Top 50 Video and Film Production Blogs, Vlogs and their Best Articles

With so many blogs out there, it’s hard to figure out what to read in film- and video production. But don’t worry! We have collected the top 50 blogs and vlogs, any video- or film production professional should have bookmarked. They offer fantastic tutorials, quick tips, checklists and everything you need to know when working in the film business.

In Addition: At Filestage we know how much work it is to build a great blog. So this is not a ranking. I am not here to judge anyone. I just collected 50 super useful and fun-to-visit blogs and vlogs. Enjoy!

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Post Production

On these blogs, everything is about editing films and videos. They are particularly useful to get an inside view of an editing-workflow. They provide interviews and tutorials from thought leaders and help you to stay always up-to-date in post-production.

1. Aotg. On the blog, film professor and post production pro, Gordon Burkell posts useful video editing and production-related articles and tutorials. The site is a hitlist of relevant info for industry pros.
Best Post: Walter Murch and “The Rule of Six”

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2. Jonny Elwyn. Jonny Elwyn shares his experiences and thoughts on post-production. He dishes up his own insights into editing and working with clients, and shares videos and interviews from leaders in the industry.
Best Post: How To Become A Better Colorist

3. Little Frog in High Def. Shane Ross shares his experience as a television editor. On his blog, he gives insights into his editing workflow. It is recommended for beginners and advanced professionals. He works mainly with Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premiere Pro, but his insights on workflow in general are helpful for any editor.
Best Post: Gopro hero workflow for various NLEs

4. Digitalfilms. Oliver Peters is a veteran film editor and colorist, who shares his insights on post-production. On his video editing site, you’ll find a nice balance of tutorials, behind the scenes editing workflows and insightful thoughts on the industry.
Best Post: An Overview of FxFactory in 2015

5. Philip Hodgetts. Philip Hodgetts blogs about technology related to post-production and distribution. He is always on the hunt for the latest post-production stuff. He perfectly connects both the creative and technical perspective.
Best Post: Lunch with Thomas Quinn: Documentary Producer

6. Retooled. Retooled has a focus on the post-production side of things, with topics related to Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, and After Effects. Be sure to check out the detailed video tutorials for those looking to learn intermediate and advanced editing techniques.
Best Post: 10 Things Final Cut 7 Switchers Should Know about Premiere Pro CC

7. Video Copilot. Video Copilot is a collaborative resource for training, design tools, and artists. The blog shows you what is possible and how effects can be created so that you can apply these techniques to your own creative ventures.
Best Post: Announcing Element 3D V2.2

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Color Grading

Color grading is a special area of post-production. These blogs offer real-world, practical guides, insights into the latest editing tools and weekly newsletters. If you want to be an expert in color grading, you should keep an eye on these blogs.

1. Aaron Williams. Aaron blogs about video editing in Adobe Premiere Pro and color grading with DaVinci Resolve. His site is a nice balance of tutorials and insights from his real-world experience in editing and grading.
Best Post: Vintage Looks – Part 1

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2. Chris Hall Color Blog. Chris Hall’s color blog makes you a color correction and color grading expert. His posts are very useful and easy to understand. It’s recommended for those learning and wanting more control over their grading.
Best Post: Grading “Rich Hill” for Sundance 2014

3. Creative Impatience. Bartlomiej Walczak writes about post-production and color grading on his video editing blog, “Creative Impatience”. He focuses on the Adobe post-production tools and useful free plugins. If you are working with Adobe software, this is a great source.
Best Post: SpeedGrade Is Like Photoshop

4. Tao of Color. Tao of Color offers a free weekly newsletter on color grading. When you are too busy to search for content, this is your blog. Patrick saves you a lot of time and gathers great resources from the web.
Best Post: New timeline navigation option in the Color page


Storytelling is discussed frequently these days. Being a great storyteller is an important skill for directors and other creatives. By reading these blogs, you will get new impressions and inspirations to improve your storytelling skills.

1. Noamkroll. The mission is to share fundamental storytelling techniques that go far beyond the resourcefulness of any single piece of equipment, whether it be in the areas of story, direction, cinematography or otherwise. Mission accomplished.
Best Post: Blackmagic Ursa mini is coming! 15 stops of dynamic range, 4.6K sensor & much more!

