Best 25+ Wipster Alternatives to Optimize Your Video Review Process

wipster alternatives

The average adult in the US consumes an incredible six hours of video per day. It’s little wonder that 81% of businesses now use video marketing to connect with their customers. But since it isn’t easy to create high-quality videos that your viewers expect, you have to use the tool that’s right for you.

Supercharge your video review rounds

Get point-and-click feedback on your video edits with Filestage.

Why should you look for a Wipster alternative?

Wipster is a video workflow management platform that helps content teams with video review, approval, collaboration, publishing, and analytics. So they can deliver better video faster.

Despite the platform’s strength, it’s not the best fit for everyone. Here are key scenarios that might motivate you to look for a quality Wipster alternative…

You need more pricing options.

One of the key user complaints about Wipster is its lack of pricing options. The tiers include basic and premium, and there’s very little in between. These limited choices can make it difficult for you to stay within the budget of your video and prevent your project costs from spiraling out of control.

You need a strong mobile experience.

Our mobile devices are more powerful than ever before, and they can handle sophisticated video review functionality. But Wipster users sometimes complain that the mobile app doesn’t offer the best experience, which can affect the productivity of your team.

You need more active customer support.

When you pay for a tool, you deserve to get active customer support, in order to make the most of your purchase. Some users complain that Wipster doesn’t have the fastest, most attentive customer support team, which could have a negative impact on your project.

Best 20+ Wipster Alternatives

If you’ve decided Wipster isn’t the video review tool for you, here’s a look at some of the best Wipster alternatives that will keep your video projects moving forward.


Datei-Übersicht in Filestage

Filestage provides the easiest, most effective way to manage your video review process. This tool allows you to:

  • Start quick and easy. 

Annotate videos, PDFs, images, and audio files directly in any browser. Thanks to plug-and-play, no registration is required for reviewers. 

  • Collaborate seamlessly.

Easily exchange files and information with teammates, clients, and partners, as if you were at the same table.

  • Make communication visible. 

Create transparency at each stage of your review. Make communication visible to  everyone.

  • Complete projects faster. 

To accelerate your projects, give your feedback processes a clear structure. 

Our customers find more flexible pricing options available to them, compared to Wipster (as well as monthly and yearly subscription options). The best thing about our pricing plans?  All Filestage plans include an unlimited number of users, files, and archived projects. We’re also pleased to be able to offer attentive support in both English and German, which will help you get the most out of our platform.

Supercharge your video review rounds

Get point-and-click feedback on your video edits with Filestage. Screenshot is a cloud-based collaboration hub that helps project managers accelerate feedback and approval on their video projects. This tool prides itself on the accuracy of its comments and annotations.

Some users find that offers a stronger mobile experience than  Wipster. The mobile application makes it possible for your team members to receive comments and approvals, in order to stay updated in real-time.


hightail screenshot

Hightail helps creative teams keep their ideas moving in the right direction. It achieves this goal by making it easy to send large files and streamline collaborations on one application.

Unlike Wipster, Hightail offers a range of pricing options to its customers. It’s also possible to purchase its file-sharing or collaboration-management services. Unfortunately, there’s no option for a monthly payment structure, only annual.


Workfront Screenshot

Workfront connects large enterprises to give every team member the ability to collaborate on video projects. The scope of the tool is incredibly wide. Within that scope, it offers marketing teams a host of video collaboration features.

If you find the scope of Wipster to be too narrow, you might feel more at home with an enterprise solution like Workfront. While this tool can be used by all departments across large organizations, it’s pretty pricey. 

Widen Collective

Widen Collective Screenshot

Widen Collective offers digital asset-management functionality that gives teams the power to automate and accelerate their marketing workflows. This tool also handles video, which makes it easier to find, reuse, proof, and publish your video content.

Are you looking to go beyond the review and approval stage and start storing and distributing your video content? If so, Widen Collective might be the platform you’ve been looking for. But while its scope is wider than Wipster, it’s also pricier. 


