deadlines are quickly missed. Then everything comes crashing down. To keep your marketing department running smoothly, you’ll need to rely on the best project management tools to be able to tick off all of these important boxes. We’ll use these requirements to assess the 22 marketing management tools below.

Project Overview and Transparency

On any given project, there’s a lot of back and forth between copywriters, designers, developers, and other team members. So without a clear project overview, a team this diverse can quickly become disorganized, and lose track of the big picture. It’s critical that the tool you use helps your team share and receive important updates, while giving them complete transparency regarding the status of the overall project.

Involvement of Internal and External Stakeholders

Your marketing projects need to be shared with external stakeholders, as they need simple access to all of the correctly enabled permissions. To make sure your protocol doesn’t get messy, your tool needs to make sharing drafts simple. Otherwise, you could end up sabotaging version control and creating headaches for everyone involved.

Customized Workflows

Every member of your team needs to be kept informed about their responsibilities at all times. If a task is overlooked, it can cause bottlenecks for the rest of the team and lead to those dreaded missed deadlines. You need to be sure to allow for task management. Then you can assign your team members tasks, and they can share updates, which will create a personalized workflow.

Marketing Reporting

When it comes to marketing, accurate reporting is a precious asset: the more data, the better. An analysis of this data can help you tailor your approach and adjust your activities, so you can boost results for your company or client. Your tool should offer the opportunity to track results from your projects, and the time spent on them. Then you can track your progress and refine your future approach.

Simple Review and Approval Processes

Changes and tweaks are critical to creating polished marketing materials. But if this process isn’t handled efficiently and transparently, a lot of time can be lost. Even worse, some changes might not be properly tracked and approved. To make sure your projects are going out at the right times, the tool you choose needs to have a foolproof review and approval process. Then you can make sure your projects are going out at the right times and being reviewed by the right people.

Marketing Project Management Tools

1. Filestage

Filestage Screenshot Filestage was created to help marketing departments and agencies do great work. It’s a marketing project management tool that lets you easily handle and complete digital projects in one place. Filestage allows your team to internally and externally share, comment and approve your marketing project’s content (such as videos, graphics, and documents). Clients, service providers, and colleagues mark change requests directly online in the file.  That way, Filestage replaces annoying feedback sessions via e-mail,  makes your review workflow more efficient and speeds up your projects. The tool is used by thought-leading companies such as Razorfish, BBC, Lufthansa, Sixt, Bundesliga, and Jung von Matt. Project Overview and Transparency The review and approval process is often one of the most delicate stages of any project. Filstage empowers project managers to diligently manage this process, giving them complete control and insight into the status of the project. The entire team can see the most recent developments and work in harmony. During the review and approval processes, every stakeholder needs to give their opinion in a clear way, and each idea has to be discussed and implemented. So Filestage gives project managers the power to exercise complete control over the approval and feedback process. Involvement of Internal and External Stakeholders Filestage was built to transform the tricky feedback process, so it shines in this department. Both internal and external team members are able to comment on videos, PDF documents, images, and audio files in realtime, even without registering. To avoid counterproductive editing, version control is implemented, and the whole process is very simple from beginning to end. filestage reviewers Customized Workflows The Agile Review Workflow tool helps project managers to improve project management processes and workflows. The tool clears up the previously cumbersome relationship between various stakeholders, ensuring that everyone knows exactly where they are to streamline communication and improve results. Marketing Reports Filestage provides users with the option to receive daily digest emails, giving them total control. The frequency of these updates can be configured, ensuring that project managers receive all of the latest updates and understand what’s coming up next. Filestage daily digest Simple Review and Approval Filestage creates a simple way to acquire client feedback and collaborate on digital content. With transparent version control and fast reviews, you can get approval from the entire team in an efficient way that causes every project to have perfect results.