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2. Prolost. Stu Maschwitz is a filmmaker, photographer, and writer, with a passion for storytelling. He writes about editing, color correction, and digital cinema.
Best Post: Congratulations on Your Opinion

Interested in storytelling? 12 Storytelling Techniques for Boring Brands: How to Create an Effective Ad Campaign.

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Filmmaker Specialists

These blogs are provided by very famous and talented people. They offer a great opportunity to benefit from the experience that these authors offer.

1. Philip Bloom. The world-renowned filmmaker Philip Bloom offers a place to budding filmmakers, as well as experienced ones, who are keen to embrace new technology, on his website. It’s definitely worth spending some time on his blog.
Best Post: A look at the “competition destroying” Sony A7R II, RX10 II & RX100 IV cameras

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2. Vashi Visuals. Vashi Nedomansky blogs about his experiences as a professional film editor. He has worked with well-known filmmakers like the Bandito Brothers & Vincent Laforet. On his site, he shares his insights, as well as a helpful template for Premiere Pro Editors.
Best Post: The Editing of MAD MAX: Fury Road

3. Hurlblog. Shane Hurlbut is a well-known cinematographer. He writes about his experience and shares tips to make you a better cinematographer & filmmaker. The blog offers great value to its readers.
Best Post: Lighting Modifiers: Building the Perfect Toplight and Key Light Source

4. LAvideofilmmaker. “If you are interested in filmmaking, you have come to the right place.” A short description by the owner of But it’s true: La video filmmaker covers a wide content range from directing to production design.
Best Post: The Short Film Production Strategy for Ambitious Filmmakers

5. FilmmakerIQ. is a group of filmmakers, born in this new media wave, who are still not forgetting about the past. “We love talking about cameras and the tools of making a film. But Story is King and everything else is subject to it.”
Best Post: Vin Diesel: 7 Things You Don’t Know About Me

6. Startup Filmmaker. Startup Filmmaker aims to be a true resource for filmmakers at any stage of the game: for experienced filmmakers, to filmmakers who are seeking distribution for the first time and to student filmmakers hungry to learn about the most important elements of filmmaking.
Best Post: How To Partner With Bigger Players

7. Stillmotion Stillmotion writes about filmmaking and shares their personal experiences. They have a 4-part video tutorial on “how to tell stories” that ought to be required viewing. They’ve also released an app, that has tools for creating shot lists, picking lenses and what gear to use.
Best Post: 5 Huge Mistakes that Costs Wedding Filmmakers Money Every Day

8. Preston Kanak. On this blog, you will find content related to filmmaking and freelancing. This website is mainly “about the process and how you got there – it’s about the story.” It’s not all about gear.
Best Post: Workflow Efficiency – 7 Tips to Help you Accomplish More in Less Time

9. The Black and Blue. This blog was created, because there was a lack of information on the web about camera assisting and Evan Luzi decided to fill that gap. He is just in love with filmmaking. “Sharing knowledge and the passion of filmmaking has been, and always will be, the goal.”
Best Post: The Best Guide You’ll Ever Read for On-Set Etiquette


Never miss out on the latest information about filming equipment. It doesn’t matter if you are in need of a new camera, lenses, lighting, grip or any other film accessories. These blogs offer helpful suggestions and technical background information on filming equipment.

1. Production HUB. ProductionHUB’s blog is a resource for companies, crew, freelancers & everyone in between. With exclusive interviews, trends, equipment reviews, advice, tips & tricks and latest industry news. You should definitely keep an eye on it.
Best Post: Tips from Post-Production to Make You Look Like a Genius On-Set

[image_with_text title_tag=”h5″ image=”18265″ title=”Production HUB”][/image_with_text]

2. Cinescopophilia: Cinescopophilia is part gear, part news, part reviews, part videos and a large slice of fun. Cinescopophilia posts interesting and relevant content about all sorts of equipment, and camera gear, and what creative people do with them every day.
Best Post: Two of the better pranks by the video industry for April Fools Day

3. Cinema5D. Cinema5D is a digital filmmaking news, reviews and community platform, covering the latest in cinematography, video DSLR & large sensor technology. If you want learn about equipment, this is a great source.
Best Post: Sony a7S II Review – First Impressions & Footage


Review blogs can help you to evaluate all the tools you need in film- or video production. As we know, video reviews by people we trust are the most advantageous. You will find helpful reviews from camera equipment to video editing software.

