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Some time ago we at Filestage published the article: How to Make a Brilliant Mood Board. Now we created a template that helps you to make brilliant mood boards. A mood board gives your idea a visual foundation. It describes your vision and your feelings. It’s also a perfect starting point for something great.


Get the Free Mood Board Template

Mood boards are often used in design and film production to spark creativity. But they can be also a great way to generate social media content They consist of different inspiring images, words, materials, videos or words. The objective of a mood board is to structure your creative ideas.

Who should use this mood board template?

  • The film and video business, to envision film sets.
  • Marketing and advertising, to visually define advertising campaigns.
  • Graphic design, to show your stylistic direction and idea of the final product.
  • Web design, to concretize and visualize your drafts.
  • Photography, to create mashups

Our free mood board template will help you to get started with creating your first mood board. As mentioned, the good thing is that it can be used for different purposes. It can be used as a fashion mood board template but also as a graphic design or photography mood board template. The requirements are quite similar. You can download the template as a powerpoint file. If you’re interested in a PSD mood board template, just let us know.

You finished your moodboard? Your next step might be to create a storyboard. In this case you should check this guide: How to Write a Storyboard

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Tumblr Mood Board Template

Tumblr offers a range of different mood boards. From design mood board template to wedding mood board template. You’ll find a broad selection of files you can use to get started with your creative project. If you want to get an overview of existing mood board templates, feel free to check out this mood board template overview from Tumblr as well:

By coolgirlofrp

By kristamaedits

By kristinforgfx

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