2. Brightpod

Brightpod Screenshot By helping marketing project managers control their projects, Brightpod aims to make every day feel like a holiday. To achieve this goal, the platform offers web-based project management and time-tracking software that takes the chaos out of collaboration and planning. Project Overview and Transparency Brightpod offers users an insight into the progress of projects (or “pods”) at just a glance. To save time, a progress bar with percentages helps users organize, manage, and track all projects in one place. Involvement of Internal and External Stakeholders Brightpod offers integrations with key tools (such as Google Drive and Dropbox), which makes it easy to track the documents associated with each project and determine which users can access them. The tool also offers communication and messaging to facilitate remote team communication. Customized Workflows Within a pod, each team member can check the tasks that have been assigned to them. The platform offers a Flow or List view that gives users a bit of flexibility when organizing their lists. Users can comment on each task and assign a status, which encourages collaboration and keep things moving. Marketing Reports This tool has a sophisticated Insights tab that gives project managers a lot of information about projects, including the number of projects, milestones, and tasks that have been completed. The time and billable hours spent on each project can be tracked, and project managers can adjust search parameters to get specific insights on each team member and client. These reports are exportable, which helps marketing project managers drive value to their organization and offers accountability. Simple Review and Approval Each pod has a project lead who has administrative permissions over the project. (This process is simple, and the platform describes itself as being “grandma-proof.”) This lead can archive the project, and make other important adjustments to it. In terms of reviewing and approving work, this tool does not offer live comments and changes, which Filestage, Basecamp, and other tools do.

3. Asana

Asana Screenshot Asana helps marketing teams allot more time for the work that matters most. As an intuitive platform for work management, Asana states it can empower teams to stay focused on the goals, projects, and daily tasks that grow a business. Project Overview and Transparency Asana helps managers and teams follow projects and tasks through every stage. The Portfolio feature empowers project managers to monitor the status of all projects in real time, which helps them keep strategic initiatives on track and easily report back about progress. Meanwhile, the Timeline tab (essentially a Gantt chart) shows the flow of each individual project, including the ways all of the tasks fit together. This feature helps preempt bottlenecks and adjust tasks according to new developments. Involvement of Internal and External Stakeholders Each board allows a certain number of members to comment on and interact with tasks. Asana also has integrations with Google Drive and other platforms, which makes it a breeze to share documents and files. Project managers can adjust the permissions of users and invite them to specific boards, thereby ensuring that members only see what they need to see. Customized Workflows Users can adopt either a list or board to track their individual tasks. Each of these tasks can be commented on and assigned deadlines, which makes it a breeze for users to track their responsibilities without missing any important deadlines. Marketing Reports While Asana doesn’t offer a proprietary reporting tool, it does offer integrations with hundreds of applications. In other words, project managers can experiment until they find an integration that addresses their needs. For example, Weekdone is a good tool that gives project managers a visual dashboard report to track the progress of a team. Simple Review and Approval Asana does not offer a proprietary tool that makes it possible for team members to collaborate and track changes, but teams can use tools such as Google Drive. So team members can track changes, which allows project managers to quickly review and accept changes before altering the status of particular tasks.

4. Wrike

Wrike Wrike is a work management software that helps teams gain project visibility and enable collaboration. Project Overview and Transparency Wrike uses a Gantt chart to help project managers track the progress of projects by using a visual timeline. This view makes it simple to see if the project is going according to plan, and allows project managers to make minor adjustments when necessary, which keeps the team on track and moving in the right direction. Involvement of Internal and External Stakeholders Wrike has different communication features that help facilitate dialogue, both among the team and with external stakeholders. The platform also allows you to share tasks with clients outside of the company, which helps project managers get feedback from clients and consultants alike. But onboarding occasional users (such as stakeholders and clients) can be difficult, as Wrike is a large and complex solution. Customized Workflows Wrike breaks large projects down into manageable pieces. The subdivision of projects, folders, tasks, and subtasks makes it possible for the team to track their individual list of priorities.  But you need to keep in mind that the tool doesn’t necessarily fit seamlessly into the workflows of your team if you’re used to using different tools for project management. Marketing Reports Wrike offers both project and team reporting, which gives project managers instant insight. A report wizard makes it possible to generate reports, which helps drive accountability and track the use of resources. Simple Review and Approval Wrike helps maintain a system of record, and eliminates confusion. Team members are able to add comments and feedback to tasks. These changes are tracked, which means project managers are confidently able to approve projects.