Vimeo Screenshot

Vimeo was best known as a video distribution platform, but it’s recently branched out. Now the platform offers a range of video-collaboration tools that can help marketing teams put out high-quality enticing videos.

You might prefer to use Vimeo if Wipster’s lack of pricing options is an issue for you. With Vimeo, you’ll find a range of pricing options on offer, including a premium option that could be suitable for very large businesses.


QuickReviewer Screenshot

QuickReviewer helps teams secure a faster turnaround time that will boost their ROIs. This tool achieves this goal by consolidating its feedback in one place, offering a collaborative review process, and speeding up approval times.

The focus of this tool is simpler and narrower than Wipster, which is reflected in its lower price. In other words, QuickReviewer could be a viable alternative if you’re concerned about Wipster’s price..


LookAt Screenshot

LookAt gives creative teams a simple way to review and collaborate in the cloud. The tool makes it easier for you to master the approval process and enhance the profitability of your video projects.

The platform places a significant emphasis on its robust mobile experience, which is available for both Android and iOS. In other words, you’ll find it easier to stay updated, even when you’re on the move.


Vidhub Screenshot

Vidhub offers creative teams the ability to review and discuss videos online. Since this tool launched in 2013, it’s evolved into a strong video collaboration experience.

The three Vidhub pricing plans scale more gently than Wipster. Many users report that they find it easier to choose a price point that’s more appropriate for them.


RemarkHQ Screenshot

RemarkHQ is an enterprise-grade video collaboration platform. The tool offers the ability to play, review, and approve videos, which makes it easier for creative teams to eliminate the back-and-forth that often accompanies the review and approval process.

This tool places a strong emphasis on offering a comprehensive mobile experience. This platform can be used on numerous platforms, which empowers your stakeholders to stay in the loop and effectively deliver feedback.


Shotgun Screenshot

Shotgun streamlines workflows for some of the world’s leading creative studios. This tool makes it easy for stakeholders to give effective feedback and achieve full creative workflow. Task overviews also give managers total control over their projects.

Shotgun users pay premium prices, and these users are often very happy with the attentive customer support they receive. For example, customer reviews often mention how quick and accurate this support is. 


Screenlight Screenshot

Screenlight is a video review and approval tool that helps creative teams secure the clear feedback they need to move their projects forward. This tool achieves this goal by providing a suite of useful features that center around the creative feedback process.

Unlike Wipster, Screenlight offers a convenient cross-platform experience. In other words, creative professionals can access their collateral while they’re on the go, so they’ll never miss anything.


Cage Screenshot

Cage is a tool for improving media collaboration and project workflow. It was specifically created for designers, agencies, and in-house teams. It helps those professionals collaborate on the work itself, in order to deliver faster, more accurate feedback.

This tool places a strong emphasis on task management and planning than Wipster. This feature helps creative teams guide their work and satisfy their customers throughout the process.


Aproove Screenshot

Aproove is a review, approval, and compliance tool that places a strong emphasis on efficiency and security. If you need to share and collaborate on sensitive projects, Aproove could be the right tool for you. 

If you’re frustrated by Wipster’s narrow pricing, you might feel more comfortable with Aproove. While this tool is still a very costly tool, you’ll find that it offers more options.  


InMotionNow Screenshot

InMotionNow wants to give creative teams intuitive workflow-management capabilities that foster stronger collaborations with internal and external stakeholders. This offering is divided into three distinct areas: management, collaboration, and reporting.

This tool is different than Wipster in a few ways, but one of the most significant is the quality of the customer support it offers. User reviews often praise the response time and depth of knowledge of each customer service representative.


GoProof Screenshot

GoProof is a piece of proofing software that helps foster creative collaboration on marketing teams. This tool prides itself on its ability to integrate with the Adobe Creative Cloud suite, which helps expedite progress and closings. 

Customer reviews indicate that GoProof’s mobile experience is superior to Wipster’s. So if a mobile experience is important to you, you might want to consider going with this alternative.


