Top 10 Video Marketing Software for Marketers and Agencies

The secret is out.

Video is one of the most powerful tools in a marketer’s arsenal. In fact, a recent survey has shown that video as a marketing tool is up 63 percent in the past year and is on track to keep rising.

As more and more marketers discover what video marketing can do for them, the field is poised to become saturated with videos – both good and bad in quality. For you to make an impact on your clients or customers, you should start by having the best software at your disposal.

In this post, I’ll touch on a few of the highest rated pieces of software that you can use throughout the entire video marketing pipeline. Some of these are paid platforms, others are free programs in case your business or brand isn’t quite prepared for that type of expense yet.

These tools will help you tell the stories that your customers want to see, show your clients how to solve problems, and spread awareness of your brand to the masses. No matter your objective, it’s time to make video a regular part of your marketing plan.

Video editing software

After you’ve concepted and filmed the project, you need software that will enable you to edit the video professionally and efficiently. This video editing software is the best out there for marketers looking to make a splash with their video projects. A guide on how to edit videos is available if you’re looking for some help on this front.


iMovie is a free video maker for Apple users that is available in the form of a desktop program or iPhone app. This user friendly program is straightforward and perfect for amateur video editors.

iMovie ScreenshotIt has a variety of features allowing users to overlay text, integrate simple effects, and add music or audio clips. Additionally, its utility factor offers users the ability to adjust color, speed, cropping, and panning, among other options.  

Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X ScreenshotFinal Cut Pro X is Apple’s step up from iMovie. This program offers an extensive amount of features for the more experienced video editor. Final Cut Pro X shares similar intuitive design features with iMovie, making it an easy transition from one to the other. Its magnetic timeline allows users to focus on the story of a video, rather than an assortment of technical tools to remember.

Final Cut Pro X has the ability to handle large and small projects with ease. There are a variety of third-party plug-ins available to add even more features than what is included with the base version.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro Screenshot

Whether you’re an Apple or PC user, Adobe Premiere Pro is a versatile program for basic and advanced video editing. It contains a depth of functions and capabilities including adjusting color grade, adding effects, adjusting audio, and so much more. The program allows expert editing with extreme precision.

Integration with Adobe’s Photoshop and After Effects enables unique usability opportunities. Additionally, the ability to sync settings through the Adobe Creative Cloud means your customized settings can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection, making your workflow a breeze.


Filmora Screenshot

Filmora by Wondershare is a high-rated tool for adding a professional edge to video projects. The program features a multi-track workspace with ready-to-go effects and presets to make video editing easy. Less experienced users can be walked through processes and mechanics, allowing for great accessibility.

Perfect for small projects, Filmora offers the freedom that other beginner-level video editing software programs lack. Many users cite it as an inexpensive alternative for video editing with expert outcomes.


Rocketium Screenshot

If you’re making videos for social media and you’re not using Rocketium, you’re wasting valuable amounts of time and energy. Rocketium offers an incredibly versatile online video editor to overlay text, music, and graphics onto clips. Choose from a variety of templates and start creating in minutes.

The marketing agency software Rocketium also has an extensive library of copyright-free clips and images to choose from. Collaborating with teams and clients is seamless. This is the ideal video editor for content creators who may not have tons of experience in design or video editing.    


clipchamp screenshot

Clipchamp is an online video editor that comes with all essential tools to allow users to create videos from images, clips and audio tracks. Built in Brisbane, Australia, its free tier provides access to all editing features and its paid plans provide access to a number of premium options including higher resolution video exports, custom branding and unlimited use of stock media

Those on a budget can turn to free video editing software for powerful tools that won’t break the bank.

Video hosting platforms

Your video project is complete, but now you’ll need somewhere to place that video. These video hosting platforms offer a location for your video to live. These platforms are great for spreading the video to a large audience or sharing directly with clients and customers.  


YouTube Logo

I shouldn’t have to tell you how universal YouTube is as a video hosting platform. It boasts over 1.5 billion users worldwide and is the most extensive search engine right behind its sister company, Google.

YouTube offers a quick and easy upload process, extreme ease of video sharing and searching, and perhaps the most access to community building of all platforms. While the largest players on YouTube are social personalities, it’s tough to find a brand or business not using the platform for marketing purposes.


Vimeo Logo

Branding itself as the home for high-quality videos and the people who love them, Vimeo is a great option for high-quality video marketing. Vimeo is the go-to option for creatives, offering advanced privacy options and a sleek interface.

Videos can be downloadable, password protected, and easily shared online on other platforms. Vimeo is a natural choice for a hosting service with a lot of utility.


Wistia Logo

Wistia is one of the best, and relatively unknown, options for hosting videos. It boasts simple, secure, and powerful capabilities. Some user favorites include a customizable video player, marketing tool integration, and analytic heatmaps.

Integration to a variety of marketing automation platforms and an extensive library of resources at your disposal make Wistia an inexpensive platform to share important content on a budget.

Video marketing tools

A later stage in the video marketing pipeline is the actual marketing of the video. The items in this section will help your marketing team collaborate and distribute your projects to best benefit your business.


Filestage ScreenshotFor businesses looking to streamline their creative workflows, Filestage is the ideal option. Filestage enables precise commenting and reviewing on videos and a variety of other creative projects. It makes communicating about a project simple and secure.

Filestage solves the problem of sifting through complicated feedback to make sure nothing is left out. Users can access previous versions and log changes, avoiding misunderstandings and lengthy email chains along the way. Filestage is a must-have for video marketing.


BombBomb ScreenshotBombBomb puts the marketing in video marketing. It is a video messaging service that allows you to record, send, and track personalized video emails within the applications you use every day. Sales and marketing teams that use video in emails have found a 5x increase in open rates and a 8x increase in open-to-reply rates.

BombBomb is an ideal way to give clients and customers direct face time with you in a different and creative way. Take the success of video on major platforms and harness it to make your emails stand out, connecting with people in a more effective way than a cold call.



A comprehensive digital asset management platform, Cincopa specializes in video hosting. Offering intuitive yet powerful features, Cincopa is a preferred solution for companies and individuals looking to go about video marketing strategically. You can customize your video player, create a Netflix-like video environment within your own website and even create your own videos using its free Chrome extension, RecTrace.

Cincopa’s robust analytical features introduce you to individual members of your viewing audience. By incorporating powerful lead-generating features, such as CTAs and on-video forms, you can see who watched each video, where they were in the world while watching and the device they used to do so.

Most importantly, you can see exactly how much of a given video a viewer watched, and whether he or she came back for a second, third or fourth viewing session.

However you use video to market yourself or your business, these software programs and platforms are key to getting the most out of your projects. You’re bound to see more interaction and higher success rates by leveraging video for your marketing needs.

We’ve covered a variety of ways to enhance your video marketing efforts, from video editing to hosting, to sharing. Try a few of these options out and discover what works best for you!

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