5. ProofHub

ProofHub ProofHub gives project managers control over projects and team communications, which helps make teams more accountable and achieve better work satisfaction and project delivery time. Project Overview and Transparency ProofHub uses workflows and boards to simplify the way project managers assign tasks. Using this tool, project managers are able to define the flow of tasks while assigning basic or kanban workflows. A Gantt chart can also be used to see a visual timeline of how projects are coming together. Involvement of Internal and External Stakeholders Project managers are able to assign custom roles to team members, which defines different levels of access based on their responsibilities. Once inside, these team members are able to communicate via chat, discussions, and feedback. Customized Workflows Task management helps keep teams and projects organized. Since these projects are easy to assign, team members will never be left wondering what their next task is, or what they have in their backlog. By presenting the team with customized workflows, they should know exactly what is expected of them, and how they contribute to the overall project. Marketing Reports To get clear insights into the way projects are progressing, ProofHub makes it possible to generate a range of reports. This insight helps project managers improve the way they use resources and develop new strategies. Simple Review and Approval ProofHub makes it possible to speed up the review process of files and documents, which enables team members to keep track of ongoing changes. This feature helps brings a level of clarity to processes that can seem complex, and ensures that revisions are made sensibly and predictably.

6. Clarizen

Clarizen Clarizen is an collaborative enterprise and work-management solution that’s used in agile businesses to drive focus, increase effectiveness, and improve response times. Project Overview and Transparency Clarizen helps project managers secure transparency and eliminate chaos. By enjoying one-click access to an overview of projects and all available resources, project managers are able to cut through layers of complexity, and quickly check on the statuses of multiple projects. Involvement of Internal and External Stakeholders This tool makes it possible for project managers to collaborate, both internally and externally. It’s simple to invite external partners and customers, which helps the entire team focus on sharing ideas and delivering better results in a shorter time frame. Customized Workflows This tool features automated workflows, and makes it possible for project managers to automatically assign tasks to members of the team. So each team member is informed about what they have to do next, and the workflows are catered to each user. Clarizen prides itself on its attractive UI, which makes it very simple to interact with those tasks. Marketing Reports To get the most out of their teams, project managers can access real-time data. Detailed reporting makes it simple to assess the value of marketing activities, including the ways each member of the team is performing. Statistics can also be generated around productivity, which helps project managers report to senior staff about marketing activities. Simple Review and Approval Project managers are able to automate entire processesfrom the initial request to the approval and delivery stages. Gate reviews are put in place for project managers to review and approve work before moving on to the next project.

7. Basecamp

Basecamp Screenshot Targeted at growing businesses, Basecamp is a “one-stop-shop for all the things teams do together.” This platform aims to help teams collect everything in one place and cut down on project management headaches. Although some users might be overwhelmed by Basecamp at first, it gradually gets simpler to use. Project Overview and Transparency The Schedule tool in Basecamp makes it simple for every member of the team to see what’s coming up. This calendar includes all the to-dos and events for a given project, which helps everyone track exactly what they need to do, and how the project is going. For project managers, it’s simple to dip into the schedule and create milestones. Involvement of Internal and External Stakeholders While a lot of platforms struggle with client access, Basecamp excels at it. Everything within Basecamp is private until the project manager decides to share something with a client, who will be able to see to-dos and messages. These clients can also leave feedback about documents, which makes Basecamp a great way to encourage collaboration. Customized Workflows All team members have their own boards, where they can check upcoming and overdue to-dos and significant upcoming dates. New tasks are automatically added to this list, which ensures that everyone is kept in the loop about how they need to contribute to projects. Marketing Reports Basecamp makes it simple to export reports, which gives project managers a really simple look at the status of projects, including which ones are completed and incomplete. This quick overview is also complemented by hill charts that eliminate the need for daily standups and show the true statuses of projects. Simple Review and Approval To keep everything organized, it’s easy to reorder and color-code files, and every file has a complete version history. So teams don’t have to worry about counterproductive editing. Google Docs can be integrated, which means it’s simple for project managers to quickly review projects and give approval to final versions.