Notism Screenshot

Notism is a design and video collaboration workflow app that’s aimed at creative teams. This tool helps creative professionals communicate directly about the content they produce, which makes it easier to share accurate in-context feedback.

Customer reviews again suggest that Notism offers a stronger mobile experience than Wipster. Notism also makes it possible to use mobile devices and tablets as interactive prototyping tools.


Ziflow Screenshot

Ziflow is a piece of online proofing software that’s aimed at both agencies and brands. This tool helps streamline the review and approval of creative content, in order to more quickly help those teams deliver quality marketing projects.

Customer reviews indicate that the level of customer support it offers is superior to the ones Wipster offers. In other words, project managers can look forward to receiving fast, accurate responses to their questions.

See more Ziflow alternatives in our other article.


ReviewStudio Screenshot

ReviewStudio is an online proofing software that’s aimed at agencies, marketing teams, and production studios. This tool offers a range of functionality that helps these professionals improve their collaboration and elevate the quality of their work.

The tool also offers more pricing options than Wipster. In fact, it provides four distinct tiers. This range of pricing can help you find the package that most accurately fits your agency’s needs.


SyncSketch Screenshot

SyncSketch gives creative teams the ability to collaboratively review media in the cloud. The tool aims at making the process of real-time reviews much simpler, in order to help creative teams provide more accurate, high-quality work.

This tool is perhaps more a little outdated than some of the alternatives out there, but you’ll find that its pricing is more flexible Wipster’s. So you can find the pricing tier that’s right for you.


Kollaborate Screenshot

Kollaborate is a cloud workflow platform that gives creative teams the power to create professional video. This tool makes it easier for team members to leave real-time feedback, and it improves the approval process.

Like Cospective (which we will explore in more detail below), Kollaborate targets professionals in the film industry. So unlike Wipster, the tool places a strong emphasis on integrating with other professional tools.


Cospective Screenshot

Cospective offers a suite of video feedback tools to very high-end clients, including some of the world’s largest film studios. CineSync and Frankie are the video-review tools behind some of the world’s most popular movies.

Cospective is different from Wipster, in that it’s aimed at premium clients. This tool places a huge emphasis on security and frame-accurate feedback. This incredible functionality comes at a very high price, of course.


Ashore Screenshot

Ashore helps creative teams get better feedback and unlock faster approvals. It achieves this goal by automating workflows, facilitating online proofing, and making it easier for stakeholders to sign off on their products.

There are many more pricing options available here than Wipster. While Wipster might encourage its users to pursue the highest tier of service, Ashore offers a wide range of pricing options.

Workgroups DaVinci

Workgroups DaVinci Screenshot

Workgroups DaVinci is a feature-filled tool for workflow automation and project management tool that’s aimed at marketing teams. The tool bills itself as an “end-to-end” option that caters to the specific needs of creative teams.

This tool’s focus is wider than Wipster’s. In addition to content review and approval, marketing managers will find that this tool can help them with project management, digital asset cataloging, and financial management.


Jumpshare screenshot

Jumpshare is a team collaboration platform that makes it easy for teams to collaborate on a wide range of file types via shareable links. 

The tool offers more functionality than Wipster. For instance, you’ll find that it’s possible to record your screen time via both video and GIF formats. Therefore, you can easily explain your ideas to your team and your clients.

BLUE Online Proofing

BLUE Online Proofing Screenshot

BLUE Online Proofing is part of the BLUE software suite. This tool brings teams together, so they can view, compare, and annotate the creative materials they produce. That functionality also extends to video.

This tool has a wider focus than Wipster. If you’re part of a larger creative team that requires additional functionality, you might consider investing in the suite of BLUE software.


We hope you’ve found this look at the best alternatives to Wipster to be helpful. There are lots of tools out there, so it can be difficult to find the one that’s perfect for your needs. Here at Filestage, we make that decision as easy as possible. To learn how our platform will help you, request a free trial today