Improve How You Use Trello for Marketing Projects

Are complicated feedback loops slowing down your marketing projects? Combine Filestage with Trello to be done in half the time

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Complicated Processes Slow Down Marketing Projects

Add Project Members

More is Not Always Merrier

If you rely solely on Trello, it can feel like adding new members to the project increases the difficulty exponentially. And it's not an option to skip the input from colleagues or clients

Add Comments to Files

Frustrating Review Rounds

Comments from colleagues and clients arrive via multiple channels, meaning your job can quickly turn into an enormous headache when it comes to acting on feedback

File Versions

File Versions Get Out of Hand

It can be difficult to tell if every project member is reviewing the most up-to-date version of a file. Making your job of integrating feedback from clients much more difficult

Losing Time

You End Up Missing Deadlines

Internal and external feedback can take an age when processes aren't optimized, threatening key project deadlines as you wait for people or re-do review rounds

The Simple Way to Complete Trello Projects Faster

Great Communication

Supplement Trello with simple and effective communication that helps all project members to fully understand the project and their role within it

Make Life Easy for Others

Your project processes should remove all barriers for colleagues, stakeholders or clients, helping them to quickly and easily provide the input you need

Use a Specialised Platform

Marketing projects face unique challenges, which is why agencies, project managers and marketers use Filestage in combination with Trello. Find out why below

Review Dashboard

Get Feedback, Comments and Reviews in One Place

Say goodbye to long email threads

Projects move faster when you're not stuck wading through your inbox or Trello cards. Filestage centralizes feedback, leaving your inbox free from clutter

Request input from clients and colleagues

Clients, colleagues and stakeholders can give instant, in-context feedback on your work from wherever they are

Comment on videos, images and PDFs

Clients can easily review and add annotations to your videos, images and PDFs to provide their comments and make change requests

Design Review Tool

Make Review Rounds with Clients Easy

Review work as a team first

Review documents and files as a team first. Then get input from clients or stakeholders on your best work.

Skip the hassle of sign-up

Reviewers won't even need to create an account to add comments or approve your work if they don't want to. It's all done in the browser

Keep track of the status

Get the information you need about the status of reviews at a glance. Quickly decide when a follow-up is needed to complete reviews

Review Dashboard

Even More Ways to Manage Client Feedback with Ease

View All Projects

Make it easy for yourself to keep on top of driving all projects forward with one simple status overview

In-built Versioning

Jump back and forth between file versions to view previous comments or to quickly take the project in a new direction

Easy Communication

Conversations are kept in-context and on-point. All project members can take part, meaning no more back and forth

Thousands of Projects Completed Across the Globe

Project Managers, Marketers and Agency Teams Across the World Use Filestage to Complete Their Projects

You can join the thousands of marketing agencies, video production studios, designers, consulting firms and brands that are already benefitting from combining Filestage and Trello to complete projects faster

Worldwide Collaboration with Filestage
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