8. Trello

Trello Screenshot Trello has been around for a while. It initially launched in 2011 under the guidance of Fog Creek Software. A series of acquisitions means that the web-based project management application is owned by Atlassian. This app makes it very easy for teams to collaborate, and keep track of everything on both desktops and mobiles. Project Overview and Transparency Trello is organized into a series of boards, each of which can have any configuration of lists and cards. This feature makes it highly configurable, and helps project managers organize their own preferred systems. Cards can be moved across lists, which makes it very easy for project managers to track the progress of tasks and projects. Highlights are shown on the homepage, which highlight the most important developments for the team. Involvement of Internal and External Stakeholders Trello is adored by some teams. It’s very simple to invite an external stakeholder to a board by using either a direct invitation or a link. Afterward, the external stakeholder is able to see the board, share links, and enjoy all of the features of the internal team. Customized Workflows Cards can be assigned to team members, which will then appear in a catered list of priorities. This list makes it easy for each member of the team to track his or her contributions and priorities for the day, and reduce the risk of missed deadlines and sidetracked teams. Marketing Reports While there is no automated reporting within the Trello platform, project managers in smaller businesses may be able to quickly calculate the number of tasks completed in a given project by using labels on the cards. While this tactic isn’t ideal, it’s theoretically possible to use the platform to conduct some manual reporting. Simple Review and Approval Trello offers integrations with a range of platforms, which makes it easy to share documents from many platforms, including Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and OneDrive. This feature makes it simple for team members to find documents in one place, and for project managers to approve the most recent versions of documents without losing them.

9. Teamwork Projects

Teamwork Projects Screenshot Teamwork Projects offers project managers everything they need to track a project from start to finish, while boosting productivity on a daily basis. Billed as “practical software,” this platform places the focus on reducing unnecessary meetings to help teams get their work done. Project Overview and Transparency Teamwork Projects does a great job of ensuring harmony across projects by offering project managers a simple overview function that gives a snapshot of the latest project activity. Using this snapshot, project managers are able to make project announcements and dig deeper with Gantt charts, so they can take projects across the finish line. Involvement of Internal and External Stakeholders Teamwork Projects offers an unlimited number of users and partner companies, which makes it possible to invite external contacts and manage their permissions and preferences. Then the tasks and milestones of these individual users can also be tracked by project managers. Customized Workflows Tasks within Teamwork Projects can be loaded with a great deal of information, including subtasks, start and due dates, descriptions, attachments, and priorities. These tasks are then used to compose the to-do lists of users, who can track and log the amount of time that has been spent on specific tasks. Marketing Reports The platform makes it easy for project managers to access a wealth of information via project reports. These reports provide valuable insights into how a team has performed on a given project, and help project managers shape their approach. If time tracking is diligently used, it also becomes very easy to export those time reports and generate future estimates about the completion of specific tasks. Simple Review and Approval This tool offers a document editor that makes it possible for teams to directly edit files within the application. This feature expedites the review process, and makes it simple for project managers to confirm changes and approve their latest marketing masterpiece.

10. Workfront

Workfront Screenshot Workfront is a cloud-based management tool for enterprise businesses. It’s significantly more complex than some of the other options in this list. The platform describes itself as the “solution for managing work in the digital age,” and helps teams optimize, connect, and adapt the ways they work. Project Overview and Transparency This platform focuses on providing project overviews and transparency, which is intended to help project managers realize the contributions and value of a hard-working team. Project managers are given real-time insights and the ability to easily prioritize requests, which helps them guarantee quality work and a happy team. Involvement of Internal and External Stakeholders As with many of the other platforms in this list, Workfront makes it possible for project managers to grant access to external stakeholders and manage their permissions. This feature helps organizations achieve their goals and improves their access to their collaborations. Customized Workflows Tasks within Workfront can be subdivided into smaller tasks, each of which can be assigned to a specific team member. These tasks are collated across projects, and presented to team members in a simple way that keeps them informed about the next steps in their personal agendas. Marketing Reports Workfront offers sophisticated reporting capabilities. These features help project managers get a deeper insight into how long their projects are taking, and how each team member is performing. Unfortunately, the tool is incredibly vast, so project managers have to do some serious digging and tinkering to get the most from it. Simple Review and Approval The administrator of each project is responsible for defining an approval process and ensuring it’s diligently followed. By creating these processes, the project manager can automatically create tasks for the relevant stakeholders. This well-crafted option helps ensure that review processes are accurate and well-structured.