And by the way: If you search for an easy way to review and approve videos with clients you should check Filestage. It’s a super useful web application for filmmakers.

1. Ninofilm. Nino writes on everything from gear reviews to software reviews. Apart from this blog, Nino is a partner on one of the leading filmmaking news & review sites, cinema5D, for which he also writes. So high-quality content is guaranteed.
Best Post: Filmmaking Masterclass London 2015

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2. Pro Video Coalition. Scott Simmons has been an active online authority on post-production and video editing for several years now. He shares his thoughts on the industry, as well as product reviews and video editing tips/tricks.
Best Post: Useful Tools for Editors – After Summit Edition

3. Film School Rejects. Film School Rejects is a website about movies, television and culture. It brings together the brightest minds and most interesting voices in the industry to provide a running commentary on the world of entertainment.
Best Post: How Game of Thrones has Failed it’s Most Feminist Storyline

4. Unique Designers. Michael is a German video and sound editor who shares his tips on video/audio post production. The blog is a mix of helpful articles, product reviews and tutorials, with a good bit of focus on working with audio in your video editing projects.
Best Post: SONY a7s – CAMTREE HUNT DSLR1 Camera Cage

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Learn from experts how to deal with upcoming problems. It’s always fun and useful to step into the shoes of experienced people. These blogs include interviews with almost everybody who’s important in the film and video production universe.

1. Indie Filmmaker Blog. Light Film School blogs about topics related to screenwriting, cinematography and directing. The blog has 4 sections: Daily Inspiration, Tutorials, Interviews and Product Reviews.
Best Post: 3 Reasons Indie Filmmakers Should Make Horror Films

[image_with_text title_tag=”h5″ image=”18270″ title=”Indie Filmmakers”][/image_with_text]

2. Filmmaker Magazine. Filmmaker magazine is a blog with a focus on independent film, offering articles, links, and resources. The filmmaker magazine range extends from video production guides to several interviews with cinematographers and directors.
Best Post: The Seven Arts of Working in Film: A Necessary Guide to On-Set Protocol

A Bit of Everything

In this section you are going to find brilliant blogs that deal with film production in general. They were too broad to put them into one of the above sections. Just dig around and find stunning and useful articles for every concern.

1.  Fstoppers. Fstoppers is a blog aimed at educating and inspiring photographers, videographers, and creative professionals. Today, the website reaches over 1.5 million photographers and averages around 4.2 million pageviews a month.
Best Post: One Of The Most Insane GoPro Videos You’ve Probably Ever Seen – And Why It’s Gone Viral

[image_with_text title_tag=”h5″ image=”18271″ title=”Fstopper”][/image_with_text]

3. Videomaker. Videomaker empowers people to make videos in a way that inspires, encourages and equips for success. They do this by building a community of readers, web visitors, viewers, attendees and marketers.
Best Post: Video Devices Pix-E5 Portable 4K Revording Video Monitor Review

4. How to Film School. How to Film School is creating practical blog content about cinematography, working as a lighting technician, assistant directing, production assisting, acting and many other aspects of film and video making.
Best Post: The 16 Sexiest Roles on a Film Set, Ranked by Sex Appeal

5. No Film School. No Film School is a community of filmmakers, video producers, and independent creatives.
“Whether we went to film school or not, we’re all here for the same reason: to forge sustainable, creative careers in a rapidly changing world.” Nofilmschool has a lot of fans and their articles become usually very popular on social media.
Best Post: New Canon Full-Frame 35mm Camera Sees in the Dark with 4 Million Max ISO

6. Raindance. Raindance is a very useful and easy to read blog. They write about many different things, but the articles are always to the point. They also organize a festival to celebrate and support independent, new and alternative filmmakers.
Best Post: 5 Reasons Why it’s Good to Study Documentary Filmmaking

7. Rocket Jump Film School. In the owner’s words, they “offer something different, something more human, relatable and fun, while still grounding ourselves first and foremost in telling good stories, making good movies, and creating the shows we’d want to watch.”
Best Post: Intro to fight Choreography

8. Studiobfilms. A video and motion graphics production studio blog, with production tips, creative insights, project recaps, and thoughts on the creative side.
Best Post: Why Animated Characters Might Be The Best Storytellers

9. SlashCam. The German blog offers a lot ofcool stuff. Hardware, Software and a useful technical aspect section. A visitis always worthwhile.
Best Post: PanasonicDMC-LX100 – Kompakte GH4 für die Hosentasche?