11. Workamajig

Workamajig Screenshot Workamajig is a fully-integrated marketing agency software that offers a lot of functionality for both agencies and in-house creative teams. Project Overview and Transparency Unlike the other tools on this list, Workamajig incorporates some business development tools that make it possible to track new leads and opportunities. Once they are confirmed, a schedule and project timeline will be created that operates according to the client budget. This functionality makes Workamajig an attractive proposition for small agencies who prioritize close ties with their clients. Involvement of Internal and External Stakeholders The platform makes it possible for external stakeholders to deliver their feedback within the platform, which helps teams secure fast approval and work efficiently to incorporate the latest round of feedback. Customized Workflows The platform offers a My Tasks option, which makes it possible for team members to access their tasks from both desktops and mobiles. The tasks are neatly organized according to the day, and project managers can easily make real-time adjustments by accessing schedules and to-do items. Marketing Reports This tool’s best feature is its blend of creative and project management for agencies. This blend offers an impressive wealth of reporting capabilities, which helps project managers track the performance of the team and individual projects, as well as the profitability and viability of projects. Simple Review and Approval Documents and files can be shared with clients, in order to secure their approval. It is also possible to integrate with both Outlook and Google. These features make it easy for project managers to maintain the quality of projects, while working in close collaboration with clients to get the best results every time.

12. Mavenlink

Mavenlink Screenshot Mavenlink makes it possible for project managers to connect people, projects, and profits on a modern software platform, so every project becomes a success story. Project Overview and Transparency This platform makes it possible for project managers to know the real-time status of every task and deliverable. Using this insight, project managers can make adjustments as necessary, and ensure that every project is going according to plan. A Gantt chart offers insights at a glance, which helps project managers build robust, effective plans. Involvement of Internal and External Stakeholders By using a simple invitation editor, Mavenlink makes it possible for project managers to add both clients and providers. These external parties are then able to check in on the project, and access important documents to provide their feedback and see how the project is progressing. Customized Workflows Mavenlink breaks projects down into tasks, deliverables, and milestones. These building blocks can be fleshed out with important information, and assigned to a particular member of the team. Each individual team member has a unique list of tasks that  are organized according to deadline and priority. Marketing Reports As with Workfront, Mavenlink offers a sophisticated reporting system, and empowers project managers to export a wide range of information about the project. These reports can help project managers better understand how each team member has performed, and how projects have been approached. Simple Review and Approval Mavenlink facilitates a formal review process, which can be created using the platform. With this tool, the project manager can add a series of reviewers and assign them a particular role. This transparent review process helps drive accountability. At this stage, reviewers are able to approve or reject the draft, by either completing or restarting the review process.

Further Tools for Marketing Project Management

LiquidPlanner By being dynamic, supportive, and reliable, LiquidPlanner aims to be a project management tool that teams want to use. Easy Project Easy Project offers a range of project management tools within one application, in order to simplify work and ensure efficient project delivery. CoSchedule CoSchedule facilitates multifaceted and dynamic marketing by giving teams global visibility. Workzone Workzone aims to offer a solution that’s “just right” for teams. It lies somewhere between Basecamp and Microsoft Project. Scoro Scoro helps teams bring structure to their work by offering a suite of tools to help manage work more efficiently. WorkflowMAX WorkflowMAX helps maximize the profitability of projects by providing teams with ways to manage workflows from quotes to invoicing. ActiveCollab ActiveCollab offers simple project management software that removes distractions and helps teams focus. Taiga This project management platform is geared toward agile developers, designers, and project managers who want to enjoy their work with attractive tools. Smartsheet This work-execution platform helps teams plan, capture, manage, automate, and report on work on a larger scale. Celoxis This project management solution offers a suite of tools to streamline projects, people, and processes. GanttPRO The Gantt chart software helps marketing teams plan, schedule, and manage their short and long-term marketing campaigns.


We hope this post has helped you find the best project management tool for your marketing needs. You have a difficult and potentially stressful job, so don’t hesitate to experiment with a range of tools that can help you manage your team and deliver the best projects possible. Looking for more project management tools? Browse through our complete list of project management tools.