10. Entrefilmmaker.  The goal is to help and share with you tactics, strategies and hacks.
Best Post: How To Distribute Your Film Successfully Using Ninja Distribution

11. FilmlifestyleA blog which teaches readers how to run a successful video production company. There are articles on business, success and filmmaking tips of all kinds.
Best Post: 5 Tips to Using a Visual Presentation to Promote Your Film


Vlogs are blogs that contain only video content. As you know, videos and moving pictures get stuck in your head more easily than an article. Watching a vlog is a much more laid-back way of learning something about the filming industry. For tutorials, vlogs are great, because you can follow along and comprehend everything step-by-step very easily within a video.

1. Corridor Digital. “Crazy action and visual fx? Heck yeah.” The channel description keeps it very simple. But 3.5 million subscribers speak for themselves. CorridorDigital offers a wide range from “Real life GTA V” to “Shoot Your Friends – Filming Basics”. So there’s something in it for everyone.
Best video: MINECRAFT: The Last Minecart

[image_with_text title_tag=”h5″ image=”18273″ title=”Corridor Digital”][/image_with_text]

2. FinalCutKing. The FinalCutKing, in his own words, “shoots sweet videos & tutorials with cool effects.” He posts one new video every week. It’s really fun to watch him. He has a pleasant manner and a talent for producing videos.
Best video: Temple Run Forever

3. Film Riot. Film Riot also has got a vlog about video production. Similar to their blog, they feature high-quality content. The videos offer great value. It’s a must-see vlog.
Best video: Film Riot – Learn FX Secrets From Exorcist and “From Hell”

4. Dave Dugdale. Dave Dugdale’s shares his experience with cameras, equipment, and software. It is especially interesting for gear lovers. With his polite and honest manner, it is great to watch him. In the “Store” section on his website, you can find very useful tutorials and guides.
Best video: Canon 5D Mark III vs Nikon D800 Comparison

5. Neumannfilms. Neumannfilms shares high-quality videos. Their videos are produced with love, which makes itself felt. Not all content is free, but the few dollars are worth it. Trust me.
Best video: Ghost Towns in 8K

6. BrandonJLa. is the second YouTube channel by Freddie Wong. His channel is a collection of behind-the-scenes shots and tutorials. His movies generally include high-energy action sequences with gunfire, explosions and plenty of gaming culture references.
Best video: Realistic Gun Props

7. thevfxbro. This channel has it’s focus on background effects, slow motion and object tracking. In addition, there are useful tutorials for editing software like After Eddects, Cinema 4d or Mocha Pro.
Best video: After Effects Tutorial – Basic Typography & Motion Graphics

8. Surfaced Studio. A mix out of entertainment and education makes: edutainment. That’s the word that describes Surfaced Studios in their YouTube-channel description. There are high-quality and easy to follow tutorials about action effects.
Best video: Adobe After Effects Advanced Morphing Tutorial

9. UglyMcGregor. Ugly McGregor’s YouTube channel is “the home of informational and notebook friendly filmmaking tips.” On the channel you can find filmmaking tutorials, short films, and lively discussions about film.
Best video: How To Get The Film Look With a DSLR – DSLR Cinematography Tips

10. Autodesk 3ds Max Learning Channel. With almost 1 million views, the 3dsMaxHowTos Channel is really popular. The channel provides tutorials of all levels to help you learn Autodesk 3ds Max which is really recommendable.
Best video: The Autodesk 3ds Max Learning Channel


1. Filestage is a software tailored to the needs of filmmakers. It’s an easy way to review videos, designs and documents with clients and co-workers. They simply click in the videos, images and audio files to leave precise comments and change requests.

More information: Visual Feedback On Creative Projects

Do you think this is a useful collection? Or do you think I missed something? Please let me know in the comments.

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